The Breaking Of Sabrina , An Awesome Book Review

Okay the book could of been longer, it was originally meant as a short story just for my blog.

Sometime ago I met a Slave and she asked me to break her. I declined , mainly because I did not want that kind of responsibility, and I had no feelings towards her, nor did I see us entering a relationship.

There is a huge Difference in a D’s relationship and an M’s relationship.
I am still not sure where the Daddy and the Baby Girl fits in even thought I was part of that lifestyle in the past. At that point I had no idea where I fit in.

Franco Bolli’s Reviews > The Breaking of Sabrina
The Breaking of Sabrina by Vile
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The Breaking of Sabrina
by Vile, Lea Barrymire (Goodreads Author)
Franco Bolli’s review
Jul 15, 14

4 of 5 stars
bookshelves: adult, bdsm
Read in July, 2014

I liked this short story because it was very well told, hot and very erotic. Yet I found it way too short. After turning the last page I had the impression this could have been longer and more deepened out as it offers a least a myriad of story lines.

Much to his credit Vile is an advocate against any type of abuse. Therefore at the end of this eBook an international list of helplines is provided. An initiative I can only applaud.

Also I would like to mention Vile’s blog. is worth your visit and your time.

I am looking forward to more of Vile’s writings.


14 Responses to “The Breaking Of Sabrina , An Awesome Book Review”

  1. Cinnamon Says:

    I think most of us DD/lg are D/s…the degree varies like any other relationship. Just my two cents.
    I like alot of rules and structure. Other’s mileage may vary.

    And yay for you. How exciting! 🙂

  2. My DD/bg is D/s and has structure. In fact, structure is what I crave. I’m just an imp ad he likes it. We don’t have lots of formal protocols, if that is what you are thinking. But rules–yes. I have them. Respect, I give it.

  3. Definitely more books from Vile!

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