It Has Been A Very Busy Week

It has been a very long time since I have been in a classroom of any kind. I never was an A student anyway, and most of you can tell by my awesome writing skills. English or Grammar was never on the top of my list.

I turned 17 on the 14th of October, and on the 19th of October I was getting my hair shaved off at Fort Dix New Jersey.
Shuffled into a classroom at 4am there were 50 or so who took our GED test and of course we all passed.

At the age of 17 I was very street smart, and it was hard to bullshit me, I had done it and seen it. I was wearing the Tee shirt the other guys were just doing re-runs.

Then off to Aberdeen proving grounds in Maryland, and it was fucking cold, but the only thing that saved me was my first Titty bar. Yea I loved women, the bar was called Suzies I do believe, and it was a weekend hangout for me. Aberdeen was where uncle sam sent me to school or as the army calls it AIT.

Okay I got off track, so I started a new job, and it is really cool, I will be working from home, which is like the coolest thing. 8 hours of class for 2.5 weeks and at the end of the day my brain is fried.

Then yesterday we spent the day looking at apartments downtown Orlando. We love where we are living, the house was built in the late 40’s nice hardwood floors, it is just really nice.
Arianna commutes an hour to work then an hour home so being closer would be nice.
Then you factor in the rent which is really cheap here, but you add the power bill for an older home and lawn maintenance , cable we could live in a nice condo downtown Orlando.
Yea I do not mow the lawn. I am a member and president of a group called the MAML. Men Against Manual Labor.

So one of the places I really liked but Arianna did not really care for because of the amount of units. I believe there was a little over 700 apartments. I liked because of the floors and the fireplace.

So we have just been really busy, but I am guessing after next week I should be back on track.

We have a lot going on and I still have some things planned.
Vile radio is still in the works. That is a project I really feel passionate about, and it will be a lot of fun…

Much love to everyone, I really appreciate those of you who stop by. I really love interacting with everyone, and it is really interesting to be able to communicate with people all over the world…


17 Responses to “It Has Been A Very Busy Week”

  1. 1st, Good Luck with the new position. Congratulations.
    2nd, with an Apt. you lose your privacy, your space (if you are working from home, still thinking of a 3rd and a place to work on your car from the bucket list).
    Just my two immediate thoughts. Sorry, ever practical.
    Lessening Arianna’s drive is huge, though.
    Good Morning.

  2. What a great new chapter you have starting. Congratulations on the new job and good luck on the apartment search. Good to know all is well

  3. Good luck on the apartment search, don’t jump into anything to quickly and do your homework, as I’m sure you already know.
    Good luck with the new job.

  4. I’m sure you’re familiar with the area, but I would be wary of anything North of Colonial/50 or West of I-4 in downtown Orlando. Terrible neighborhoods for the most part. And nothing in Pine Hills aka Crime Hills, if you can help it.

    Just the two cents of a friendly neighbor.

    Congratulations on your exciting new ventures. πŸ™‚


  5. Congratulations on your new job! Wishing you the best on your search for an apartment.
    Men Against Manual Labor? Thanks for the laughs. πŸ™‚

  6. The only thing missing with that fireplace is a big bearskin rug… And the dry cleaning bill which goes with it from the clean-up that would be required, afterward. πŸ™‚

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