Do Not Send Arianna Any Fucked Up Emails

Arianna received and email yesterday from a male, she did not even finish reading it. She told me she was going to forward something to me so I could read it.

I open and it goes into how a couple were swingers, and explained how his wife became a sex slave to a car salesman, Hmmm sounds interesting. So it goes on hoe they bought a car and the car salesman turned her on, so she became his sex slave and was giving a steel collar.

A picture of Arianna’s collar was attached to the email as well.

I was sorry to hear his wife had passed, but the email was just unacceptable and uncalled for.

There was no reason behind the email, no story behind the email, nothing.

I did email the gentleman and explained how upset Arianna was, and me as well. I also explained if he had something to share it should be in a public forum.

I am not sure what some are thinking, but I suppose many do not think before they hit that send button.

It is not the fact you are talking to a female, a slave or submissive, but you are talking to someone’s wife. Someone who is married.

Your not going to get any pussy from Arianna, that is out of the question. Because with her pussy comes a huge responsibility and I am willing to bet there are not many who would or could step up to the plate.

Arianna as we all know is a very private person, from our blogs you can tell we are both very different. No where in her blog does it give any indication she is open to such emails.
It may not be much to some but to me it is total disrespect.

Have some respect , single , married, dating, it is all about respect.

Here is the email maybe I am blowing things up more than they should be, but the email has nothing to do with anything..

Hi.. I’m Dean and I loved you blog(s). My now late Wife was a swinger in the mid-80’s. We both did not think that would happen in our marriage, until we bought a Honda Accord from a dealer in Chicago. We lived in the north burbs at the time. We’ll my Wife became turned on to the car salesman that sold us the car. He was tall about appox 6’1″
And had a full beard, and my wife loved guys with a beard. I’m only 5’7″ clean shaven. We both worked on the north side of Chicago near that dealer. After we bought the car and got home, my Wife told me that she was turned on buy the salesman. It turned me on also, because she was very sexy, blonde hair and green eyes, and had large tits ( 36 D). So I let her have her way and aloud her to see this guy on Friday night. She was having sex with him for about five hours. My Wife was a 10 at sucking cock and loved to swallow cum. A shame we did not have cell phones with a camera like today!! She told me the details, that she fucked him for hours, and then finished him off by sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, and loved every second if it. Then she told me she would like him as a sex partner. And I told her that it was OK, and have fun, as long as she told me the details after!! She had been with him once or twice a week. Then after a month she came home with a tight fitting collar around the base of her neck, and told me she is his sex slave and he was her Master now.. Not me!!

The collar was locked in place using a key that he had control of. My wife said that they became close lovers, and that she would only satisfy him sexually not me anymore. Whenever he called for her, she would go to him A.S.A.P. . She said she enjoyed his bigger cock more than me. And that someday she would leave me for him. We still lived together for years after until she got sick with liver cancer and died in 2009. Even though I did not get anymore sex from her, I till miss her and love her deeply!!

The Picture he added is of course Arianna with her collar on..


54 Responses to “Do Not Send Arianna Any Fucked Up Emails”

  1. I don’t think you were over reacting at all Sir. It was very disrespectful and there was no point but him reminiscing.

    I would have done the same as Arianna.

  2. I don’t get it. Why is Arianna supposed to care? This weak willed guy lived with his wife who belonged to someone else and wouldn’t have sex with him. That was his messed up situation. Just like the phrase you use he definitely wasn’t running his own house. Not to mention nothing can be done to change it now.

  3. WoW!! That’s all I can say… smh

  4. I hope there was no distress for her.

  5. littleannab Says:

    I think you and her did right thing. I don’t understand the email either.

  6. Kathy Lewis Says:

    That is just bizarre. Why would he send that email? I just don’t understand that one.

  7. How odd! The fact that he included Arianna’s picture is the most disturbing part… like she wouldn’t recognize herself?! What a bizarre thing to do.

  8. sexyprincess Says:

    Sounds like someone seeking attention. However to the previous poster…its called cuckolding or hot wife…its not weak willed..its a fetish just like others.

    The picture is the most disturbing thing to me. I hope she spammed him.

  9. Oh my…. this guy has a serious problem. The email doesn’t even have a purpose. The fact that he used Arianna’s photo I perceive as very threatening. I let DMW deal with the weirdo emails, but I’ve never gotten anything this strange. I hope he goes away, far, far away.

  10. I would never want to question the verity of someone saying they lost their wife, but the fact that the author of the email used a photo of Arianna in an email he composed to her, without clearly explaining why, regrettably discredits anything else he might have said. The whole story regrettably reads as fantasy, which he used to try to “get to” Arianna.

    As we all know, the best policy for such people is to not give them any attention, other than broadcasting succinctly, without emotion, that they crossed a line and that there are repercussions for this if he is caught.

    • There are protocols we follow. Im sure he knew.
      His story would of been fine if it had meaning.

      I am guessing fantasy as well.
      What I found odd was I use to sell cars.
      Last arianna is a lot of work, I am not complaining but there is a lot of upkeep.

  11. The Man is not playing with a full deck. Please be careful. There are a lot of crazies out there…I see them on the subways. XO

  12. nuttierthanachrisymasfruitcake Says:

    Wow. So are you guys coming to Dade City this weekend? Sounds like you might be needing to put a rush on that thing you have been talking about!

  13. Yikes, now that’s a little creepy with him using Arianna’s pic and everything. Hope he doesn’t bother you again.

  14. What in the fuck did I just read?. What did that have to do with anything, and what was the point of his story?. And moreover what is Arianna’s picture doing on it, or in his possession at all?

    This is why I hate people.

  15. That gives me the creeps and it wasn’t even directed at me. Ugh!

  16. My opinion Vile, he’s jerking with the both of you. I wouldn’t worry about it, the guy’s an asshole.

  17. Sending such an email is indeed disrespectful both to Arianna and you. The fact he added the photo is disturbing and the fact it is about a car salesman maybe just coincidence.
    Be careful Sir.

  18. My only takeaway is that it appears as though he is living vicariously through the two of you reminiscing about someone he once loved whom miss Arianna reminded him of somehow, perhaps with the collar? The email should have gone to you though Vile, period. Distasteful and most definitely disrespectful to send it to miss Arianna. Praise goes to her for doing exactly as she did by forwarding and making you aware. I know that you’ll be able to help calm her, if necessary, Vile.

    Idiots, nut jobs and whackos- oh my! Stay vigilant my friend!

    -Tom Wolf (Mynx’s Sir)

  19. Ever since I started blogging I have discovered that there are people who believe, because I blog openly about sex and relationships, that I am open to random disrespectful communication of a sexual nature from anyone.

    The truth is, I feel violated when that happens. I’m glad you were able to step in and nip this in the budd.

    I hope Arianna is not shaken up by this. May I also say that your protective instinct, and the fact that you devoted a whole blog post to calling this person out, is very chivalrous! A woman could not ask for more in terms of feeling protected.

  20. You put yourself out there and someone strange is sure to latch on.
    I’m not as disturbed by the email- maybe I see too many strange things and I am desensitized. The fact is that it bothered you and you have a right to be bothered.
    The pic attachment brings it to a creepy level. My advice- don’t post pics. When they are out there, they seem to be free game to do whatever people want with them.
    I love both your blogs. I hope it doesn’t change the way either of you write.

    • You are correct Foxy, I do put myself out there for others.
      What you hope for though is everyone to be and act like adults, and sometimes that is not the case.

      I do get it though, some are insecure, and lonely..

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