Okay I need An Idea , For A Group On FaceBook

I have my own group now which is not very active, which is my fault.
Before now well the last two weeks I was working some 60 hours a week.
Fuck that I am done, I have so much I want and need to do.

I will apply for a local chapter with MasT International here in the next few weeks. Masters And Slaves Together.

Then something really awesome Vile Radio. I had opening music created for me and a few have heard it and it rocks.

Then I have two Non-fiction books coming out, and one more fiction carrying over from the Breaking of Sabrina.

Every FaceBook group I join I get booted, Mostly the poly groups. Once I speak what my beliefs are I get booted.

So I am going to start a Triad Group, but I need a catchy name. Any Idea’s ?


25 Responses to “Okay I need An Idea , For A Group On FaceBook”

  1. littleannab Says:

    Let me think….

  2. What about Three’s not a crowd? I know it is simple but thought it might work, since normally people always say three is too many. Perhaps it might not be descriptive enough though

  3. Kathy Lewis Says:

    Is it just going to be triad specific or also about general stuff as well?


  4. Trifecta
    Open To Three
    I’m no help….

  5. Why do you get booted from the groups?!

    Dievca’s ‘Open to Three’ sounds awesome!

    • I was in poly living and I was explaining my views on poly and I was booted. They or she was offended by the bdsm lifestyle and was told I had no business commenting. Her being female I kinda bit my lip

    • The bdsm group the same we were talking about collaring. I was asked how long it should take? I said anywhere from 6 to 12 months maybe longer
      The moderator said she was collard in 7 days I said wow thats crazy thus being booted.
      The groups are ok until you voice your opinion

      • Yeah that’s weird, everyone should be able to have an opinion. They should have just said ‘I don’t agree with you but we all lead different lives and that’s what makes life interesting’. I guess if they’re sensitive you’re better off not being in the group anyway. Making your own group is a great idea 😀

      • Yes I am more open I suppose I dont want everyone to agree with me.

  6. Those are some good names. You could run a contest for names to see who suggest the best names. Winner gets a prize!

  7. triadvile ? (google’s picked up the word “vile” now.)

  8. NoBootsTriad, UrVileCounts, OpinedTriad+

    just a couple inspired from your description of you getting booted.. lol…

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