Interview With A Single Submissive

Those of you who are searching for a Daddy , maybe a Dom, or even a Master, here is a single submissive who is on a search.

Being single I did ask different questions, because I wanted to know the steps she was taking while searching…

She did come back with a lot of awesome answers…. It is very important that you as a single submissive or slave take steps that insures your safety…..

Here is a link to her blog and her answers …

Hi Vile, good to meet you here 🙂

1. When did you first become interested in the Lifestyle ? What is your current age ?
I am currently 50 years old. I believe I have always been submissive. When I was much younger, I thought i was just weird – you’re not supposed to want THAT. When my marriage first started to disintegrate, about 15 years ago, the ex encouraged me to make friends on AIM chat. I met a few couples in the lifestyle and one Dom and his sub both became very close friends for a while. He’s the one that pointed out that i had a naturally submissive attitude and my marriage was failing because my ex was not Dominant.

2. You being a female, what do you feel your role is when it comes to a relationship ? Baby Girl, Submissive , switch , Slave . Where is it you feel that you belong ?
I am sure that I am a Submissive. I could play at Baby Girl for a bit, but that isn’t where my head is in my natural state. I don’t do brat, but i can be playful. I don’t think i’m wired for slave either. I’m more likely to feel comfortable with protocals somewhere in the middle.

3. Have you been with a Dominant or is this just something that has become a new venture ?
I have had a couple of what i call play dates with two different Doms. Both times, i think i was more involved in wanting to build a relationship as opposed to just playing. I learned my lesson and will be more patient (my least favorite word) to find what i really want and need. Each has been a learning experience and i have moved things on my lists based on this play time (see blog post at: for a description of my lists.)

4. This is a very important question. Being single if you are searching for a relationship, what steps are you taking to find a good Dominant ?
I do want a long term relationship. I am too romantic for the casual play, but i do see the attraction in a quick “pick-me-up” including a healthy boost to your ego. For me, casual play is only a temporary boost and then i will crash hard.
i think i should expand on my answer for #4 – i don’t think i truly answered the question.

What steps are you taking?

* i am listening to those who are active
* i am studying the blogs of those who are active.
* i chat on Facebook and FetLife
* i constantly research

5. Are you currently active in the local community , if not why ?
I have only been to one munch so far and met some nice people and some that felt creepy. I will try again. I have also been invited to attend the Toastmasters meeting at the Woodshed (Orlando club), so I will be trying that out as well.

6.Do you have a mentor, or someone close to you that you can confide in ?
I wish. I have several littles, subs, and slaves, that i have chatted with online, but nobody that i feel is my safe place. I would love to have a sounding board, an adviser, a confidante.

7. Being a single Submissive what is your greatest fear ?
Choosing unwisely and allowing myself to be permanently harmed.
I’m also afraid of being alone and never finding the right Dom for me.

8. What have you found out to be true and not true during your search ?
there are creeps who will pose as Doms and prey on the hopeful submissive/slave/little.
I have found that as much as i despise the word, i need to be patient and give Him time to find me.

9. Last, how do you see yourself as a submissive living on a daily basis ?
alone and lonely right now. I dream of the day when i have my own Sir who allows me to serve him in the little things. Believe it or not, that is one of the few things the ex and i fought about. i wanted to serve him his dinner, bring him drinks, etc. and he didn’t want that attention.

You are welcome to contact me with any follow up questions.

Please remember to use the Pretty in Pink Submissive name for my answers – blog at

Mary Lou
Thank you Mary this is just incredible….
Much Love


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  1. Reblogged this on prettyinpinksubmissive and commented:
    i was interviewed by Mr. Vile…..

  2. You did great PP…. Great answers, and I see that you are being patient girl…. Even through you hate it! ;D

    Hugs friend, Mynx

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