Rituals And Protocols

In any D’s or M’s relationship Rituals are needed, just as protocols. Both of those words equal structure. You need some type of structure in a lifestyle relationship for it to work, because if you do not implement anything your relationship will not be able to move forward.

This also depends on how much effort your Dominant wants to put into the relationship. It depends on what he wants out of the relationship.

So ask yourself this question or questions. Am I truly a Submissive? Am I truly a Slave? If so what is it I need? Do I need to follow rules? Will I follow rules if giving to me? Is your life turned upside down now ? Do you want it correct if it is? Is your life out of control? Do you want it corrected if it is?

Maybe your just a bedroom submissive. Maybe you just want to give up control once the door is closed. Let your Dom have his way, once finished and the door is open your back to the girl next door. There is nothing wrong with that.

Rituals may vary from relationship to relationship but I can assure you they are needed. Arianna has several. One being greeting me at the door, kneeling arms stretched out head down. This is something she implemented on her own. The other is kneeling while I am in the shower, once out she dries me off, a ritual.

The Rituals you have in your relationship depends on how much time and effort the Dom wants to invest in the relationship. There are well a lot within the lifestyle who do not practice or implement any type of rituals.

I have had other Doms talk to me and they say Vile man you need to let up, give your slave some breathing room, what is up with all of these rules and protocols ? You need to let her live.

First of all that is a blind statement, second you do not have a clue to what you are talking about. If you did you would not be running off at the mouth.

While we are out in public at a munch or at MasT this is how people know Arianna, they do not have a clue as far as what goes on behind closed doors. So to make such a statement I need to let up a little is really uncalled for.

You do not know what she requires, you do not know her needs, you do not know the base of our relationship. You know us as Master and Slave.

Even while at a MasT meeting a couple of months ago Arianna and I were pointed out. The statement was we are very unique . I find that hard to believe either you are Master and Slave or your not.

To make a statement I need to let up. You have no idea what the dynamics is of our relationship. You do not have a clue to her needs, or what she needs to survive on a daily basis. You do not know the amount of care that goes into her daily.

When entering a relationship these are two important questions that should be asked if not brought up. If the Dominant brings it up then ask questions.

The truth be known there are not many relationships that require neither, but my question is, if you do not have rituals or protocols what is your training like. How are you being trained ? What rules do you have, these fall under protocols, and in some cases rituals.

Without Rituals , without protocols you have no structure, if you have no structure you are not able to expand, you will not be allowed to grow, and in most cases your relationship will be based more on sex.

If you are being trained then you are following protocols, you are following rituals. Unless your training is just doing the head bobble,

I do not think the above applies to most D’s relationships or Daddy Baby Girl relationships. but with the Daddy Girl there still has to be structure…

So when do you find out if your Dominant is not real ? It takes about 30 days for the new to wear off. This is when you will notice the rules are not really being enforced , and most everything that was promised has gone out the window.

Sometimes if you are in a Long Distance Relationship it may last a little longer, because the pictures you send or the videos will begin to grow old, and not living close by it is almost impossible to keep the submissive or slave in check.

If your wanting an M’s relationship ladies the first 90 days will be your ball buster. The first 90 days will tell if one your a slave and two if your up for the task.

I myself run a very strict home, and I am constantly pulling back on the leash…. I increase the structure, I increase the protocols , but I have not added any new rules there is no need.

Once you have everything in place and you have put rules in place, once you begin the training, and everything is running smoothly you really no longer need rules. The protocols start to replace them, although some would say protocols are rules, and in a way they are.

Even if you come across a little resistance , as long as you the Dominant remains calm and stays on tract your training will continue to go well.
What will really throw the sub or slave off track is when they notice how calm you are, but as soon as you fall into that arguing mode you are not different than the guy across the street.


Everything you teach, everything you show , is about focus, you want their undivided attention and nothing less.


14 Responses to “Rituals And Protocols”

  1. As a slave in training, I agree that that person doesn’t know what he’s talking about. A slave needs rules and protocols and needs their master to enforce them. We have a need to serve. I crave for my master to be as strict as he can with me. It gives me a sense of security and allows me to be my true self. We don’t see them as rules or protocols, it’s a way of life for us. And we love every second of it. šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day!!

  2. littleannab Says:

    Reblogged this on Little Anna B (Diamond Eyes) and commented:
    A must read…

  3. As a baby girl I have rules and protocols. They keep me calm. They give a way to be held accountable. For Daddy to know when and where I need help or have messed up.

    I need. Want. And crave the structure.

    Great post as usual Sir Vile.

  4. […] again Vile has posted a very interesting article, this time aboutĀ Rituals And Protocols in a D/s or M/s […]

  5. Reblogged on SirFrancoBolli.org This is indeed a very useful and interesting article.

  6. Jade Forbidden Says:

    … and you gain in by giving it. No Master would ever let his sub/slave drift away or slip off his sight. Discipline – or guidance – equals to love, IT IS the highest form of love one can bestow upon another being. Hence why parents bestow it upon their children. I love rituals, but I won’t call them such; they are requirements which require understanding. Let the ignorants talk. All they know it’s based on their ignorance. You are a good Master, that I know.

  7. It’s all about structure and knowing your submissive or slave. MySir (I still can’t bring myself to stop calling him that) once commented that I would rather him be confident and decisive at 600 miles away than another Dom who was less so but close to home. It’s true. Where you are located matters less than what you do from where you are. We can always move and change living arrangements. That is easy compared to finding the right person with the right dynamic.

  8. Reblogged this on Searching 4 Selina and commented:
    Once again a great post by Vile that made me think and reflect.

    I have to say that with the rituals and protocols that DK gives me I would be lost. I need it, I crave it, I am lost without it. Knowing what is expected of me and when, knowing that he is there for me, protecting me, and guiding me allows me to BE ME.

    For me, the rules put in place are for my safety and as Vile says…on the outside looking in you do not know what that sub type needs. If you meet me you would not be able to tell that I need DK to stand guard over me. I need him to keep me from taking on to much and over doing things. Some probably think its weird that DK logs into my account to pay my bills or that he checks my phone when we are together and I have more than 10 unread messages. he knows I get over whelmed and takes it upon himself to keep me centered be it putting me in the corner or sending me to bed to be chained to it until he feels I am ready to be set free.

    A good Dom/Daddy/Master knows the needs of his sub type and supplies them. It is not for the pleasure or approval of others but the betterment of the one who serves him.

  9. emagirlsays Says:

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    I love reading Master Vile’s perspective on things. Though he and his slave are much different that Daddy and me, I always respect his reasoning. He’s a gem.

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