Breaking In A Slave Or Breaking A Slave

There is clearly two different meanings but both can have the same outcome.

Just did a short story, The Breaking Of Sabrina. A woman who was broken at her husbands request. He lost and the Master won. That is something else we need to look at as well, choices and consequences, after all that is what life is about right ?

Breaking in a Slave is a term that is used once you start the training process, and as with breaking some humiliation is used during this process. The humiliation depends on how stable the Slave is mentally, and that is just one factor that comes into play.

Once you begin your search for a Slave not a Submissive, but a Slave you should have a clear picture of how you see your everyday life. You should already know what your intentions are, and what you expect the outcome to be.

To a novice Master who really has no experience, will really have a difficult time, mainly because he does not have a clue. Although there is a ton of Material out here , what works for one will not work for someone else. If the Master has a lot of drama or problems, the training will not be effective. Most associate a slave as just being sexual but that is so far from the truth, although there are just sex slaves who are just used for pleasure and nothing more.

Humiliation puts the slave in that mindset, you also have to point out you are not equal to them. It sounds worse than it really is, this is a mindset you are trying to achieve. To be a slave you have to feel like a slave.

First however the Slave must be willing , second and the most important factor the Master must be real and serious.

I actually sat down and thought about how my daily life would be if I had a slave living with me 24/7. Everything on my terms including sex. Sex is about me. Sex is about my needs being met, my wants.

I have changed Arianna life she has made a 360 degree turn. Today she does not see how she has changed, she does not see her submission, mainly because she lives it everyday.

She does not hear the words Master flowing from her mouth, or asking permission to use the bathroom, or to enter the bed. She does not see any of this, because not it comes natural.

That is when you know you as a Master Has reached your goal. You have created you own masterpiece. You have created something very special.

The bond is like no other, somehow it is stronger than love although your in love , it is a much different feeling, really hard to explain.

So from time to time you have to make slight changes, mainly because of the way Arianna feels about her submission.

Even the slightest change can make a huge difference, maybe in just a word someone uses, or the way they sit, the slightest change makes a huge, huge difference.

Breaking A Slave

This can be done willingly or not. I see it as a total breakdown of someones will, you change their whole thought process, and it could get to the point to where they cannot even think for their selves.

When someone ask you to break them, you need to find out what their reasons are, what do they hope to gain out of being broken?
In a short term relationship being broken could have severe effects, and the outcome could be harmful, or being incomplete in the process, meaning the Master is not their to bring back up.

So you take a Blank canvas , you strip the slave of everything, clothes, makeup, the ability to shave, they eat what you put in front of them.

You control their speech, their posture, how they dress, where they can sit, what if anything they wear.
This needs to be done on a daily basis, house rules are put in place. You limit where they can be in the house, when they can use the bathroom, shower, TV.
What you do, is allow family time, to speak on the phone, for 10 to 15 minutes, in front of you, checking emails in front of you. Not being allowed to close the bathroom door, you take away any privacy they want or need.

You use on a regular basis, showing no compassion or love. Be it just sucking your dick or crawling on top dumping your load and getting off walking out of the room leaving her there. That in its self is a form of humiliation, You have to use on a daily basis, without asking or explaining what your going to do. You want to keep their mind wondering. Trust me it works.

More sever would be extreme humiliation, physical beatings, calling names, such as whore, and slut, your worthless, who in the fuck would want you, you get the idea..

So I suppose in a way Arianna was broken, and here we are today, her feelings grow everyday, her submission continues to grow. She has a need to please.
I did just what I explained above leaving out the extreme. I keep a very tight leash on Arianna, I know where she is 24/7. She even had me install a tracker on her phone. I can pick up my phone and locate her within 50 feet.



21 Responses to “Breaking In A Slave Or Breaking A Slave”

  1. What about after? Arianna is not just an object to you, I think anyone who reads your blog can attest to that. But after the slave has been broken, and you do begin to show love and compassion, do things stay in place because the slave is remolded into the shape you chose? Do slaves “grow back” their will at some point, so you have to repeat the process?

    I’m guessing the more extreme stuff is used to break the strong-willed (though, I’m sure there are abusive people out there who use this process incorrectly). But it really is no wonder that people (you know, in Vanilla land) believe this is abuse. “Who the fuck would want you!” Yikes. That would certainly “break” me.

    • After the training process , or the breaking, you still have your general maintenance. That is where the consistency part comes in, being consistent on a daily basis.
      Sometimes Arianna is an object but that is not a bad thing.
      Sometimes your husband makes love to you, then sometimes he just fucks you, he is using you, in a sense your an object.
      No the slave does not go back.
      One more thing I would like to point out, it is or would be hard for a slave to just up and move

  2. From a true slave’s perspective, I believe this is the best way to train a slave. I believe a master has to be strict and consistant in order for their slave to feel loved.
    A slave serves their master out of pure love and respect. Her/his goal in life is to make their master happy and that in itself is the greatest gift. I personally would give anything for my Master to train me this way.

