Daddy Was So Nice ,Abuse Is A Cancer , But There Is No Cure

Come here Baby Girl , I know your lost. I can Help you. I want to help you. I understand where your coming from. I know how you feel. I will teach you, I want to help you.

There are no Magical doors. There is not a Daddy Dom Door, There is not a Dominant door, there is not a Master door. The truth is we are all rolled up into one.

I am a Master, what makes me a Master ? I am a owner, I own property. Arianna is my slave I own her, she is with me because she has the need to serve. Arianna needs love, Arianna needs compassion, Arianna needs structure, rules, trust. She needs someone who will be there 24/7. Arianna needs communication, Arianna needs someone who will be consistent on a daily basis. Arianna needs someone who will enforce rules when they need to be.

So I am really not that different from a Daddy Dom if we take the title out of the picture.

I do not beat Arianna, as a matter of fact I have never left a mark on her, not even one bruise. I never talk down to Arianna, I never yell, scream, or call her names.

As a Baby girl, a submissive , you have rights, and when you feel something is not right, you need to go with your gut feeling.

I want all of your passwords, Okay may I ask why? Do you not trust me? Have I done something to cause mistrust ? Can I have your passwords Sir?

That is one of the first demands, this is the beginning of the abuse. This is called the take away game. His answer is he wants to protect you. He needs to be able to monitor your accounts. .

Your 18 years old, 20, 25 , 30 you have never needed that before. By having your passwords that does nothing.

It was almost a year and Arianna was trying to figure out a way to give up more control, so she came to me with the password thing. She wanted me to have them.  After some thought I agreed, I have not used them, and I probably will never. If I need anything or want to know anything I just pick up her phone, and that is not to often. I TRUST HER.

The take away game, passwords, then the Daddy wants to monitor your social sites , facebook, twitter, does anyone have a myspace any longer ?

Then comes your friends, you are told who you can and cannot talk to, and you will agree, after all Daddy knows whats best for you.

There is a Baby Girl on wordpress, and she has to take her blog down because she showed interest in wanting to meet other Baby Girls or littles. This will take control from him, and she will be exposed to how other Baby Girls live, so the outcome would not be good.

Yea he is married still lives with his wife, but he is going to leave her when the time is right. He has two Baby Girls who rent an apartment, they both pay everything , which is okay but the fact he is married, so he has no responsibility .

You are told who your friends will be, Okay I am guilty of that one myself. Arianna needs friends and I encourage her to make friends, more so with in the BDSM community. I want her to see how the others live, what the different Daddy Doms are like, the different Doms, and Masters, and she will tell you she has it made.

I am guilty of choosing her friends because what she has found is once a friend she becomes part of their problem worlds, she becomes part of their drama, she becomes part of their cancer. So I put a stop to it.

What makes it lonely is when you do not live together. Chances are you never will live together. The bad thing is the take away game is still going on, until all you have left is going to work and coming home. He begins to talk about your family, so he wants to distant you from them, yes most of you have been there.

Then comes the yelling, look what Ive done for you, I am the only one who cares for you, I am the only one who has been here for you, well okay my wife as well, but I love you. He changes almost over night, and if he thinks he is losing control, he will isolate you more and more until your in a box and you cannot move.

These Dominants are insecure, these Dominants are not part of the lifestyle and really have no clue. These Dominants have no friends who are Dominants because there game comes out and a real Dominant would have nothing to do with them. I do not mainly because I cannot relate to them, and I refuse to step down to their level.

SouthernSir and Kayla Lords. Daddy Dom, and Baby girl, they met and they built a beautiful relationship. They made plans for the future, and they made their plans happen, Kayla now lives with SouthernSir. That my friends is how it works.

Being isolated at first does not seem so bad, but when you have little contact with your Daddy Dom, it becomes lonely very fast, depression sets in, and now you have nowhere to turn. You no longer have the friend network you once had, because you dumped them all.

Master Vile and Slave Bea, we were very happy but as she talked with friends , she discovered she just may very well be a Baby Girl, so while talking one night she express her feelings and her new found needs. My answer was let me think about it. The reason I needed to think was I needed to consult with other Dominants because this was a new world to me. So after much thought we began to slowly move from Master and Slave to Daddy and Baby girl, now we lived together so this made the transition much easier. After I thought it was complete, she came to me one day and said Master, not Daddy. Master we are really no different than we were before. I said yea I know

Our relationship ended because I lost control, I no longer wanted to enforce rules, I let the structure slip, I let the protocols slip, and when I realized what was happening it was to late to regain control., and I lost. I am good with that I have moved on. Today she is in a good place.

