Interview With A Dominant

So far no luck at all , I have contacted several Doms and all have declined to be interviewed so maybe this is a segment we will have to skip.

I do however have several submissive’s who have contacted me and showed interest in being interviewed.

The reason I am doing this is, it will give everyone a look into someones life and different view, on how someone lives in a D’s or M’s relationship.


29 Responses to “Interview With A Dominant”

  1. Kathy Lewis Says:

    I am surprised that no one would want to talk. The only way to remove stereotypes is to tell your story. It’s all about communication after all. Hope you are able to find someone. I have learn so much from reading your blob and congrats on the first blog.

    Maybe when our book club at the woodshed reads it, you would be so kind to visit and talk with us.


    • Hello Kathy,
      I have not been to the woodshed in sometime. The New one, I had attended the shed before they moved that was several yrs ago I do believe.
      The first book is just fiction and nothing more.
      November , I have a book coming out on safety.
      I would love to come and speak. I am totally against any type of abuse, mental or physical. and verbal as well.

      Hope we can meet soon.

      • Kathy Lewis Says:

        Well we read fiction and non-fiction so maybe we will be able to read both. Please feel free to lookup the Orlando Book Club on fet. We were just discussing about getting authors to come visit. We had on author come visit since she was in the area. Always love to ask questions. Thanks for responding.


      • You are more than welcome. Thank you

  2. I would be interested to know the reasons the Doms gave in their decline.

    • One replied if it was anyone but me. 4 not interested and a couple of no replies..
      You would think a Dominant would want to share his side.

      Mel who was the first to Interview with a submissive, has not been feeling well. I am sure I will have her answers here in a day or so,

      Franco Bolli is you have not read his blog did come forward and say he would not mind doing it.

  3. I googled information about Male Dom Blogs and why there seem to be so few. It turns out there may not be a shortage, however, there were some interesting articles written about why Male Doms don’t want to talk about why and how they do what they do. It seems they fear being seen as abusers. Some said, it was just hard to describe what they were feeling through the experience of dominating another. Other’s who did describe their experience were really eloquent and insightful in their descriptions. I think this would make an interesting set of articles or chapter in a book or even be a topic for a book itself. I hope you don’t abandon the idea.

  4. I’m a bit of a computer illiterate when it comes to copying people but I will do my best to figure out where I was and send it along to you. Also, another reservation , I forgot to mention, was the whole “don’t talk, don’t tell” reserved thing around knowing for years that they had longings to be a Dom and fantasy’s in regard to Sadism etc. But not knowing what to do with the feelings..which led to A Lot of Shoving of emotion and guilt around being who they knew themselves to be and trying to reconcile those desires with the desire be honorable good men. I know you have touched on this topic when you mention your unmet longings and needs within your first marriage.

  5. Meaning their fear is that if they explored the life style they would be forsaking their code of honor as men..I hope,this makes sense. A therapist once told me that every man has a line they draw in what they are willing and not willing to do. When they cross it into a dishonorable place, that is the worst thing that can befall a male ego. I really appreciated knowing that. I really could relate and empathize with these Doms. My heart just melted for their struggle. I think that is one of my favorite parts of your blog …that you…in supporting the less emotionally stable women in the life style and providing safety information ..have found a way to celebrate your honor as a dom and man .

  6. Ok, so here is where I found myself in researching Male Dom Blogs
    Came up on Google Where are all the Male dominant Bloggers Clarisse Thorn..she wrote an article 2010 she sight a few bloggers however, at the end of the article, there were 34 comments so I went there and people had sent blog sights. One in particular was very, very well written, which as you know,.. I do love a good writer, it was called Blood Sex and Crimson. But there were many more suggestions. I think it might be a good place to start. Good luck.

  7. P.S. I may be complicating this whole notion because it just occurred to me that. I don’t use Fet life.

  8. Forgive me for para phrasing a beautiful little poem by HD. But, the reason I don’t do fet life is

    As I grow older and older
    And totter toward the tomb
    I find I care less about
    Who does what to whom

    It really was written “who goes to bed with whom”
    Nighty nights Master Vile. you’re a good man.
    But then, you know that.

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