Your Not Broken , Or Are You

Over the years I have spoken to many who were submissive telling me they were broken.
Over the years I have taking in several who were in a bad way in one form or another, from being abused to drug addiction, and for the most I was pretty successful in helping most.
The one thing I stand by is I will only help those who are trying to help themselves, no free ride here. I made it clear you want help you gotta work for it.

There were no sexual favors, I am not wired like that, but the gratification of seeing someone on their last leg, and walk out the door with a car and a job and ready to move on, was worth more than any medal, or any amount of cash.

You cannot think your submissive, you cannot think your a slave, you have to know. You have to know without a doubt. Because if you enter a relationship you are in for a very long hard road.

Okay so your needy, so what if you have problems making decisions, so what if you get overwhelmed, who cares if your codependent. Many of these are characteristics of a submissive or a slave.
Don’t jump the gun every sub or slave is not what I described above , but for the most the above is true.

The problem is when you enter a relationship with a Dominant who is not willing to take on some of the responsibility, or someone who is in it just for the sex. Yes even those who are married and your just his hoe on the side.

If a Dominant tells you that your to needy fix it, then you have entered the wrong room.

You shared all of this information with the Dominant when you first met, you spilled your heart out believing he was going to be there for you. You thought you were excepted for the way you were, and you were until the needy in you came out. Then you were no longer a mouth to fuck you are now a burden. You have become the problem, you no longer are a need. So the Dom will begin to distance himself from you.

Now providing you were honest from the beginning, there is no reason for a change of attitude.

Some will disagree with me but I believe if your needy , then you will always be needed. Some will say that can be fixed. The same with someone being codependent , you may be able to tell someone they do not have to be codependent and help is available to them with medication of course, or after years of counseling. Why not just find someone who excepts you for who you are ? That to me seems like its pretty simple.

That is what you tell yourself over and over. I want someone to except me for me. I do not want someone to try and change me.

Now when you are broken, is when your in a fucked up relationship, and your taking all the bullshit , hoping your Dom is going to change or fix something and you know its not going to happen, then yes your Broken.

When you sit around and complain about how fucked up your life is , then yes your Broken….

Although it is you who would have to adapt to your new Dominant or Masters way, you should not have to change who you are.

Do not ever believe there is something wrong with being needy, Do not ever be concerned if you are in any way codependent, you should be excepted for who and what you are.

Arianna has limitations, I knew that going into the relationship, I also know when she has hit that point of being overwhelmed. I excepted that. I know something make her stressed, I also excepted that.
I helped I did not try to change her, that is who I fell in love with. Why change perfection?

You can be Broken or not it is your choice.



8 Responses to “Your Not Broken , Or Are You”

  1. Reblogged this on Raunchy Reads and commented:
    Sometimes being honest with yourself is the hardest part. Vile gives great advice as always…

  2. I needed to hear this today. Thank you Mr. Vile.


  3. you made my heart smile 🙂

  4. SugarMag26 Says:

    Thank you for your post. I struggle with this concept because I am needy, I know that I’m needy, I tell prospective Doms that I’m needy right from the beginning, but sometimes I have to question whether it’s my neediness, or their inconsideration that’s the problem. I’ve concluded that it’s not being needy to expect a phone call when I’ve been told to expect a phone call. When a Dom tells me “Let’s get together on Saturday”, but then I don’t hear from him for a week and a half. Soooo….my being needy isn’t always the problem. Sometimes, I just have to call an asshole an asshole and let it go. It would be nice if asshole’s told me upfront what they are. Things would go much easier. Thanks again.

  5. Real Life Sir Says:

    The grammar in this is horrendous. If the Dominant cannot command the English language, how on earth can others be commanded? Get the nitty gritty grammar book and start practicing where you can and cannot put a comma. Learn your or you’re (you are) do something that shows you’re minimally educated.

    From a Real Life Sir.

    • I was not going to approve your comment , mainly because it has no meaning. Two this comment does not come from a Dominant, or a Real Life Sir. My guess is your single and sit at home alone.
      Your angry with the world and you blame everyone else for your short comings….
      I did however post your remark and like me others found it mindless, and all agreed no Dominant would come to someones blog and bash someone. Maybe Dominants where your from are different.
      If I had a problem with you I would of reached out through an email..

      I am not sure what a Real Life Sir is?

      I do not have to prove who I am. I am married to my slave, I am a leader in the community…

      I wish you well

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