You have rights, you have the right to question, you have the right to want to know why. Because if you do not then what makes you different from a slave. You have the right to question and you have the right to get answers and clear answers. You also have the right to say no.

Well you dont need to talk to other people, you have me that is all you need.. This is part of the isolation game, if he can keep you isolated he keeps control. If he cannot or start to lose control the anger comes out , if it has not already, but he screams and yells at you calling you names, or maybe no names but the anger is there. Then after its let daddy hold you I am so sorry, I want to be a better daddy.

The only happiness you have is the few hours a week you get with your daddy. Maybe a few hours every two weeks or a month, then it is only for a couple of hours. He will how ever bring you cheap gifts from time to time to show he cares. The gifts are made to give you a high, but many times the high is short lived…

Being a Baby Girl can be a lonely life, but the same goes with those who are Submissive. You find very few Master and Slaves who do not live together though.

Those who are predators pick those who have little to know experience in the lifestyle, the same goes with those who are submissive or even slaves. He picks these types because he knows what to say, and he will act like he is there to help you. You know nothing about the lifestyle so what he is saying is the truth. Those with any experience will have nothing to do with these fakes, and what relationships they do have are short lived. Most are married, and they prey on these girls because there is very little upkeep. He will not help you will bills or anything because he is teaching you to be independent he wants you to be able to live on your own even if you are struggling. He knows what is best for you. He cannot spend any money, because most wives handle the funds. Arianna handles all of the funds in our home. There you go.

Once you become to needy, I mean needy on a daily basis, and your begging for attention, or you become to hard to handle, with questions. You will be dropped like a bad cold. You now require responsibility.If you do not believe me try it.

Remember I am speaking here with over 20 Years in the lifestyle, I have nothing to gain by lying to you, but I gain much if you listen, because I have helped someone…

How do you see yourself a month from now, three months, six months or a year. Still sitting at home alone?



10 Responses to “Daddy Was So Nice ,Abuse Is A Cancer , But There Is No Cure”

  1. Vile, you hit the nail on the head here. Kayla and I did make plans, a natural progression of any relationship. vanilla, D/s, or other. Since Kayla is somewhat of an introvert I encourage her to make friends to step outside of her box. I have taken her to the Dungeon, not just to play but to meet people. I look forward to taking her to munches in the near future as well.
    Relationships of any kind need to grow, if they remain stagnant then so do you.

  2. Thank you Vile..I have been there and your words are so so true. My ex, who was a narcissist, used those very things to isolate me. (don’t talk to your parents, no friends, gifts, anger, gas lighting)……I felt so alone..I got sick and his cancer was spreading to me…I wish everyone knew that they can leave…though you are told no one will love you and you will be alone the truth is you will never be more alone than if you stay with an abuser. They will suck your soul out of you. My you will feel yourself being lost… experience was not in the lifestyle however to anyone reading this…You have the strength….. I now have a Sir who does not isolate me but encourages me……

  3. This is how most if the “Dominates” I have met work. The first sentence is usually demeaning and it just goes down hill from there.
    If you know what questions to ask. What answers to look for you will be and can be safe. But if you’re too new to the life then you don’t know that you are being suckered into a dark tunnel that can be hard to get out of.
    Thank you for your wisdom that you share Sir. Your posts always have great information and I always feel I learn something.

  4. Vile, can we girls out here get a visual of what you look like, it would really help to place you in your blogs, like I said, so enjoy reading your posts…M

    • While I am not going to post a pic of myself or Arianna,
      I do have a facebook, I have shared the link on here many times, and yes I do have pics up of us.

      What you will never see, is nudes of Arianna, even if for what reason she wanted to post any I am 99 3/4 % sure I would not even then.

      I am avg looking while Arianna is fine, beautiful, erotic, and I am not just saying that because I own her.
      The first time I met her I almost spit my coffee out.

      I knew I was in for a real challenge, but I won and I won because I was who I said I was.

      I am short though 5/5 and around 185 190 not fat I have a stocky build. At one time I had real Platinum Blonde hair but today at 51 it is a white. I do have a full head of hair, 3 years ago I donated 18in to locks of love. I have baby Blue eyes.
      Some people say I look like Gary Busey .

      MCH I take it you are an email follower and do not have a blog?

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