You Can’t Always Blame The Dominant

Dominants are known for something many men to do possess, that would be patience. Dominants are known as leader, that is a need. Dominants are known for being in control, that is an art. Dominants are known for wisdom, and that comes with age. A Dominant loves to communicate and listen, this comes with time. Discipline is handed down, but only if truly needed, and as a reminder. The Dominant provides rules and structure so that you may excel. A Dominant will never demand you call him Sir or Master as he knows respect is earned.

How your relationship goes depends on how deep your submission goes. It depends on what stage of a submissive you are at. The Baby Girl in most cases is the very first step in the lifestyle, but that does not mean she will continue on that path. Mainly she may find a Dominant who is not a Daddy Dom, but she likes many of the quality’s he has. Just as a submissive will adapt, a good Dominant is able to do the same thing , that is if he see’s a possibility of a relationship blooming.

I myself went through phases as I grew, from a sadist to a Master, then to a Daddy. I am however not so sure I should of allowed myself to take that step, because it was the fall of my relationship. I started letting my feelings get in the way, and I no longer wanted to enforce rules, nor did I want to punish, thus losing all respect.

If your a Submissive looking for a D’s relationship, you need to be very clear, in what you want and what your needs are. The Dominant as much as you would like cannot read your mind.

You need to be sure this is the type of relationship you need. This is just not an experiment, you are playing with peoples emotions if you should enter a relationship not being sure.

Once the Dominant explains in very great detail, about what he expects, you then have the right to say, you know what I would really like to think about this. I want to make sure this is the type of relationship I need.

Then the Dominant will more than likely say, I am good with that, take your time. If how ever he says what is it you did not like maybe I can change something up? That is not a good sign.

I myself refuse to give in any. I am who I am, I know what I need, and I will not bend.

So here is where the tricky part comes in, but it is really not as difficult as you may think.
We have been talking about a 3rd, adding to our family. We however are not looking for another slave. The main reason is, well it would put to much on my plate. If the slave was not in need of being micromanaged that would be another story.
This is why Arianna and I have been discussing another submissive or perhaps and Baby Girl. There would be rules as well as structure, but the rules would differ from Ariannas.
So this is something we, and I did say we have communicated a lot about.The bottom line is finding the right fit. Although the submissive and I would have to have a connection, it is the Submissive and Arianna who would have to say this will work.

It is not always the Dominants fault because a relationship fails. If you agree to the Dominants terms and you enter a relationship, you the submissive has just as much responsibility to insure the relationship goes as planned.
Although the Dominant may show a great deal of patience, there is a breaking point. If you are putting up resistance on a daily basis, and you are not communicating there is a breaking point.
The Dominant will then end the relationship, this is not working, it is not going to work, I hope your life goes well. I am not doing this.

You have to figure out how deep your submission is. Once you enter a relationship you may find that it runs much deeper than you had thought, this can be good because it allows you to explore your submission on a deeper level.

The same goes with the Dominant, while in a relationship he may express his needs have changed. It is then up to the two of you to work things out, or you may not longer be a fit for each other.
If the Dominant does try and change things up without consulting with you have the right to say NO. Remember Baby Girl, Submissive, you are not a slave. If you do not agree with something and the Dominant is going back on his word you have the right to say NO. Many of you do not have a clear understanding of what you can and cannot do, and when you have the right to say no. This should of been explained prior to entering the relationship.

If you are jumping from Daddy Dom to Daddy Dom, or Dom to Dom, you the submissive needs to sit down and have a long talk with yourself…



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