Guys Do You Want A Larger Penis ?

Do you feel bad about your penis size? Do you feel like your going to be laughed at ?
Do you feel insecure while in the mens bathroom at wal mart ?
Have you ever wanted to brag about your penis size in front of your friends?

Have you ever wanted to scare the woman your about to fuck?
Well now you can with Viles Pocket penis in larger.
No pills, no messy creams, and no pumps and best of all it fits in your pocket so it can stay hidden until you need to boost your ego..


Are you worried about fucking at night, and you have a small penis, well Vile has fixed that as well.
The all new and improved Viles penis in larger with Led Light, you will always be prepared.
You no longer have to leave the house with a small penis. It is time to man up and be the stud you need to be.
Yes you will be the talk of the town for sure.


Viles penis In larger,
Patent pending.


15 Responses to “Guys Do You Want A Larger Penis ?”

  1. rougedmount Says:


  2. flufffybunny Says:

    Omgz Vile!! Lol. I first read this through my email and the images didn’t show up right away. The whole time I was wondering what in the world You were going on about. Then the images finally showed and I almost peed my pants. Thank You so much for that laugh.

  3. flufffybunny Says:

    Reblogged this on ohsofluffybunny and commented:
    I’m sure if you hury now He could offer group discounts. (Pepper and tweezers sold separately).

  4. Finally you are helping men too. Oh Vile, you are way to good for this world! ROFL

  5. Giggles!
    My man is plenty big enough for me, thank you.
    But I applaud you for your public service – always looking out for the little guy! You’re a true gentleman, Mr Vile.


  6. Laughed my ass off all the way Vile, satire has found a way to live and breathe on the Kinky of Vile! Very good!

    -Tom Wolf (Mynx’s Sir)

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