#ANAL SEX – 5 Myths Busted

I love anal sex. In my eyes it is a very submissive act if not the most….
A female giving the most private thing she has.
Am I wrong?

Christina Mandara

anal sex


Whilst it might hurt the first time and for a few seconds on each subsequent try at the beginning, this is often because your partner may be rushing entry and will not have your primed you properly. Use lots of lube (essential!) and try with a single finger, progress to small insertables (butt-plugs) before going the whole hog. A little bit of clitoral stimulation will help relax you, too. The more tense your body is, the more chance that the entry will hurt.


If your vagina can stand up to child birth and go back to normal, the anus has little to worry about when talking about the girth of a penis. As long as you use plenty of lubricant, you’ll come out of the experience unscathed and unhurt. Just take things slowly to begin with.


Actually, believe it or…

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One Response to “#ANAL SEX – 5 Myths Busted”

  1. You are right Vile, my Princess experiences anal as the most submissive act and she loves it when I use her that way.

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