Interview with a Submissive or Slave

I need a couple of volunteers. I am looking for those who are single and have been looking for a Dom , or a Mistress, and those who are already in a relationship.

If you have a blog I can list it, or I do not have to mention your name.

Any takers ?


21 Responses to “Interview with a Submissive or Slave”

  1. Cinnamon Says:

    I’m open to it Vile

  2. I’m interested Sir

  3. I don’t know if I can be of any help, but I’ll try….If you need


  4. i’m already in relationship… If you need me, i’m open to it… i’ll need more details and will have to talk it through with Sir first though, if that is ok?

  5. adri100 Says:

    Im single and have been looking for a Dom. Im also new to the lifestyle. I started reading your blog bc I was confused by all the bad and wrong information out there. Im still looking but with your guidance im more informed.

  6. Cinnamon Says:

    I see you have plenty of takers. 🙂
    I’ll defer to them.

  7. If I can, I will gladly help.. I am a slave

  8. I admire the people who are open to be interviewed. Thanks for volunteering to share with us.

  9. i would be interested too

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