Kiss The Slave

Giving him the power to Destroy , but trusting him not to. Those are powerful words. Total unquestioned submission.

Have you as a Dominant ever sat back and just looked at your property, and thinking to yourself she is mine? I have created exactly what I needed and wanted. See in the Masters eyes it is about the slaves needs. The wants have nothing to do with anything. If the needs are met, the wants just fall into place.

Submission your partner kneels in front of you waiting and hoping you will use her. This is when your slave gets the most pleasure. Being used and knowing she had made her Master happy.

Did you enjoy yourself Master? Yes Arianna I did thank you. Yesterday the aftercare was lacking, that was my fault. We had played for well over an hour, and I could tell Arianna was exhausted.

Now a little Mind fuck

Hands behind your back, cuffs on, ankle cuffs on, blindfold on. I love using plastic moving wrap, it not only cuts out all light, but it keeps the blindfold from coming off.
Rope green in color, I have several different colors, purple being my favorite. So I grab the green rope, it was within reach. I tied around Arianna’s waist, under her arms, over her shoulders, through the chain on the cuffs, I made a couple of loops, then down to the ankle cuffs, a couple of loops, then back up to the shoulders and down, finishing off at the waist. There we go nice and tight.
Then I pick up the ball gag. Open your cock sucker, mouth opens then ball gag goes in mouth and strapped tight.

Then complete silence, I just stand back and admire Arianna. I am thinking to myself I really own her, mind and body, her thoughts, her cares, her needs, I own everything. Those thoughts are very powerful, I got chills going up my arms and down my back, it was a very intense feeling.

I slam the bedroom door shut it was very loud, and Arianna jumped. I did not say a word, I could see Arianna’s nipples get hard.

I leave the room slamming the door again, I walk into the kitchen grabbing a candle and the grill lighter. Once back in the bedroom I ran the lighter across her pussy parting her lips, then she hears a click, and another click, and she knows what it is. She jumps back, but trusting me enough not to lite it.
Then a click and I lite the candle, holding it above her shoulders and she feels the first drops of wax hitting her shoulders, then her back then around to her breast. This play goes on for about an hour. Once I stopped I whisper in her ear. I could do anything to you I wanted to.

Standing and spreading as far as the chain would allow her to, I picked up the vibrator, turned it on and I asked is that the spot? Arianna mumbled and I moved it down a little and I hit the spot.
I pressed it against her clit, and held it there for a minute, then I began to count down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and I pulled it away.
Again, and again counting down each time, and she was almost on the brink of cuming and each time I would pull away..

I un cuffed Arianna and handed her the vibrator, still blindfolded and I told her to cum. Once she came I told her to keep holding the vibrator on her clit, do not move it. She held it there for another 10 minutes or so.

Complete trust, tied, cuffed and chained, with a ball gag, and I was causing her to feel fear. Even for the most when she thought I had left the room I did not. I just stood there in complete silence, admiring my slave and my work…

Kiss The Slave.

If you as the Dominant remains in control you can have the same thing as well. All you have to do is be completely honest and truthful, nothing more..



20 Responses to “Kiss The Slave”

  1. Wow!! Great read….I wish Sir would do that to me…hopefully soon 🙂

  2. Sir. You said the aftercare was lacking. What do you do for aftercare?

  3. Vile, you do not write often about your scenes, thank you for sharing, not only the details (delicious btw) but your feelings during the scene, your complete control, and your knowledge of Arianna’s trust in you. Beautiful.

  4. Holy crap! that was hot…someone e-mail a cigarette. (oops, I forgot, I don’t smoke!)…hot Vile!

  5. Reblogged this on Nipster and commented:
    great read got some tips

  6. Great reading, thank you for sharing this rather personal scene my friend.

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