The untold story of Barbie’s life…

The truth about Barbie and Ken comes out.
To all you mothers who thought Barbie was the perfect toy for your daughter

Macha spreads joy

In one way or another most of us has some kind of a relationship to Barbie, the doll of every 12 year old’s dreams (and lots of other ages too).
She is probably the reason half of us has some kind of a sick view on body ideals and grow up with eating disorders and she has a whole lot of people out there that love to hate her.

Every now and then I have found pictures posted on facebook or other places by someone with a bit more fantasy than myself that has modernized Barbie just that little bit extra to make her the strong, independant woman we all can look up to (or fear).

During studies Party Barbie attended lots of parties with her sorority friends.

Some times Barbie had too much fun and she turned into Sorority Slut Barbie.

Barbie wasn’t a rich girl during her studies and she had…

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