More Interviews To Come And More

As many know we have been really busy, one and most important is the loss of Arianna’s Dad passing. We have been over to her mom’s house just about everyday. Although I only knew her Dad a little over a year, he was an awesome guy…

Then the thing with wordpress, that really got under my skin to say the least, but I remained calm as I knew everything would be okay.
Wordpress did stay in contact with me, through emails, it sucks there is no one to call. We haggled back and forth, until we both came to an agreement. They could of just shut me down and I could of lost everything.

I want to talk about our search for a third, we had thought we found someone, but it just turned sour early on for what ever reason. So we are looking for a unicorn but we are not if that makes sense.

If your trying to get to know a Dominant or his Slave you should greet them both in the am. Even if your trying to get to know a Dominant, you the submissive or slave should be the one to greet in the am.
I am not going to chase you, there are not going to be any test, I am way to old for such games.
This is why I do not like introducing Arianna to anyone until I am sure, but if I do not introduce Arianna feels left out.
So we shall see..

There were several who jumped to help, my awesome friend Teena I will give her wordpress a shout out here soon. She helped me back everything up and upload to Kinky Blogging. When it comes to stuff like that I am clueless..

Arianna and I went to an Auction Wednesday night, and we had stopped in earlier to look at everything.

What I found, a Vintage Yamaha Stereo System , it was made in 2000. A tuner yes it works, an equalizer and it works, duel cassette deck and it works, and a CD changer, it works but I think a belt has slipped off it has trouble opening, Two speakers, the two 8inch are busted due to sitting in storage for 10 years, and when it was turned on they blew, easy fix, and awesome Cabinet. The price 40.00 dollars

We do have a lot going on, lets not forget Vile radio , and it is coming very soon.

One thing that slowed us down was my deciding to leave my job, but it was truly needed. The hours were getting to be to much.
I believe it is important to spend time with family. Family time is very valuable. Arianna was beginning to show displeasure with my hours as well.

Something kick ass did come along though, and will start here very soon..

Much love to everyone and I truly appreciate all who stop by..


More awesome interviews are coming


2 Responses to “More Interviews To Come And More”

  1. My condolences to Arianna, to her family and to you as I know it brings your heart sadness to see her sorrow. My heart goes out to her with a long sigh and warm hugs as I lost my dad as well…much sooner than I was ready to say goodbye. Sending her hugs and wishes for the good memories to flood her heart. ❤

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