Touching your Toes

We all love spanking



Touching your toes,

Oh, Heaven knows,

Is the hardest position to hold

Bottom stretched taught

Feeling quite fraught

Striving to do as you’re told

First smacks land

Red imprinted hand

A delightful sight to behold

Two dozen more

Getting quite sore

Your petals begin to unfold

Belt now for nine

Feeling sublime

A shiver, but not from the cold

Zip rasps down

You look round

My erection is rigid and bold

Cool breeze wafts by

Your sightless brown eye

Defenceless to my meaty probe

Buttocks thrust high

Moan and sigh

Pain and pleasure your secret code.

Image sourced via Google search.

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6 Responses to “Touching your Toes”

  1. Yes, yes we do… 🙂
    Thanks for passing this along.

  2. Thank you so much for reporting. You honor me.

  3. Lovely poem and beautiful photo

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