You Should Not Bash Your Dom

My Dom is not treating me right, my Dom is an Ass , my Dom does not know what hes doing, my Dom is abusing me.

You know what happens behind your doors should stay behind your doors. What goes on between two should stay that way. It is no ones business.

What makes things worse it may not even be the Dom’s fault. Maybe you don’t like the way hes doing something, or rules he has put in place , or it may even be a punishment you don’t agree with or you think is to harsh.

Then pissed off and you start looking for a new Dominant or Master, giving false information, making your Dom out to be the bad guy.
The truth is most men will take the word of a female when it comes to abuse. I always say there is two sides to every story.

So your out here running off at the mouth and your Dom does not have a clue, your making him out to be the bad guy.

The Doms your talking to , the whole thing is starting out as a lie. The abuse, the lack of communication, the disrespect, the humiliation. When in fact none of it is true.

Here they have tried to start up a few submissive groups, but they never worked, because they just turned into huge bitch sessions…

Now tell me when you put a group of women together, and they start talking trash, do you really believe that no one is not going to say anything?

If you sit down and think the next time you don’t agree with something your Dom has implemented, maybe instead of bitching to other people, you just sit down and think about why he did something.

Maybe you needed stricter rules ,maybe you needed your ipad taking away from you, or your laptop. Maybe you needed more structure.

You need to sit and look back where you were at prior to entering the relationship. I would be willing to be in most cases there was a 100% turn around. I would be willing to bet you are in a much better place.

If you tell a Dominant your being abuse, and your not he will probably believe you.

You should be able to communicate with your owner. and if your not happy with the rules and protocols, you should of thought about that before entering the relationship.

On the other hand if your seeing a Married Dominant and your not getting what you need, then you need to just suck it up..


7 Responses to “You Should Not Bash Your Dom”

  1. always good advice Vile

  2. You should not bash your man at all, much less the man who you have given the power to punish you!! I feel very strongly about this.

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