A Few Things On My Bucket List

I think we all have a Bucket list, unfortunately my Fuck list has been a lot longer, and yes it is true I add to that list almost daily. Yea if you add the Fuck You list, it is like a Webster dictionary. I was going to say as thick as a bible but that would not be politically correct. So a Webster’s will have to do. I do hate pissing Tree Huggers off…

So we all have to have a Bucket list in life. I have checked my main goal off, and that would be finding the perfect slave, wife and partner. What I found though was perfection, so if you ever need to know what perfection is check out vilesarianna on wordpress…

Believe it or not my Bucket list is not sexual well okay maybe one but for the most everything is obtainable.
The First Mr Ted Nugent he does an awesome song called Stranglehold. I want to learn to play it note for not just like this video I am going to share. Even if you do not like him you have to listen to this song to really appreciate it. The man is a guitar god.

Second most of us has seen the TV swamp people. I want to go Alligator hunting and kill an alligator.


Something else on my Bucket list is a 1973 Dodge Demon. The thing is I want to restore most of it myself….. This is also doable.

Yea the next one we all know but she does come with a collar.


So yea we should all have a bucket list, no matter how wild, or maybe you think well I will never be able to do that. Go on write it down work on it, it is a goal.. We all need goals.
The only failure is what we want but we never try. If you try and you fail, it is still not failing.
Make Sense ?

14 Responses to “A Few Things On My Bucket List”

  1. I don’t have one.. 😦

  2. Whew – you are a Georgia Boy….

  3. Nugent is the man for many reasons

  4. Killing alligators isn’t PC either, I do however watch that show. And bible people are not tree huggers that would be the PC crowd. Sorry can you tell I’m not an official submissive? Don’t know if this is disrespectful to a Dominant or not.

  5. If you ever do go alligator hunting I hope you get it on film and share it with your blog readers.

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