The Baby Girl Syndrome

I know everyone believes I have it out for baby girls , the truth is I feel for many of you, and this is just by reading different blogs and those I have met in real life.

I myself was a Daddy Dom for seven years, but I was not married and I lived with my Baby Girl. She did not even put gas in her own car, that was my job.

I know of One Daddy Dom and Baby Girl who are in a true committed relationship, and that would be SouthernSir and Kayla Lords. They found each other and made that move. They both made a commitment.. I do believe I left out the Powerful Batman and Bat woman who is in the process of having triplets I think it is.

If you think about it , when most of you met your Daddy, he told you that you were a baby girl, he told you that you were a little, and he gave you reasons why. This is not the case with all, but for the most it is true.

Now why would one want to label you as a baby Girl, or a little ? Why would a Daddy Dom want to use those terms, and go into explaining why you are?

There is less responsibility , you have very few rules if any, you have no protocols, and your giving no structure. Many men would fine this to be the perfect way to go, because he has no responsibility.

So one the upside for him, he gets to see you once or twice a month, most of the time in a Motel room if your lucky you will spend the night with your Daddy, or you may just get a couple of hours, of just fucking, then he is on his way again.

You do get a few text a day, very seldom an email. You are not on any of his social sites, like FaceBook, Fetlife, Twitter, so no one knows about you except him, and your other Baby Girls you bitch to.

Here we go again , most Daddy Doms are married. He is seeing you because there is something you will do his wife will not. Maybe they have lost that communication, it can be a number of things, going through his Mid-Life Crisis..

Maybe the midlife crisis has drawn the new Daddy into kink , maybe he has a few buddies who told him about the lifestyle.

The truth is many men do not know how to communicate with their wife, or they feel ashamed to put their wife through such kink, or they may not even know how to approach the subject.

If your Daddy is Married , you are being used. He is not going to leave his wife and kids, he is not going to lose his home being middle aged. If you think he is going to start his life over, you have a lot of thinking to do.
If your friends are telling you the same thing your reading then you are not in the right place.

The Fake Daddy Dom will play on your feelings, he will tell you he understands, he will tall you he will make everything better, but in fact he does not. He will drag you along as long as you are willing, until you have figured out you have been had.

You are just for use nothing more, your a piece of ass, if he is even fucking you. More than likely you spend more time on your knees sucking cock.

Then he starts to Isolate you, making you drop your friends, your family,
He wants access to all of your accounts, your email, facebook, twitter, everything. Once your are completely Isolated he then can tell you anything and you only have his words to go by.

If you are not getting the full experience of what a Daddy, Baby Girl relationship is suppose to be about, you are missing out on so much.
You are young you have your whole life in front of you, why waste it?

Do you not think it is funny not one has stepped up to the plate to defend himself, not one. I find that odd.

The outcome just depends on how much of your life do you want to waste.

daddy girl


42 Responses to “The Baby Girl Syndrome”

  1. Yikes, Mr. vile!! You must be speaking of very young girls… of which I am not. My Daddy and I have been together for 3 years and counting. It’s very comfortable for us. But you did say “syndrome” correct? Perhaps that’s the difference.

    • Yikes your so right those young ones who know no better. Who are being used and taking advantage of.
      I did say most not all.
      I am glad your in a good place.

      • We are in a very good place. I can tell you that I am a fully educated, working professional and my sweetie and I are in what we like to call a “daddy/baby girl relationship. It does work for us. He loves having me as his baby girl, and I love having him as my daddy. We please each other in many ways.
        I do enjoy your writing, and I know you were not speaking of all of us who call ourselves baby girls… 🙂

      • Much love I hope your having a kinky weekend vile style

      • No, unfortunately not. My sweet love is gone for two months, but if you check my blog he is always checking in… Wishing you the Kinkiest of weekends Sir!

  2. Maybe, at some point, you could tell us about how a Daddy Dom should act… seven years experience has to be a great story.

  3. different strokes for many types of folks, I say, if it pleases them. What’s misleading is, the phrase ‘baby girl’? I don’t have a problem with it, but I can see why others are put off. chill, relax, i say…m

  4. I think a lot of the same can be said about any dominant, be they daddy, master or just plain sir. My wife of 20 years is my Baby girl. She came out and talked to me of her feelings and we moved into Ds together trying a few different ways before falling into dd/bg. This way best satisfies her needs and wants along with mine.

