Yet More Of A Woman and Wife Who was Used

This is not from me, this is from a Woman who at some point believed she was loved and cared for. Only to almost lose her life and now because her ex husband could not keep his dick in his pant, she could no longer bare children. Then after everything was said and done, like he did nothing. He had the balls to ask her to sleep with his buddy.
These are not my words, these are the words of someone who was hurt and is still hurt.
Think about the Mans wife when you lay down and spread, and you can wonder what he has.

That’s not uncommon, Vile. Women like me begin to believe we deserve nothing better. No one else will want us. I’ll tell you more. He talked me into having a baby. I had terrible postpartum depression so he sent me and the baby home to live with my parents for a few months so they could help take care of us since he was “working” so much. Strange Women answered my HOME PHONE when I would call him and refuse to wake him up to talk with me because he was tired! When I questioned him about them, he would convince me they were just friends from work (military police). But AT MY HOUSE?? They were just more random women. I continued to live with him for another 20 months then when I nearly died due to a miscarriage, he told me he was leaving me. Turns out he was sleeping with our teenaged babysitter and got her pregnant. I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy for years. Why wasn’t I pretty enough? Why didn’t my love make him happy? Was I that bad in bed? Wasn’t I worth enough to teach? Why didn’t I deserve respect? It turned me into a controlling bitch to protect myself. That’s what giving your submission to an asshole does to you. I kept looking for a dominant loving man and choosing domineering ones. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. The damage to my self-esteem was tremendous. I buried that submissive girl deeply. I’m fortunate that my husband saw that part of me and nurtured me until I could be honest again. But that has taken decades away from us. Please share what you need to. One of the STDs caused damage to my reproductive organs and I didn’t know if I would ever have another baby. Men need to be honest with women. We might not like it, but we need them to man up and be real. The damage lasts a lifetime.

12 Responses to “Yet More Of A Woman and Wife Who was Used”

  1. Thank you for sharing my story. I hope girls like that teenaged babysitter from my story read this and get that he is a liar and cheat. If he cheated on me with you, he will cheat on you with another woman. As a postscript: he cheated on her for 20 years and she finally just left him. Her childhood was stolen but she believed his lies. His kids want nothing to do with him.

  2. Cannot like this story, I’ve lived part of it and the emotional damage is horrific, not to mention the physical scars. For women, not being “good enough” for the one you have given your heart to is something they will never get over.

  3. lisazee Says:

    Sorry for what you women both suffered through. Glad that you each have a man in your lives that appreciates you.

  4. littleannab Says:

    This is sad but happens more then you know. I have been there

    • Yes and I am so so sorry. I am talking to a baby girl now her dom is married now she has to delete her blog it will get worse this is just the start.
      I am glad or hope your in a better place now

  5. This sad story touched me very deep. Cheating is one of the worst things one can do to a relation. Let us not forget there are women who cheat on their men too. Trust me, it leaves deep emotional scars on us too.
    It happened more than 30 years ago and she cheated on me with 2 of my best friends and someone else and the anger and disbelief I felt was topped with the fear for the results of STD tests. They were fortunately negative. Months after I left her she phoned me, crying. She had found out her new guy had been fucking around too and feared he gave her HIV. It was negative. Not even two years later I got a phone call from a man asking me if I had something negative I could tell him about my ex-girlfriend. Nope I told him and asked why he needed that information. It turned out that his son, father of two toddlers had left his wife for this chick. He wanted to open his son’s eyes.

    • It is so sad so scary. Many think the grass is greener on the other side. It is not then they want their old life back.
      They are heartless almost like having no soul.
      It happened to me as well long ago

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