Very Hot Spanking , From the Movie The Secretary

You will Love This clip. If you have not seen the movie The Secretary it is a must see……
Spanking is meant to be erotic. In some instances you can cum from being spanked.

29 Responses to “Very Hot Spanking , From the Movie The Secretary”

  1. great movie! ahead of its time!…

  2. I loved The Secretary. Great movie.

  3. Cinnamon Says:

    Loved that scene

  4. I find Secretary on of the best on the subject. I’ve seen The Pet too and liked the story but as a film it was technically lousy. My all time favorite is Histoire d’O and I recently saw The Punishment of Anne (aka The Image) made in 1973 and albeit very dated not a bad BDSM inspired movie.

  5. I like the sound of that 🙂

  6. Love this movie. There is no way I would have ever been able to continue reading the piece of paper, let alone in my regular voice.

  7. I have never seen this movie but now…OH NOW plan to watch it (giggle)

  8. serenity Says:

    i love that movie i wish i could find a copy of the pet . which is hard

  9. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:

    This scene is Hot

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