The Whining Dominant

Ive been poking around wordpress some and I have noticed there seems to be a lot of Dominants who Whine a lot.

After reading some of their post, I would think they would be questioning there role in the lifestyle.

You know sometimes we want something so bad but we really do not have a clue.
Maybe you opened a Pandora’s box and your not sure how to handle things, or maybe it is more responsibility than you thought it would be..

One thing I recommend for a new Dominant is to find a mentor, and finding a mentor is really not that hard, because most Dominants will jump at the chance to help an up coming Dominant.
The thing that is hard is investing all the time you need to, and the listening and taking in the information but more importantly retaining it all.

The problem is though once you read a few articles, and you have spent sometime in a few chat rooms you now know everything. There is no one who can tell you anything now because you have 3 weeks worth of Dominant school under your belt.

I was reading a blog the other day, I guess a submissive had left and this dude was like crying. Professing his love for her, almost begging her to come back, well he was begging her to come back.

I will be the first to admit, there has been times when I had to say you know Vile you have bit off more than you can chew, and I ended the relationship.

So in more than 20 years I have had two slaves leave me, one was my fault and the other she was just stupid, and I invested way more time than I should have, and the fact she could not be loyal.

The first who left was Bea, and I understood, but she left me while I was in the hospital.
The other who was really to young left to go back to her BF who was unemployed, I wished her well.
The only thing that upset me when she left was, she left the fucking dirty dishes, WOW how could she do such a thing.

Okay so I was upset for like well maybe 5 minutes maybe a little longer.
You cannot force someone to stay , if you are at the point of begging, the relationship is to far gone.

I am going to let you Dominants in on a little secret.

Gentlemen there is no shortage of pussy, it fucking grows like weeds. There is more pussy out there than you can imagine.
If you are truthful and upfront and your not really looking for a relationship, maybe just a friends with benefits type thing, there are times she will go along with it.

There is no shortage on pussy. You can have your pick, red, yellow, black or white. American, Asian, German, Middle Eastern, you can have your pick.

I will share something else with you guys. You can have your pick of just about anyone you want.

Key word GAME, you got to have Game, because if you walk up to some fine ass woman and your drooling you have lost.

Two greatest fears in life, the fear of loss, and the fear of rejection.
The little hottie you see walking alone in the mall and your afraid to walk up and start talking to her, guess what? Nobody is fucking her, because if your afraid to walk up and talk to her, so are other dudes, and she has a good collection of vibrators at home. Game you got to have Game.

You know what women love more than looks? Confidence , it is true chicks dig a dude who is confident.

If your burning through relationship after relationship then you need to come up with a new plan because what your doing is not working.

The more you whine like a little bitch, the less respect if any you will gain. Once they have seen that side of you it is over, it is done, you cannot change anyone’s mind, unless they feel sorry for you because your begging like a little bitch.

You gotta have game


13 Responses to “The Whining Dominant”

  1. flufffybunny Says:

    Everyone’s afraid to talk to her, huh?. Well, there’s my problem!!

  2. Vile, are you saying if the Dom handled their business, the relationship would not have ended with his heart breaking ?
    Because I want him to love me, just as I do him ( hypothetically speaking ) and to mean more than just T&A

    • Yes if the Dom would of handled his Business and walked like he said he was and talked the talk, then yes everything would of been fine.

      Warning signs, Anger issues, yelling, calling you names out of anger.
      Putting the blame on you.
      A dominant who suffers from depression has no business trying to control someone else, as this Dom was clearly suffering from depression.

      There are clear warning signs from the start but for what ever reason they are just ignored,

      I hope i answered your question

  3. Damn…I didn’t mean to hit send. Stupid phone

    I agree with overall premise of post…I guess I’m curious simply your views on my question regarding

  4. You are right Vile, I see men all the time look at me, even when I was in my twenties, young and sleek, or now not so young and not so sleek. I can see the interest there and yet they NEVER approach, never speak to me (or I should say only the rare ones take the chance). Confidence is a huge turn on. I do not want a man who is not confident. The one test to know? Does he take the chance to approach me and talk to me and then is he intelligent and confident instead of rude and obnoxious? I don’t have time or patients for the latter.

  5. I have no patience for the whiney wanna be Doms, nor the boys who ignore the things I say and write thinking they are so friggen special and can show me a thing or two. If I wanted to be a teacher again I would say so. I don’t. I want a strong confident man who knows what he is doing and knows how to care for/handle me. I don’t just want one, I need one. I may be confident and outspoken but I believe there is a Dom out there who is strong enough to be what I need.

  6. I’d love to like this a few hundred times. Confidence is seriously sexy on a man. I love a confident man, not filled with false bravado and not an asshole, but that strong, sexy confidence of a man who knows pussy grows like weeds and that he can his pick in the garden… ommphhh… yes, that man makes this girl weak in the knees.

    “Once they have seen that side of you it is over, it is done.” There is so much truth to this. Once i know I can manipulate you, the tone of the relationship is changed for me and never in a good way.

    As a woman, I want a man who can keep up with me. One who can challenge me. Stand up to me, without pushing me down and one who can keep life interesting, keep me grounded. A whiny, insecure, bitchy man cannot do that.

  7. I agree that women love confidence (not to be confused with conceit) in a man. I was irresistibly drawn to my husband, not by his looks, but by the way he carried himself. 26 years later his confidence still makes my knees week! But p.s. he IS pretty hot. lol

  8. Yup- gotta have game! šŸ™‚

    Seriously though, you also gotta have a person to help mentor. This person is like your Jiminy Kricket, one who’ll ask you questions and not necessarily judge you. This person’s questions will help you open your mind and explore parts of you which have gone untapped. Go explore your mind.

    Whining about it, what didn’t work, why you can’t have something, etc… Just stop, there’s no point. Be constructive and honest with yourself about what you don’t know, then go figure it out. The next time you have opportunity to demonstrate it, show yourself confidently by leading with respectful, intelligent convo. Engage.

    -Tom Wolf (Mynx’s Sir)

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