You Do Not Have To Agree With Me Or My Reasoning

I do appreciate everyone’s comments, and I still appreciate them even if you do not agree with me.

What I write here is my opinion and nothing more, while Arianna and I along with Lea Berrymire who is an awesome writer, once finished it will be just my opinion…
I have had writers tell me you do not need help, do it yourself, keep what you make to yourself.
Yea well Okay although I do have a diploma I never did that well in English as my grammar here shows, I am not a professional writer nor have I ever claimed to be I am me , I am no one else, what you read here is the real me.

You Don’t need anyone to help you write just be you, or else you will have to split the money.
I do not care about the money, while I do believe a book would support my radio show , that will start out one day a week, I would like to increase to three or four days week.

I enjoy helping others.That is why I do this blog. I am able to be me, this is my world, my life, this is my vent.
While out in public , for the most I am or have to be someone I am not . I live my daily life a lie.

You may not understand my way of thinking or my train of thought. One thing I can assure you is before I act I think everything through. Remember Choices and Consequences ? I never act on an impulse I am not wired that way.


Did not agree with me and they both expressed their feelings,and that is perfectly okay. I welcome all comments and thoughts. You cannot agree with me on everything, if you did we would live in a perfect world.
Did however come back and say she did now understand..

So I suppose what we have to offer is really no different, than those who are living in a poly with a married man is really no different, I can see that….
Or I suppose those seeking a poly or Triad home that is very stable, and well structured, would not be a benefit.
I can see where a poly or Triad where everyone works as a team would not be beneficial.
So all in all maybe I just worded things wrong, that is very possible.

The Triad was not even my idea, I did not even bring it up, the truth is I never even thought about it, because that was something that Arianna and I discussed prior to entering a relationship. She made it clear she wanted to be the only one.
So we change, she brought up the subject, and gave me her views on it. My answer was, I have to think about it.

So the comment that offended me was. The reason I wanted this Triad was because of Lust.
The truth is although bringing someone in would be a good idea with everything I have going on, it would be nice to have an extra pair of hands , and thoughts and ideas.

I do not think with my cock, my life does not revolve around my cock. As far as sex goes I get anything I want , when I want and how I want.

As I stated maybe I just worded everything wrong.

There is no particular type of female, it all has to do with personality, that is really all, short, tall, skinny, chunky, there is no real preference. So if it was Lust my train of thought would be much different.

Arianna is very possessive , the key word VERY, but she knows having sex would have to be part of the relationship. We would just have ground rules for the house when it came to sex.

One last thing I would like to mention, this would only be long term and nothing more. So we are looking ahead into the future..

Now to the awesome Lady who has been working with us on my book. I would like to thank her, and you should check out her pages.

Much Love to all
I love loved that pic

24 Responses to “You Do Not Have To Agree With Me Or My Reasoning”

  1. I understand what you mean about others not agreeing or having a strong opinion against what you believe. I get that all the time because I write sexually explicit stories. Even though I say it doesn’t affect me, it always stings a bit. Continue being you. You have a one of a kind relationship and I, for one, would be terribly sad if I couldn’t read about it every day.

  2. Serenity Says:

    I love to read your words. I don’t agree with woman being on earth to serve men but I respect your opinion on it. And don’t want to stop reading your words because of that one disagreement . I love being a strong powerful woman with my slave boyfriend. Thanks you for your words n help.i think you have a good view n opinion on things that support everyone in the lifestyle weather or not they like or want help. They can choose not to read your blog you don’t force them too either. I know you have helped me with your words. Keep writing what you feel you need to writing is another passion you have for it. You love your slave wife I see your care and support for her needs before your own which makes a true master . Thank you

    • Ahhh what I said was those who are submissive not all women…
      Thank you. Your right about people not reading my blog.
      If all women served then all the slave boys would be left out.
      I know a few Domme ‘ s and I would not want to be left alone with them.
      Much love
      Hope you have a kick ass 4th

  3. If everyone agreed on everything, life would be pretty boring. I think it is always interesting to find out others opinions, even on something as simple as a hobbies. A lot of women love shopping for shoes, but not me (although of course I will hang out with women who are shopping for them). put me in an antique shop, bookstore, cooking store or any type of craft store I could be there for hrs looking at everything. Some women are not very nice if you try to talk about a hobby you like and they don’t, which I don’t understand that at all, but no one passes up homemade bread I make. Sorry if I rambled on.

  4. Hey, Mr. Vile. I was catching up on your blog and just saw the shout out to me. Thank you! I’m extremely excited to work on this book with you and Arianna. :) I hope your search finds someone to fill the space you are willing to make in your family. – Lea

  5. I actually didn’t disagree with you in the first reply. I asked a question.

  6. Although a triad is not right for Master and I, I can definitely respect the idea that it might be a good thing for others. And I can also see that you and Arianna have great communication so you will make the right decision for both of you. So what if others don’t agree, they’re not living your life. I like to think that those of us in this lifestyle are more open minded (?) Because of what we have to go through personally. In the end everyone’s journey (my phone wanted to put “horny” in place of that last word – lol – which is also partially correct) is their own. Best of luck, on the book, radio show, and the triad!

  7. One of the great things about a blog is being able to post what we genuinely believe, or just passing thoughts that flit through our mind. I find it interesting to hear other’s thoughts, whether I agree or disagree. (But what I really wanted to say is If the photo is of your Arianna, she is adorable.)

  8. I think you misstated your analysis of my comment — I don’t agree nor disagree with your/Arianna’s Triad. I don’t understand what you are truly seeking and am asking for more information. (that was in the first line of my first comment). I just see some concerns, from my data set and view point. In the end, it is not my worry — other than you and Arianna seem like very nice people.

    To me — the Little Girl that you were upset about was a non-entity. Anyone who has been reading you blog knows that you are not searching for a third because of Lust. I was sorry that you were hurt by her insinuation, but, I didn’t think it was true so I moved on to things that I would like to understand. Why waste time.

    As for foxglove vs. dievca in understanding you. The 20’s are much more malleable and accepting than the 40’s. You call me an “old dog”.

    In the end, I don’t care what you decide with the Triad, it doesn’t affect my life. I was being nosy and I just wish you and Arianna Happy. XO

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