I have Been Busy, 4 More Awesome Interviews on The Way

We have been really busy here, but good things are coming.

I have 4 more interviews coming up, with the hopes of doing more.
This lets others take a different look into someone’s life.

Coming up is a Dominant, a Slave from Serbia, yes Serbia, not Siberia , Serbia, did I say Serbia where the weather is not as cold as it is in Siberia.

I have a Daddy Dom and His Baby Girl who will be interviewed together, and a Baby Girl.

Arianna’s Dad is not doing well at all, and will probably not be with us very much longer, so lets show her some love. The past month has been really hard.

Much Love

Keep Kink Alive


9 Responses to “I have Been Busy, 4 More Awesome Interviews on The Way”

  1. Miss Arianna- I am saddened to hear about the health of your father. Most girls and their fathers have an exceptionally close bond, one to be cherished, remembered for all of the good times, and the loving times.

    Mynx lost her father about 5 years after we married. He was very kind and loving to her and the two were very close. It was a roller coaster of up and downs, in and out of hospital. Many sides of this man were revealed to me in those days and weeks. I have tried to keep as many of them alive in Mynx’s heart as I can so that she’ll never forget. Things like the way he spoke, what he said, how he held her and her him, and just the persona of who he was and is in her heart and soul.

    Our thoughts and prayers pour out to you miss Arianna… Please know Mynx and I are here for you both.

  2. I am sorry to hear about Arianna’s Dad.

    Ah, Arianna, I am so sorry. Just sending a hug and strength. Remember the lovely times in good health and just be as strong as you can for your Mum.
    Saying a prayer.

  3. Vile,
    Hmmm, feeling a bit touchy about the Serbia/Siberia moment? Just one letter “i” put in there to trip you up.

  4. lisazee Says:

    Arianna, so sorry to hear about your father’s health. My mom passed away in 2011 and it is hard but you have a strong, loving man to lean on. I’ll be praying.

  5. Jade Forbidden Says:

    Stay strong Arianna, our hearts are with you.

    Much love,

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