Here We Go Again. Interview With A Submissive

I am going to tell you it just gets better and better….

I love doing these because although when people blog they tend to leave out some valuable information, and lets face it we all want to know.

So I ask and we get answers. People who blog love sharing their life, what is going on in their relationship. The ups and the downs.

When asked a specific question though you get a straight answer.

Today brings us the Latex Princess. I myself am a huge fan of Latex more so in pants and tight skirts.
You even have the awesome latex bondage, much like the rubber bondage as our Rubber bound Princess..

So here we go enjoy……….

Hi Vile,

Great questions! i hope i’ve done them justice by giving the right answers!

1. The name Latex Princess how did that name come into play ? I would assume Latex is a fetish ?

Sir gave me the name latex princess. When we first met, i always insisted that i was to be treated as a princess (something my mum taught me). Sir took this, combined it with our love of latex, and so it was! Latex was His fetish before it became mine. He was so pleased that i fell in love with it so quickly and became as excited by it as He is. When He introduced it into our relationship, at first i followed His lead, wore what He wanted me too etc, but then began to have my own ideas. i wanted Him to wear more latex. i wanted to start helping to choose the pieces we bought, i started watching porn with latex (we both have a crush on Latex Lucy) and now i make my own stuff! Sir wants me to write a blog post about how we got into latex, which i will get round to doing… promise!

2. Neither one of you were into the lifestyle from what I gather, how did the topic of BDSM come up ? Were you in a D’s relationship prior ?

Neither of us had been in a D/s relationship before. We have both had long term relationships in the past, i can’t speak for Sir, but mine became dull very quickly. i had very little interest in sex, i used to fantasise about naughty things (spanking, asphyxiation etc) a lot, but i never felt it was something i could bring up with previous partners. When i met Sir, we spent the first few dates getting very drunk, and frankly, i was feeling experimental and didn’t have much to lose, so just told Him! Luckily, He is as kinky and naughty as me and by the end of our first date He had me pinned against a wall by my neck kissing me more passionately than i could have thought was imaginable. After a few weeks we’d both experienced subspace and after that it was just a matter of time before we naturally fell into our D/s roles.

3 Do the two of you have rules or protocols in place that are followed on a daily basis ?

Yes! i have a list of rules, and then on top of that, any other duties Sir feels are necessary for that day. my list of rules include fun things, like tasting His cock when we wake up in the morning, and not so fun things, like cleaning my ears (i HATE cleaning my ears). i have to ask permission for a lot of stuff, like whether i can wear deodorant, whether i can wash my cunt, whether i can masturbate, how much i’m allowed to drink (alcohol wise), cigarettes (i get rewards for not smoking for a week), etc. i have expectations too, like Sir doesn’t like me eating rubbish food, so, although its not a rule, i tend to ask permission for treats and junk food and i give Him a heads up about where i am and what i’m doing in the day. i’d like Sir to take more control, over big things like money, but Sir isn’t willing to take on responsibilities that He feels he cannot fully commit to, so we will have to wait a while and see what happens.

4. Do any of your friends know about your lifestyle or are you just private ?

We are mostly just private. A couple of our friends know about it, one who is just lovely and open minded and the other who is into BDSM himself. Sir and i are worried that we might be judged by our friends and i couldn’t bear it if Sir was accused of abuse. A lot of my friends know we are into latex as i wear it quite publicly, but the D/s thing is a little bit more difficult to be open about.

5. Have you noticed that your submission has grown, since you two became a couple ?

Most definitely! i used to break rules, ignore Sir’s wishes and be kinda bratty. We’ve had difficult times due to Sir being distant or busy and me reacting by being a brat, but that wouldn’t happen anymore. If Sir has stuff to do, is pre-occupied or is working, i do my best to make His life easier by tidying up around Him, making Him food or just being there in case He needs me. i am a much better sub, and although i still make mistakes and i am still sometimes rude or naughty, Sir knows that i am completely under His control and would do anything He asked of me.

6. What has changed over time?

i’ve got better at understanding that i am His, that i need to put His needs first and follow His rules. The rules are there for a reason and it is in both of our best interests for me to follow them. He has become much more confident in being a Dom. He is better at setting rules, giving me orders and generally has more of a dominating presence. We have grown into our roles and we will continue to do so.

Without going into a lot of personal detail, what kind of Kink are both of you into and was there any negotiation before entering the relationship ?

Sir and i have a lot of Kinks… They weren’t discussed before entering the relationship, they grew with us, and we discovered new things together. Most of our Kinks are to do with the fact that i’m a masochist and this brings out Sir’s sadism. He hurts me and we both get off on it! We also like bondage, watersports, humiliation… there are just so many fun things to do!

7. Are both of you active in the community ?

Not really. Its something i’d like to get more involved in, but we live in a city where everyone knows everyone and i’m a bit worried about friends finding out. i manage a bar in the city centre and wouldn’t want my customers to find out and respect me less because of it. We are planning on moving to Berlin in the not-so-distant future, so hopefully we can get involved in the community a bit more over there, and my uncle is a drag queen in Amsterdam, so we are thinking of popping over for a few days to check out the scene there too!

8. What advice would you give to those who are single looking for a new Dominant.

i’m not in a very good position to answer that i’m afraid. Sir and i met away from the scene and grew into a D/s relationship. It wasn’t planned and i wasn’t actively seeking a Dom. i guess just be careful, don’t rush into things and take it slow. It would be awful to be collared by someone early on a relationship, and then to find out a month or so down the line that they’re a douchebag!

Thanks for taking an interest in mine and Sir’s little life. i hope my answers have been helpful and interesting. If you or anyone else has any other questions, feel free to drop us a line (i’m sure Sir will happily answer anything directed to Him) either via my blog, twitter (@Hisltxprincess) or email (

Lots of Love
latex princess




14 Responses to “Here We Go Again. Interview With A Submissive”

  1. Will be checking out to see if the Latex blog gets started — love to hear about it! 😉

  2. Cinnamon Says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks for sharing this very interesting and informative interview. I enjoyed it so much. I went on your blog and read several more of your posts. The latex photo’s were provocative. I particularly enjoyed the clear latex fashion photo’s. Your designs are wonderful. Your Doms T-shirt with black trim..Bravo! The photo’s and accompanying description of discovering hoods was fascinating… Loved it. I really enjoy discovering ideas and new ways to make play interesting. A hood feels, because of your writing, like a very delightful new way for me to experience total submission.

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