The Art Of Spanking

This was a post from 2012 I really enjoyed doing. A Vile flashback


My Favorite thing to do when it comes to play. I never use spanking as a form of punishment . Two reasons One I love it I mean LOVE , two if you use it for play and punishment it can also confuse. This is not what we are trying to obtain in our goals set for our pets , but again everyone has there own method ..

I am highly fascinated with the female ass , what is better every ass is shaped different , a different feeling , whew .

Spanking is just not spanking be it with bare hand which I prefer , with a flogger , belt cane what ever, there is a right and wrong way during play. During play we as Dominant or Dommes are trying to bring ours to that space , that feeling of total freedom. Sub-Space. The Erotic Zone of pleasure.

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5 Responses to “The Art Of Spanking”

  1. As a child, I was spanked n caned up to age 12, I still enjoy spanking, to this day!…sends a shiver up my spine when i see a pic like this. I’m finally with a group that understands.

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