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience with Arianna and I look forward to reading more.


  3. After reading this I was left wondering if there is something odd about me that I actually love that my Master calls me whore, slut, cunt, and bitch regularly. To me those four words mean as much or maybe even more than honey or sweetheart do to my vanilla friends. I know he loves me, in fact I would say he cherishes me. He’s my world, and after 16 years together our love and commitment to each other and the lifestyle seems to only grow stronger.

    • I call those pet names. I was just talking to a submissive yesterday about what you just said.
      She called it humiliation.
      Hmm interesting

      • I suppose it could be a form of humiliation. Maybe it is more than I thought. I do find being humiliated one of the satisfying ways of expressing my complete devotion, and service.

      • Very nice I can see your side…. I am glad you commented.
        Hope to see you around more

      • TheMane Says:

        The difference between a pet name, and humiliation is contextual. It is similar to the vulgarity exchanged between friends.

        What I say to my closest friends is a means of expressing affection. Where as I would use those same words to verbally abuse someone I strongly disliked.

      • You are right and I agree with you 100% . My belief and this is just me at times I do use some humiliation not only as a form or training but as a reminder.
        This does not mean I careless or dont care for , it is meant to be a form of reinforcement a reminder

  4. I don’t know that I could handle this kind of thing emotionally. I’m a virgin and interested in submission but more so I think to a daddy Dom with a stern side than this really severe objectification. I could not handle that as I’m educated and fiesty. I just read the most appalling example of a slave contract where it was proposed to beat her daily, keep her in a cage, make her drink piss and eat dogfood, enslave her for life or sell her, own her bred kids as though chattel, and let her kill self when old and sick. I never heard such cruelty in my life except on a brainwash site called I am three holes. I think the Dom should deeply love slave\little or he hasn’t got rights to her. He can’t leave her too confused to what his feelings are or she will wither. He might do well to marry her if he breeds her. Its only just at least for the kids! I don’t think a Dom should ever limit family time to control or punish and should come out in the open that he is making his girl a love slave. Secrets can and do breed abuse and isolation. I know I know nothing much of bdsm but I know of abuse and mind control and the line is fine indeed! Someone would do almost anything for a Dom she loves, endure anything! What, I wonder, should I look for in a Dom?

    • Interesting read huh? Although there are very strict Masters I highly doubt you would find such a Master , maybe someone who has little to no experience.
      A Dom or Master can have those thoughts , Property , three holes , being used, and still care for you.
      You will find very few Daddy Doms who want that much responsibility , in fact most are Married and cheating.

      What you read was extreme and it could happen but not likely.

      You have to determine what type of submissive you are then you find a dom who fits you.. It is clear you are a submissive and not a slave

      • Thank you for responding to my thoughts. I have encountered sites where the daddy Dom and girl are in a committed Ltr but I’m not terribly surprised if many are married because once I knew a married gentleman who was much older than me and it was kind of like he was an intellectual not sexual Dom to me but I did not realize what it was. For the ideal of the daddy Dom to work he has to be available and willing to commit because the little will probably age regress and needs attention! That girl on the three holes site needs help. She was abused by a brother sexually and now she is happy about this and believes all women regardless of their needs or beliefs are chattel. She helps build indoor cages and a concrete hole that one man would dump his one night stands in until they lost their job then send them away. Stockholm syndrome big time. Her master leaves black eyes on her. I reached out to her and suggested sensual domination as a slow path back to the surface of being human and knowing love but she is so confused about what signifies love from years of violence, she may be gone. If I were an experienced domme I would Dom such people (with a proxy cause not lesbian) as a service to help them recover!! If you break someone down I feel like there should be a vision of why and how to rebuild them. You said similar things in here. Is it possible to be a switch??

    • what you have to understand is everyone’s needs are different everyone’s submission is on a different level. We are all different.

      • FullPotato Says:

        There are still core behaviors consistent to all humans. While everyone is an individual, they still share humanity’s foils.

        Where is the line between domination and abuse? Are those interchangeable terms? When does the master/submissive/slave relationship change from positive to negative? In-fact what constitutes a positive relationship?

      • I am not sure what part of negative you are speaking of ? 4 out of 3 women have been abused and about every 43 seconds a female of male is abused.
        Is it the structure with in the home that is considered abuse ? Maybe the rules of the house that have to be followed , everything is negotiated prior
        to entering the relationship.
        Maybe the two of us never having an argument would be considered abuse , I speaking five years now..
        The terms are not interchangeable a submissive comes to a Dom and says these are my needs, in turn the Dom says these are my needs.