    Frankly, being a daddy can be much more work than just a dom and being a 24/7 daddy and not an internet one makes it even harder. My Baby girl has rules and protocols she must follow. These give her a feeling of safety and satisfy her need for submission.

    I think with any type of dominant a submissive must be careful of what they get. I don’t believe a Baby girl means easy, it’s how the dom runs things that tells the story.

    • I also agree with you. I was in a Daddy relationship for 7 years, it was much more work than any D’s I had been in prior.

    • But sad to say I am at the point where I am no longer going to speak about abuse im over it. Not my problem

      • There is only so much you can do. You have written a few posts, pointing out the obvious, the things submissives need to be aware of, etc. If people choose to not see the obvious, you can’t do much more.

        Your posts are always insightful and your point of view is always appreciated. Not every DS relationship is the same and it’s nice to read what’s in yours.

      • Again you are so correct, and I am not speaking about every relationship. I believe there are far more who are not on the right path than those who are in real relationships.

        If it sounds like I was speaking of everyone that is not the case.

        What is weird I am going to guess, there are some 10 million wordpress users, and not one married man has come up and said anything

      • Married man as in someone who is married but has a Baby girl on the side?

      • Correct .
        I am not sure what the need is

      • I really just do not understand

      • Maybe you can give me some insight

      • I am married to my Baby girl and take a very dim view of cheating. I don’t care for those that are married yet are looking for something on the side. Isn’t the point of getting married is the want to spend your life and commit to that person?

        My only guess is that their wife is no longer interested in them and especially the kink so they turn somewhere else.

      • You are probably right, but if your not happy just leave. That is my thinking.

      • I agree 100%. Staying in a bad relationship and cheating does nothing but cause hurt and pain. Even if kids are involved. I am all for trying to fix things, but if that can’t be done it’s better to go your separate ways and find what does make you happy.

      • I also blame the submissive or slave though, its almost like they cannot find their own.
        If the wife has children a home. She is the one who has helped build what they have.
        Many of the girls on here are seeing married men, and they truly believe there dom is just going to walk away from everything

  5. I hope this was written for the younger women out there. The ones who are looking and grasp on to the first “Dom” that says all the right things.

    For myself I am Married to my Daddy. I have rules and protocols. There are expectations and punishments when things are missed or rules broken.

    The Daddy baby girl dynamic was not what we tried first. Daddy came at me first with the list of rules that I could not remember and the contract that I refused to sign because it didn’t feel right. He lost all of his sympathy and compassion. As a result I stopped talking all together and it hurt our marriage.

    I have always been his submissive but now I knew I wasn’t crazy and that the way I wanted to live had a name and was real and ok. I just knew that the dynamic we tried first wasn’t right. So I told Daddy I didn’t like it. We stopped and I’m not even sure how we ended here but it is right.

    I have a voice but it is kept in line. I have my rules that I can remember. I have protocols that I love. They make me feel safe. No contract but I felt our marriage was that.

    Daddy has to deal with a lot. I do throw fits but they are fewer and fewer each week. I know it’s hard work and I am thankful Daddy is wiling to put the work in for me.

    I agree with your last statement. If you are not getting the full experience you are missing out. This has strengthened our marriage and as a result our family.

  6. I always read your warnings as if they are written to the unattached submissives who aren’t in a true committed relationship – if he’s still married, living at home with his family, and only ever meeting you in a hotel, then you might want to question his commitment. And yes, in those situations, there are probably very few rules, very little protocol, and very little true D/s.

    That being said, clearly there are plenty of us who are in good relationships with rules, protocol, and respect. As it should be. 🙂

    • There are plenty Kayla you are right. That is why I started just deleting the 50 or so emails I get every week wanting advice.
      Not my problem

    • My blog will be going in a different direction as of today.
      I no longer care, it is none of my business what happens to these girls, they dig their own grave

    • Because I agree with you Kayla there is no abuse, I have been wrong for 24 years..

      • I never said there wasn’t abuse. I think that some of your readers, myself included, are in loving, healthy relationships – and some aren’t. It’s up to those who aren’t in healthy relationships to get help or to decide for themselves they want something better – that they deserve something better.

