If You Cannot Fully Give Yourself

If you do not trust the one your with. If you do not have that communication with the one your with> If there is something you fear while with the one your with, fear can be anything, not feeling comfortable being completely nude, or not comfortable masturbating in front of your partner. If you cannot fully open your mind. You will never know Submission.

That should be your goal , you want to fully give yourself, but if you have any doubts about the relationship, or your partner, you may feel something at that moment and time, but afterwards you will feel empty, and most of you has felt this way at one time or another.

So something is wrong and it is up to you to figure out what is not right. You have to be able to figure out what needs to be fixed, because if you do not you will never be free, and if your not free you will never know total submission.

That is what I was speaking about on y last post,  if you are truly able to let go, and you trust and care for the one your with, there are no limits because nothing is Taboo. There are things that are off limits, such as all of a sudden your Dom wants to see you gang banged, or eat some bitch out you do not even know, but I am speaking about things that are between the two of you.

If you fully give yourself, if you are able to fully give yourself,and your excepted for who you are, you will feel like you have never felt before.

The feeling you have when your Master comes home and your kneeling waiting, that is the feeling you need 24/7. You need to please , when you please you feel complete. While it is true your not going to have that heavy feeling of submission while the two of you are out eating, but you will have that mindset.

You have to find that special thing that puts you in submission, and like a tool you have to use it, you have to be yourself.

Once you are free there is no turning back.
Because if you are not totally free.

You will never have this feeling


8 Responses to “If You Cannot Fully Give Yourself”

  1. So amazing that a Dom/Master can articulate this Vile. “You need to please, when you please you feel complete”. You are so right. We live to please, as much as you live to Dominate and lead. It’s nearly impossible NOT to. We are who we are.

  2. It is true for me that the less I hide and the more I reveal, the more I feel free to be submissive. Why did I ever hide any of this garbage from him? I don’t know, but he is more than capable of dealing with my baggage and that one thing makes me feel protected and cherished. I find that I want to make his life so much better all the time because I feel so safe now in my submission to him. Ahhh! Life is better every day.

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