Free Speech Is Not Really Free Speech

I want to thank wordpress for working with me. I did find the staff to be very nice. They communicated well with me, and I corrected what they saw as a problem.

The problem being some of the pictures I used in my post. What some see as pornography , I see as art.Some Pictures are seen as Pornography I see as being erotic.

Free speech is not really free speech. Free speech is interpreted different from person to person. Okay I get it, but if someone complained about my blog why not come to the source ? Why not come to me and say hey Vile this is something we do not like can you please take it down ?

WordPress could of emailed me and said hey we have a problem would you please correct it ? Sure in a heart beat I would of, but they have the power to just flip a switch.

I do not make any money on wordpress, however wordpress does profit off of me and the amount of traffic I draw, and my numbers are increasing daily.

I would imagine if I were allowed to advertise on wordpress, I would not have to work anymore, and my ass could just sit at home.

My blog does state this blog is for adults if you are under the age of 18 Leave. It also states it is not safe to read at work.

A blog is a blog but at the end of the blog a picture can tell a thousand words. Remember we are visual.

My good friend Teena stepped up to the plate. I did not know how to export everything, nor did I know how to upload onto another site, and she worked hard for hours doing so.

Has anyone ever heard of Tom Leykis ? He is a radio DJ Blow Me Up Tom, popular on the west coast.
While listening one night a female caller called in who had been waiting on hold for over an hour, just to tell him how much he sucked and she would never listen again.

Wow well there are people who perv my blog who tell me the same thing, probably one of the ones who reported me. Okay if you don’t like my blog then why visit everyday. So you sit there waiting on an email just so I can be your topic of conversation for the hour.

Okay maybe I did step over wordpresses guidelines , but it was not intentional, it was not something I did just to be doing. What I posted truly went with a story.

Mr Wolf called me last night and said Vile this is not fair. I am expecting a call from SouthernSir later today.
Mr Wolf said Vile we need to get your word out there, people need to hear your voice.

I will keep wordpress, but I am also going to do a Dot com venture as well. See my blog was never about making money. My blog is about me sharing my life. My blog is about safety in the BDSM Lifestyle.

So I will watch what I post as far as images go from now on.

Much Love to everyone, and thank everyone who contacted me for support..


26 Responses to “Free Speech Is Not Really Free Speech”

  1. Damm in your first post Speech is misspelled my bad

  2. aedmonds315 Says:

    For a Picture? Really? Have they not seen what’s on WordPress? Why pick on you? So many questions..and I could go on as I’m sure you already have.

    I love your blog and I’m with you Vile. If you ever need another blogger or writer for support come and get me. I’m always up for a round with the people that like to rain on our parades. So glad you’re back.. πŸ™‚

  3. littlesusieq Says:

    I am greatful for all the info you share. I’m glad it’s worked out and you are still writing. Thank you

  4. I have discovered that what seems to shut down a blog is a pic of a man’s penis. it seems you can take women’s breasts and frontal area and put the pic right up there and no one gets their blog taken down. That’s what happened to mine and I know a few others. The photo you had of the woman sucking cock (even though a dildo) i believe what really got yours taken down… just sayin

  5. flufffybunny Says:

    if you get a dotcom site, Vile, you should be able to move your blog to it using the wordpress software. or even get a domain from wordpress for it, if that’s the rout you want to go. and in that case i believe they have no say anymore as to your content.. or at any rate much less say than they do now.

  6. Anonymous Jane Says:

    Shame on the person who complained. Your blog is called The Kinky World of Vile. Duh. It’s kinky stuff. You don’t like it, exercise your right to get your conservative, uptight self to another site. Preferably one with fluffy bunnies, furry kitties and rainbows.

    We support you Vile.
    xxoo Jane

  7. Okay, so it’s true. They want a gateway prohibiting minors from viewing such material. REALLLLLY??? Have they searched on “tits” or “cock” or “pussy” or fuck- how ’bout “fucking” recently? I don’t have to be anything except in touch with an internet connection and I can have my fill visually and aurally of as much lewd material as my mind can absorb… I can picture it now …”and they found him there, the computer nerd, days later, alone in his apartment, near death, lack of food and water, defecated himself while overdosing on porn featuring voluptuous women searching for like minded nerds”… DEEP BREATH …

    Okay, the solution gang is unfortunately gonna cost a few bucks but self-hosting is the remedy for preservation of the 1st Amendment.

    Vile- JohnB and I are happy to help… Thanks for the warning for everyone and sorry you had to experience the angst of all of that in the middle of miss Arianna’s sadness. Mynx and I thinking about her…

    -Tom Wolf (Mynx’s Sir)

  8. I am glad you are back πŸ™‚

  9. I am glad you are back, Vile.

  10. takuto90 Says:

    First of all I know you since less than 2 weeks and I absolutely love your blog and everything you post, who reported you was probably someone envy! πŸ˜›
    And second, your friend is right, people need to hear more of you. Keep this or make a .com site, just don’t stop! πŸ™‚

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