My Huge Aquarium Mistake

Although this blog is not about BDSM , it does explain, what it is like reaching that point of perfect. We should all want perfection in our relationship.
It also shows what should be done, when a problem arises. You fix it.

What an exciting Hobby , maybe the kid is coming out in me I am not sure.
I want to build an under water city. In someways I am trying to duplicate the rivers of the Amazon jungle, and it can be done.

The fish I choose I choose because everybody said they were to hard to keep, they would not survive. You cannot keep that many fish that is part of the same family in a 60 gallon tank. Now if you research you are getting opinions, just like you get my opinion on here.

My main fish, not my Molly although he is my buddy, eats out of my hand, a little over weight but I am fixing that. His name is Thor. Then I have the 8 neon tetras, I love watching them school together, my Black Tetras are very cool., my upside down cat fish just kicks ass. The cory cat fish is fun to watch, and the Dano’s just chill

Then comes my prize possessions , first was the Elephant Nose , Josie. Such a beautiful fish. Wow I said beautiful. but something was wrong because he would not come out of his cave, which is an inch and a half Y looking PVC pipe. It makes his feel safe and its his, no one else goes inside.

So I started doing some research, ahhh Josie needs a friend. So off to the pet store I go. I want to order to Baby Whales. Well you cannot put two in the same tank. Um yea I am pretty sure I can because its my money and my tank, if you do not want to order them I shall go some place else.

It took almost two months to get them in, and I could not wait to get them home. So we put the bags in the water, two separate bags because they cannot be together and we left them there for about 30 minutes adjusting to the water temperature, every 5 minutes or so adding small amounts of our water to the bag. The we slowly pour their water into a bucket keeping the fish in the bag, I did not want to add their water to my tank. So in go the Baby Whales. First thing they did was hide, in the PVC pipes I provided for them, eh maybe about 2 days.

Then out comes Josie, Josie and Hobo are playing. Yes playing not fighting, then Gerald the smallest Baby whale comes out as well, but still someone skidish.
Now the reason these fish are not suppose to be in the tank together is they all put off an electrical pulse while hunting for food at night, and it could cause some confusion.
I have taking care of that because I feed twice a day, flakes for the regular fish, but these guys get blood worms , they are frozen so I get a cup of their water and drop the blood worms in, once thawed, I use a Turkey baster so I can put the food where it needs to go. Yea I know pretty smart there..

The Baby Whale is an intelligent Mormyrid that is an interesting fish to keep, and it has quite a good personality. These fish are active, but they will need a cave or some type of hiding spot to seek cover in the aquarium. The “baby whale” is a carnivore, and it should be fed a diet of live and frozen foods such as ghost shrimp, blood worms and black worms.

The Elephant Nose is an interesting fish that originates from the Niger River and its tributaries in Western Africa. Its body is mostly black and is irregularly shaped with a long narrow tail and what looks to be its nose however this is actually an extension of the fish’s mouth. The Elephant nose uses its trunk-like extension to forage for food, communicate, move through the water and self defense. It possesses a weak electrical organ at the caudal peduncles which is used to locate food.

Pretty interesting if I do say so. I am proud to announce they are all doing well. There was a little frenzy during feeding but since I now direct the food where it is needed that has stopped…

Arianna has always wanted a Black Ghost Knife fish, and to watch is swim is just incredible, he will grow to about 18 inches long but that will take several years. We have had him about a week and yesterday was the first time he ate some food. We have several pieces of planted driftwood in the tank and he has found a home.

This jet-black fish is a real one-of-a-kind and will add instant appeal to your fishtank.

Ghost knifes (or knives maybe?) can swim forwards, backwards, sideways, upside-down and pretty much any other angle – fascinating to watch. They can grow quite large, up to 30cm if kept in a large tank and are well looked after.

They prefer live foods like bloodworm, but can be trained to eat regular flakes. Ghost knifes like to have a place to hide, but are very active and can be spotted at almost any time of the day.

It is best not to keep too many ghost knifes together, as they will argue if they don’t have their own space. However, they will cohabit happily with a wide variety of other peaceful aquarium fish.
The Ghost Knifes come from south America if they are caught in the wild. Mine was farm raised so he came from Indonesia, yea a very long trip.

My plants are doing well for the most but could be doing much better. So again I started doing research, then it hit me.

The Substrate, there are two types, one for the fish, and the other for plants. We have a real fine black sand that is neither, it just has a natural look.
It takes about 90 days to establish a tank,this is so it has time to produce good bacteria, keeping the bad out is just doing routine water maintenance , keeping it at a steady temperature as well.

So the fucking Substrate, how fucking dumb can I of been, so now I have to fix it, not anytime soon but in the next couple of months..

So I am standing back looking at this huge fucking fish tank. 4 feet long, 12 inches wide and 2 feet deep.
I cant take all the Substrate out, one I lost a lot of the good bacteria, essentially starting completely over, meaning I would probably lose most of my fish.

So where does our president and congress go when they cannot figure something out? Yup you guessed it YouTube

So I will need a 2in pvc pipe and is about 2.5 ft long. We will stand on a chair and Arianna will push it under a section of the substrate and I will pour the new substrate down the pvc pipe, then mixing it together.

Problem solved.

In the next year I want to move to a 90 gallon, but that is down the road.

I know this has nothing to do with BDSM , but hey its my blog.



5 Responses to “My Huge Aquarium Mistake”

  1. Share whatever you like~ two passions: BDSM and FISH!

  2. Interesting reading Vile why not write about your hobby? It is a part of whom you are so I think it is in some way relevant.

  3. lisazee Says:

    Interesting to read about the exotic fish and how you maintain the tanks. Also the plant life, as a lot of people just use fake.

    • If you have enough live plants, you can prevent algae, the plants live off of the wasted food and the fish waste.

      It is finding the right plants with the lights you have. I am not going to spend 500 dollars on lights that is just crazy..

      It is really my first real hobby.

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