        Where did you get your information about Abuse ? If reading the book it is fiction , although there are Trainers mostly underground

      • I did not think I would hear back from you

  5. Hmm. That went on a while, not sure it uploaded

  6. […] 3 days There are still core behaviors consistent to all humans. While everyone is an individual, they still share humanity’s foils. Where is the line between domination and abuse? Are those interchangeable terms? When does the master/submissive/slave relationship change from positive to negative? In-fact what constitutes a positive relationship? This fuck has not a clue about the lifestyle but has read enough to know there are millions of fucking retards who are predators , those who abuse. I have blogged about Married Doms probably 50 times or more out of almost 3000 post and not one , not one has stood up and said a word or justified his reasoning . You who are submissive seeing married Doms and that is cool as long as you know he will never divorce Mommy. He is with you because his wife will not take it up the ass but you will. The minute you become needy he will drop you like a bad habit. If and when a Dominant takes that step into a brand new world your life changes , it is like hitting puberty all over again. Your thought process changes , your needs change , your wants change, and the type of woman you are looking for changes. It is like starting elementary , stepping up to middle school then high school , you never stop learning. I watch , I listen and I observe. I never want to stop learning each day is a new experience . You learn by others mistakes , you learn by thinking before you act , you learn by thinking logically, you learn by taking responsibility for your own actions, You learn by knowing your decision affects two and just not one. The main problem with a new Dominant is he kinda knows what he wants , he has envisioned the role , the things he wants to do , but his thoughts are purely sexual. He has not sat down and thought the whole process out. His rules are sexual , demeaning , humiliating , rough and thoughtless. He has not thought through the emotions that will come out , nor the neediness , and in some cases the codependency side of the submissive. While thinking about having a slave non of the above has come to his thoughts. The Dominant will become defensive , he will start losing his temper pushing you away , calling you names, then comes the end he explains you are not the one for him. One of the first things I tell a new Dominant is to find a mentor 1 out of a 100 will take that advice and 1 out of a 100 will succeed. The other 99 will put the blame on the slave because she was not a true slave , her submission was fake. These guys fail because of a lack of knowledge and a lack of caring. These guys will move from slave to slave to slave and he will find something wrong with each one because he is not willing to put the effort into building a relationship. These guys are only interested in getting their cock sucked , fucking someones ass , just using until she is no longer fun or he just gets bored. Building a M’s or D’s relationship is not an easy task if you are serious and have a plan. Before handing out any rules you have to know the Slave inside and out. You have to know what makes her think the way she does. Again this takes the want , this takes effort and this takes a need. As young Dominants we all had the same thoughts when it came to rules . You will never wear panties , you will always wear a skirt, you will worship Master Cock, you will be ready for inspection at all times, your pussy must be shaved at all times , your ass will be ready at all times. Then we hit the Dominant Puberty stage and our thoughts change.. The truth is with a little planning , a little need , a little caring both can have the ultimate relationship but both have to have the need. The Slave the need to submit and serve , the Dominant the need to take control and responsibility. I run a very smooth home , there are no problems , there is no Drama but most of all there is no arguing. I have more protocols than I do rules , as a matter of fact you can turn your protocols into rules. Rules are meant for self improvement , rules are meant to keep your slave on a straight path. Both rules and protocols are to be followed and it is the Dominants responsibility to insure the Slave follows and he has to let the Slave know there are consequences if a rule or protocol is not followed. In public a Slave is a direct reflection of her owner. You want sex on demand , you want your cock sucked on demand, you want anal sex on demand. You want everything on demand but you have to give back more than you take. You have to be willing to take the good and bad. You have to be willing to stay consistent on a daily basis. You have to be willing to communicate and listen. You have to be willing to talk to your Slave and not at her. The question that comes to mind is , is there a such a thing as a perfect Slave ?  Absolutely there is and we The Masters create that perfect slave we mold to fit our needs and wants. We as Masters create our own world , have have the ability to control our life , our surroundings , and even out in public. If you are going to talk you have to be able to walk the talk,,, Hmmmm did that come out right? […]

    • There are predators who come in many forms , BDSM is not the only target for predators as you seem to think.
      There are predators who stalk those who are submissive , they see submission as a weakness.
      There are thousands of support groups around the world, there are local events..
      Those who are targeted are those who are new to the lifestyle , anyone with any experience do not fall .

      5 years now with mine and to date not one argument , now over a year a sister slave entered our family and again not one argument.
      We set aside an hour a day to communicate , no cell phones allowed at dinner or when out. Communication plays a huge role in any relationship.

      The status of the relationship is never interchangeable , one Dominant one Submissive.

      What you see as abuse is pleasure to another, there are rules that are followed once entered into a relationship, there are protocols put in place.
      I run a very structured home , I take care of everything, we have zero problems , as well as zero drama.
      My wife handles all of the finances , who by the way has a degree and has been at the same employer for almost 18 years.

      Many of those who fall to predators I can assure you have spoken to others in the lifestyle , have asked for advice but decided not to listen.

      Who knows what makes any relationship change from positive to negative ? That is a very vague question because it can happen to anyone.

      Every 43 seconds there is a female who is a victim of Domestic violence , and in a bad relationship it will happen over and over until the female decides to do something.

      I myself cannot speak for others as far as their relationship goes.

      I believe you are targeting something that is not there, instead of assuming why not get out and attend a few events you would be more than welcome.

      I teach relationship classes as a matter of fact our last meeting was about arguing and how to avoid it.

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