        But yes, it’s your blog. You should feel like you can write what you want to write.

      • There are those who do not have a clue Kayla, there are those who have no where to turn.
        Just like the 22 year old submissive her shot herself in the head because of abuse.
        She felt she had no place to turn, so it is always not that easy. So her plan was just to check the fuck out. Problem solved.
        Maybe that should be my advice from now on, Just Check out.
        It is not always just that easy to pack up and leave.

        There are readers like you and SouthernSir who do have a good relationship, but the abuse out weighs the good ones.
        I can tell by all the emails I get weekly or daily.

        I even said in the post that you and SouthernSir were perfect examples. I did.

      • If I mention anything good about Daddy relationships it is always about SouthernSir always.

      • And we appreciate the shout-out. I’m not saying you’re wrong. It’s a sad thing that there are so many people who fall prey to abuse.

        People seem to think that D/s is a magic cure-all for every bad relationship or just their life in general. You provide good information (and maybe even hope) for those people. All I’m pointing out (as well as many of your other readers) is that there are plenty of good examples of how this dynamic can work.

        Keep writing what you feel you should. Just as I will keep attempting to be an example (just one of many) of what a healthy D/s relationship looks like. Between your writing, my own, SSirs, and many of the other bloggers out there, we may be able to shine a positive light for those who fall victim to abusers. All of our thoughts and words have a place here. But SSir and I, as the comments here show, aren’t the only examples of healthy relationships. That’s all I was pointing out.

      • Your awesome, thank you there are those who are in healthy relationships..

        For what ever reason, the wrong I did long ago I feel I need to make up. Call it guilt.

        Thank you

  7. I suppose I fall into this category.. I may be out of line posting the following but I’m going to continue any way in hopes that I may get some insight.. I began my journey almost two years ago.. I discovered my need for the lifestyle.. I ended up meeting two fake Dom online and it was all about submissiveness for sexual purposes.. I met my current owner and have been with him almost a year now.. He is in a vanilla marriage with his wife.. An open marriage so he allows his wife to have other partners also… He was the one who first told me I was a baby girl… But have since shifted to a M/s relationship after being brought into the home… When I first began texting and communicating with his wife she was talking about how they lived a “poly” lifestyle after that she explains to me how it meant “Many loves”. She explained to me about her boyfriend at the time… Talked about how he was married and she wish that they could be more open and so on and so on.. My owner moved me in slowly.. Letting me stay a few nights here and there.. Sleeping in the bed with them..which she and him had discussed and she said was OK.. During this time she and i start to build a romantic and sexual relationship.. Sometime after I moved in her boyfriend “breaks up” with her.. After that there ended up being a dispute between the two of them about how I was taking what was hers by being in the room with them every night… She looks at me and says “You know it wasn’t right for you to be in my bed every night…” I say” Yes Ma’ m” she asked me then why did I do it…. My only response was ” Because Master Says So” After slamming my things around and explains to me what is mine and what is hers I guess I isolated my self from her a whole lot.. Except for when Sundays come around then I am allowed to sleep next to Master..
    (Never am I allowed in his bed anymore and he doesn’t sleep in mine..) At first I was brought in that one night a week and I would have sex with them both… When we were alone together I tried to start showing her more affection.. After being hurt that way by her it was really hard to do… I thought that living in the poly household that she would accept me as a member and she and I would be more like equals.. But I was wrong.. What happened was she had something that was only hers and then when she lost it she wanted to take back the only thing that she had to share.. Little did she know that it had been such a desire for me to serve her as well.l would have scrubbed her house from top to bottom and treated her like a queen. Rubbed her feet everyday..I loved her so..But after that day I lost my respect for her and all desire to serve her.. If I serve her now it is because Master orders it and i know it pleases him….I will have my training collar for a year come December.. And that is the time that we had agreed upon to reconsider our contract… My heart leads me to think that I should consider options.. But I am very scared.. Scared of being hurt or abuse.. Scared of not being able to find anyone who would want me.. And Scared of leaving a Master that I love so very much..

    Thank You Sir for all that you Do

  8. flufffybunny Says:

    I would just like to point out that it’s after 1am here and I’m watching Garfield and Friends on teletoon retro – my point; I totally know I’m a little. But aside from being told what I am, everything else in this really home with me. ♥

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