Why Do You Cause Your Own Pain

Before you buy a new car you research it. A car is probably the second biggest investment you will ever purchase. Before you buy a new phone you research it, before you buy a new computer you research it. You spend hours upon hours making sure you make the right decision because you only want the best.

Why would you not think better of yourself ? If your going to be used why not get something back in return? Why fill yourself with problems and drama ? Why would you be with someone who does not know the truth ? Why be with someone who lies because they don’t know the difference.

You step into a world you know nothing about. You believe training a submissive starts out by sucking some dudes cock you know nothing about.

Maybe one of you who are submissive can explain that type of training. Maybe you can share what it is you get out of it, besides you just liking to suck cock.

If you really want a D’s relationship why would you not seek out information about the lifestyle ? Why would you not research how others live the lifestyle?

Those of you who are in the lifestyle , I have said it before and I will say it again. Women were put here to serve, be it Domestically or sexually. I truly believe that statement .

If you are going to have a submissive or slave, and you Dominants expect the same thing, then it is our responsibility to give back as much as we take.

If you own a brick house and you live in it, but one day you wake and you decide you need bricks and you start taking bricks one by one and your putting nothing back, yea at some point your house is going to fall in. You cannot take and take and expect something to last if your not giving back.

No Rights Slave

While Arianna and I live a No Rights M’s relationship we also live a No Limits relationship. Your thinking wow no limits. The term no limits has a thousand different meanings and it does vary from Master to Master. I have never met a D’s couple who says their relationship is no limits by the way.

Our own perversions vary as well, mine are not as extreme as others I have met, but hey if it is consensual and they are happy so be it.

I am not into sharing Arianna, and I have been asked a million times if I would allow someone else to fuck her. It does give me a high feeling knowing she is sucking my cock and someone else is jacking off to her.  After being asked, even to swap slave for slave for the weekend, as I turn around and walk off, I am thinking yea mother fucker eat your heart out.

I am not into forcing Arianna to fuck others, and I have met Doms and Masters alike who do share and they demand it. I suppose it is the power thing, the ego, then him getting to brag about it.

Even stuff like K9 I have seen more than once but I have never thought about bringing it into a relationship. To each their own if it rocks your world and your happy and it is consensual then have at it.

So we use the term No Limits and we can put that on any level. To me the No Limits only covers a few things and I made it clear from the start. Sex when I want, Oral sex when I want, Anal when I want. I like using different toys and at times veggies, shrugs, I love watching things slide in and out of a pussy or ass.  I truly get to do anything I want without question. Even when Arianna was sick like with the flu or something, it upset her because I would not use her. There is not a day that goes by she does not ask if she can suck my cock.

No limits can mean anything, come on really we all have limits.The thing is if you truly care about your property knowing your submissive or slave will do what ever it takes to make you happy, why would you want to damage on a physical level or a deep mental level. Many will do what they are told because the believe it is expected .

We as Dominant and Masters do not or should not want to bring harm to our property. When we first met our partners, our submissive’s  or Slaves we made a promise. We said we would take care of them on all levels. We said we would be there no matter what, we also said we would put them before our own needs. Yea you dudes said that.

Some of the blogs here on WordPress are so depressing, seeing what these girls and women are going through, or what they have been through. They continue to walk the same path, making the same mistakes, hoping things will get better.

So we have a game plan we put together, kinda like football , but I am offense and defense I play both sides, and I play it well. I keep my word, and I live by the truth.

I do not mean to brag but I am a very simple man , I live a very simple life. I allow nothing that is going on with the outside world to bother us. I allow no trash into my home. I can talk because my backyard is clean, and has been for many years, so I have the right to talk.

Sex, the act when our animal comes out. We can be who and what ever we want to be. In order to be happy all of our needs , need to be met. So this has to be discussed prior to entering a new relationship, it is very important  to be who you are, and lay your needs out on the table.

You as the submissive or Baby Girl has the right to speak up if you do not believe things are going as they should be. If you were promised something and it did not happen you have the right to speak your mind. You have the right to express your concerns. Many times you know things are a lie but for what ever reason you just go with the flow.

Life itself is made up of two very simple things, 1st choices , 2nd consequences. Every choice you make there is a consequence, for every consequence there has to be a choice. Making the right right choice you can control the consequences, but making the wrong choice you really have no control over the consequences.

You also have to determine what is healthy for you and what is unhealthy for you, in your everyday life, again choices and consequences. Do you want to continue to live in a unhealthy relationship, or do you want to move into something more stable ? Choices and consequences. If you choose the first then you have no right to complain, if you choose the latter then you move on and put the past behind you.

Before I make any type of decision , I am not talking about buying eggs , but something that will effect the home, I think things out very clearly. Because the decision I make is not only going to effect me, it will effect Arianna as well, choices and consequences. If I make the wrong choice, I face the consequences for two and not just one.

While it is true we do not have control over everything in life, because it does throw curve balls from time to time, but when life does throw a curve ball and we are prepared and we make the rights choices, we may be able to control most of the bad and in some cases turn it around to our advantage.

Finding the right Dominant is a choice you have just as finding the right submissive or slave. if your willing to settle for less then you made the choice so you have to deal with the consequences, and you either fix it or you just deal with it, but if you choose to stay willingly you have no right to complain. That is just like if you do not vote, you have no right to complain about how someone sucks ass.

You do not have to cause your own pain, because you are in control, you are in full control of your choices, and for the most you can be in control of your consequences, things get fucked up when you try to buck the system, and you have full control over most any situation.

I use to feel bad for the homeless, but the truth is most choose to live that way. I remember one day I was pulling into a Krystals and I saw a man standing on the corner with a sign saying I need help my family is hungry. So I went inside ordered my food and I bought a dozen burgers I walked out and gave him the bag and said there you go man, its not much. He opened the bag and the first words out of his mouth was what no cheese? I just looked at him in disbelief, reached over and took the bag from him.

I was in a 7/11 one day I was buying a pack of smokes and I heard the male clerk talking about how his ex had moved and he had no way of seeing his daughter. I was driving a 1991 Isuzu Rodeo a complete rust bucket, and the clutch was slipping, a few weeks back I had bought a new clutch but had not had a chance to put it in. Anyway the story touched me. I walked outside, reached in the glove box took the title out , walked back in bought my smokes and I put the title and the keys on the counter. I said man its not much but it runs. I thought he was going to fall apart. Unlike the burgers I made the right choice, the consequences were I now had to walk home.

We control most everything in our life, we are able to control the outcome 99% of the time. It is when you try and sand against the grain when things go wrong. You may not like it or think its right, but you have to remember your bubble.

Arianna and I looking for a third to add to our family. You know I could just bring someone in and tell Arianna here deal with it, but that would be a bad choice, and I would not want to know what the consequences would be. So we have to work together, and find the perfect fit. The gloves must fit both hands. It may never happen. Right now I am in full control, I have the final say, and this is not really for me, and it does not have anything to do with two women being Bi, Ive been there done that. It has to do with making something more complete than it is already, notice I said more complete, it is not something that has to happen, because our home is already complete.

Choices and consequences

5 Responses to “Why Do You Cause Your Own Pain”

  1. lisazee Says:

    A church I used to go to, the Pastor bought a bunch of groceries for a women in need and she complained because they weren’t name brand. smh

  2. lisazee Says:

    Pastors slapping people would be frowned upon. lol I don’t remember if she excepted them or not, but I know he wouldn’t have just taken them back. He is a super nice man. He was however shocked by the attitude.

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