Abuse Is Alive And Real ,A Friend Took Her Life This Week , She Will Be Missed

I knew a submissive who has been lost for many years. In person she always seemed very upbeat , the last time Arianna and I saw her at a munch, she made the comment, I wish I could have what you two have.
On Wednesday night of this week she committed suicide and took her own life.

Her name on Fetlife is Pocket Mouse, and at the tender age of 22, had a full life in front of her.

Here is a message from a friend of mine, after I emailed him to confirm what I was reading on her wall.

written about 1 hour ago:

Hey did pocket mouse pass?

written about 1 hour ago:

Yes she took her own life Wednesday ….fucking sad, last week she seemed upbeat..no idea what triggered her to take her own life…very sad

written about 1 hour ago:

Wow I am so so sorry , she was truly a good person. Just lost at times. WOW I am like numb

written about 1 hour ago:

she has really gone through a lot over the past couple of years

written about 1 hour ago:

I used to joke with her about being my favorite daughter…her bio family and she never got along while growing up and she was mentally abused by a so called Mistress from Melbourne and I felt she never fully recovered.
What goes around comes around to bite you in the ass I HOPE.

written 43 minutes ago:

I knew about the Mistress. We had only met a couple of times, once at the Chinese buffet when she was trying to put a munch together, and out at our munch.

Just at a loss of words

Thank you

I had contacted her a couple of years ago when I saw she was looking for a place to start a Munch. I new a Buffet that had a large room they were not using so I agreed to meet her there, and speak with the owners.
There had been a Much there in the past so I knew they would not mind.

Pocket Mouse was really a confused girl, not ever knowing where to turn, and would take people for their word, she was truly a follower, and she trusted so so easy.

Then comes the Mistress , this relationship was only about mental and physical abuse. Sometimes it is not as easy as just packing things up and moving.
Just as the other Dominant had stated he felt she never fully recovered from the relationship and the abuse. I cannot imagine the mental abuse she was subjected to, and the lasting effects.

Before you enter a relationship , you need to make sure your in the right place, and your with the right Dominant or Mistress before you hand over power. This is no game , you can get hurt.

22 years old, still just a young woman, with many years ahead of herself.
With a Mistress who did not care, or did not want to understand her.

The last words she said to me, I wish I had what you two have.



32 Responses to “Abuse Is Alive And Real ,A Friend Took Her Life This Week , She Will Be Missed”

  1. Sir. So sorry to hear about this tragic loss. No one should ever use their power they receive from another to hurt.

  2. That is just so sad.

  3. So very sad, 22… I hope Karma deals a big hand out to the Mistress in Melbourne ( Melboring… I lived there for 6 years)

  4. Vile, I’m so sorry to hear about this. The power of a Dominant is intense especially when a submissive gives us that over them. Sadly for some that power corrupts.

  5. I’m deeply touched after reading this and I can only hope she’s at a better place. It is so sad that wanting to be taken care of results in such tragedy. This should not have happened and yet it did. It is a good thing people like you, Vile, invest time and ressources in trying to avoid abuse and make possible victims aware.
    Your battle is a just one Vile.

  6. Such a sad thing when it feels better to check out than stay. So easily could have been me. Keep breathing, young ones, i tell you, it DOES get better.

  7. Very sad, tragic. If I do recall, you did say in one of your posts, that its not a game.

  8. Heartbreaking. 22… So much of life left to experience. So much joy she might’ve given the world.

    I wonder if the woman who abused her knows. I hope she haunts her.

    • I doubt she knows she may from her dads facebook.
      Her mistress was not part of the local community, so no one really knew her.
      This is why I preach so often about meeting Doms and making sure they are part of who they say they are..

  9. I am so so sorry to hear about this. Sounds like the world lost a good one. I can see how one can say “she is in a better place now”, or “at least she is not hurting anymore”… but excuse my french, this is bullshit. Situations like this are absolutely avoidable and there is no need at all for this. If any Dominant is not able to see or feel if His/ Her submissive is hurting this bad and either doesn’t care or is too stupid to notice, then something is completely wrong in this lifeatyle. We as Doms, Masters, Daddies… whatever we want to be called, are responsible for our submissive 150%, 100% of the time. NO EXCUSES. Wtf is wrong with people nowadays? I’m sorry to vent, but shit like this really grinds my gears.
    But all that also should not take away from the sadness and loss I feel, and I think everyone in the lifestyle should feel.

    • It is to bad we in the community do not offer groups for those who are going through bad times.
      sometimes people just feel lost and they seem to think they have no where to turn..
      It is okay to vent

  10. Thank you Vile for writing this. She was a beautiful soul…..gone… tragically…way too soon:( R.I.P. Sarah aka thepocketmouse

  11. I am also so sorry. Sad that she was living with so much pain and didn’t know how to make it better, or get help to heal. RIP

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