Interview With A Submissive

A new segment in the Kinky World Of Vile. I would like to know what others are thinking. What their life is as a submissive who is new to the lifestyle or someone who has been in it for sometime..

I would only get as personal as you would want.

Find out how you met? What your courting process was like? How you came to terms as far as your relationship? Your daily activities? Maybe share some of your rules, structure, and how you see the two of you progressing…..

We can use your name or not either way would be perfect, well not your name but your wordpress name…

But I need a volunteer



21 Responses to “Interview With A Submissive”

  1. I like this idea Sir.

  2. You are welcome to interview me anytime.

  3. Not sure what I can offer. But I’m open.

  4. I’m happy to volunteer !

  5. I’m to boring to interview but am looking forward to reading them (giggle)

  6. Very interesting iniative. I am looking forward to the posts.

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