Wow Old Friends

So my Brother calls me tonight. Hey man someone just sent me a message on facebook wanting to know if I knew you, are you ok?

Yea man of course who was it? Some guy named SA, and I am thinking and thinking. Wow fuck me, I have not talked to him since hmm 1984.

So I send him my phone number and he calls me. SA says hey my wife was in the basement and she found this picture of this dude in Army greens wearing a beret. His locker door was open and on the door was a woman naked spread eagle.

He was like fuck that is Vile.

So pretty soon some of you will get to see the 19 year old, and those who are following me on facebook.

Much love


7 Responses to “Wow Old Friends”

  1. Is it terrible that I am running to FB just to see the girl in the locker? (Giggle)

  2. Me too 🙂

  3. I’m in. Gotta set up a secret FB first. My pastor just wouldn’t understand… Or would he?

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