My Improved 60 Gallon Aquarium

This is my 60 gallon Aquarium now. I have the plants maxed out.

What is funny for the most every fish has a job to do, within its community.

When you add plants you always get snails, there is no way to avoid it, there are

chemicals you can buy but with some of the fish I have that has no scales it would

be very harmful.

The Baby Whales, the Elephant Nose , the Black Ghost Knife , so I spend a lot of time

doing research.

Arianna brought it to my attention that the clown Loach’s are snail killers, so we purchased 2 of them, and it took about a week.

I had noticed that during a water change, I was starting to have an algae problem, and if it is not

corrected algae can over run a tank very fast. So Again okay Arianna, suggested otto cats, which is a small catfish, we had one, but to get the job done, we purchased 4 more, and they are going to town.

Our cory cat keeps the bottom clean.

There is also a process I go through everyday putting them to sleep and waking up, just as feeding. We now have 3 tanks.

The 60 gallon, the 20 gallon and we just set up a 16 gallon bow front, as a matter of fact we even have a 3 gallon hospital, so we can take care of any fish that come down ill..


20140805_194439 Here we are just before bed, this gives the fish time to relax before its lights out. In the am when I wake, I slowly turn one light on at a time, until it looks like the picture below.

Feeding all three takes about 15 minutes, the 60 and the 20 both get frozen blood worms along with flakes.

Several of the fish in the 60 gallon will eat out of my hands. Once I start feeding the 60 gallon I start with flakes, then I move to brine shrimp which is frozen.Before hand I take a cup of water out of the 60 and drop a cube of blood worms in so they can thaw out. I start out with the flakes, then the brine shrimp.

I then add the remaining cube of brine shrimp to the blood worms and with a turkey baster I am able to put the food on the floor when I think I need to direct it, to insure the Baby whales, the elephant nose and the ghost knife gets fed.

Last week Arianna and I added a 20 pound bag of live sand to the 60 gallon, without taking any fish out of the tank, or draining the water. The substrate was more for the live plants.

I have never really had a hobby, but I find peace and relaxation taking care of my friends. It is really funny because they all get to know you, and they know when its feeding time, and bed time

Okay enough of the boring crap, I just wanted to share..

Peace out


Enjoying my 60 gallon.  Its almost done .

20 Responses to “My Improved 60 Gallon Aquarium”

  1. You’ve done a wonderful job. It’s nice to have a hobby that is relaxing.

  2. Having a hobby is a great stress reliever! I have several including quilting, baking homemade bread (along w/just cooking), gardening, etc. I like hearing and talking to other people with various hobbies.

    • I want to learn how to make homemade bread as well.
      Arianna made an awesome quilt last yr by hand.

      • I love to hand piece as well. I just started working on a quilt that has 225 blocks, only 224 more to go, once completed it will be hand quilted. I love to see what other crafters/quilters are working on.

        Making your own bread is really easy, after I found this simple recipe. I have used this main recipe and then add extras in for different types of bread. On this website the author has different types of bread recipes. For my own recipes I have made myself orange chocolate bread, Pecorino Romano and reggiano Parmesan cheese bread. A few months after learning how to make these breads I found a different recipe for homemade pizza dough with even homemade pizza sauce. Anyways I rambled on to long here is the bread recipe

      • Im not sure how many blocks ariannas quilt is but it is queen size. Small squares

  3. Not boring at all! Very interesting, and very beautiful.

  4. very interesting about the fish family!

  5. The tanks are beautiful! Great job! I’ve always heard that fish are very relaxing but I’m not so good with them. I’m better off with the furred and feathered. 🙂 Glad you found such a worthwhile and rewarding hobby.

  6. Liked reading this post. Reminded me of when I had a few aquariums. Relaxing indeed and such a pleasure to watch. Hell, it even beats the telly.

  7. If this brings you peace and pleasure — it should be shared.

  8. Wet Bliss Says:

    Love the tank. You fell out of my reader (again) has the radio show aired yet, did I miss the debut? I’m poking around and don’t see anything recent.

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