5 Minutes of Caning Maybe 6

Arianna and I attended the MasT last night, they were celebrating 5 years. Something that is never done, people were asked to bring their favorite toys.

Arianna’s favorite are cuffs and being chained to the bed. Although we are an M’s couple we are not into the pain aspect of the lifestyle.

There were those who brought paddles, floggers,, and the almighty evil stick. There were some Demo’s as well, I showed Arianna what the evil stick felt like on her hand.

Then I walk into the Dungeon , and low and behold a slave cuffed to the St Andrews Cross.
I was thinking well now looky here. I have had pretty ill feelings towards her but I would never say anything out of the way.

So Sir R asked me if I would keep time, sure I said. Sir R said 5 minutes, and I just grinned.

The Caning was very short and fast strokes, and I could see the slaves hands tighten around the bars that were attached to the cuffs.

One minute man it seemed like it took a long time, then two, and three. Another Slave walked in and looked and she asked me if I was enjoying it, I shook my head, and she said she is in pain. Yea I know huh, oops 4 minutes I think, or was it three. Sir Rob yes it has been 3 minutes, okay thank you.
Then 4 minutes, and 5. Okay Rob it has been 5 minutes…

She was one of the slave who was Arianna’s friend unless someone else was in her life. Then she did not need Arianna. She just used her.

I call it Karma and Karma is a Bitch.



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