I Can’t Feel Sorry For You

I do try and give advice, the advice I give it from a males point of view. I am not here to lie to you , nor do I have a reason to lie. People lie because they have something to gain.
I do not even know you, so if you think about it I have zero anything to gain. Did that make sense ?
Why do I share with you? Because I do not want you to go through some of the things women have gone through with me in the past.
I have been on the predators side, I have been on the hunt for easy prey. I knew who and what to look for. I would use and use until I grew tired of you, or maybe I would just get tired of you being fucking needy, or your whining got on my nerves. Maybe I fed off of your self pity to get what I wanted, nah I did, but you can only eat so much, and the same old food gets tiring.
Just because I fucked you did not mean I liked you, just because I fucked you did not mean I wanted you around.

This is why it is important to ask questions, this is why there are people out here that will give you advice and good advice. It is up to you to decide if your going to listen, or your just going to take the ball and run.

What hurts is being lied to, what hurts more is being led on to believe something that will never happen or come to light.

You know when your sitting across the table talking if you are being lied to or not, or being fed a bunch of bull shit, you know this but there is something in your head that pushes the ignore button.

I blog because I want to share, I blog because it is an outlet, it is my place to come when I just want to get away. No one has ever seen me post anything that is negative about the way my life is going, or how fucked up my day is, or how fucked up my life is.

So why would you want to get on here and blog about how fucked up things are, after you have been told ? You asked others for their opinion, you asked for advice on what you should do, you did not listen, and then here we go with the poor me blog.

Everyone of you are better than that, everyone of you are smarter than that. Most of you have made some good friends on here, I know I have.

While it is true we want to know how your day is going, we want the awesome.

The reason Arianna never watches the news anymore is just because all there is , is bad news very little good.

You know what you want out of life, and you are all to good to settle for less.

BDSM in a D’s or M’s relationship for the most is a mind thing, getting in your head, once that happens, man it is so hard to break away.

I lost a good friend last month to suicide, very young a whole lot of life ahead of her, but for her it was easier to check out.

Hook up with a good friend stay with them and in a time of need pick up that phone. This is no game, and it is unfortunate there are those out there that do not care, if your here tomorrow or not.

Game plan you have to have a game plan going into a D’s or M’s relationship, if you do not have a plan, or any expectations you will fail. The question is how many years do you want to waste, how much time do you want to throw away on something your not sure about.

If you ask for advice, and most of the time you ask more than one person, because your first answer is not what you want to hear so you move from one to another hoping someone will say what you want to hear. The bad news is if they tell you what you want to hear, it may be bad advice..

If your in a bad relationship, you need to communicate, you also need to put your foot down and tell them you want a time limit on when things are going to be fixed, because if they are not, you are walking.

You have to ask yourself a few questions. Why am I doing thing? Why am I allowing me to put myself through this mess? Why am I allowing someone to use me?

You have to want to stand up for yourself, you have to have a need and a goal in life..

You Baby Girls out there. You should have goals, and your Daddy should be helping you reach those goals, that is what a Daddy Dom does.
He should support you no matter what you want to do. He should set goals for you, and make sure you stay on task.
Your Daddy is there to support you, not bring you down.

The problem that most of you have is your Daddy is married. I am not sure why this is the trend today. In the last 5 years or so there has been an explosion of Daddy Doms.

The bad news is, if your Daddy is a Doctor and he is married to a doctor, and you work at Wendy’s guess what? Yea you already know.
If your Daddy works at Wendy’s with you then your chances are good.

This is the game plan I was speaking about, Baby Girl, Submissive, or Slave, you got to have a plan, and you cannot get off track.
If you give in anything that you have hoped for in the future will be gone, and the ball is no longer in your court.

99% of our problems are self inflicting, the other 1% is shit that falls from the sky.
You have your plan and you stick to it. I cannot express enough how important it is to do things by the book no matter how much it sucks, by the book. You do what your suppose to and that 99% will begin to drop, until everything is going your way. I promise the math will work out.

Make sure your Dominant has a plan as well, and do not be afraid to ask what the plan is. It is very important you know everything up front….



16 Responses to “I Can’t Feel Sorry For You”

  1. Reblogged this on BDSM -Ties That Bind or Break Us and commented:
    Wonder how many in opposite sex situations from this post will like and agree? Just wonder. Don’t agree with you all the time but I could expound more, but I’m sparing the feelings of those I care deepest for. Thanks for this one Vile.

  2. Thst was very well said! Thank you for you post. I am also sorry for your loss.

  3. Right on my friend!
    -Tom Wolf (Mynx’s Sir)

  4. I couldn’t agree more. As almost always, if not always…. 🙂

  5. A post written with a very high honesty, the blog for which I have the greatest admiration but most importantly, my quite personal esteem for the Man and the Dominant you are.


    • We as experienced Dominants need to step up and speak out against abuse.
      Our lifestyle has changed so much in the last 10 years with the up coming younger generation.
      A total lack of respect. The avg time for an up coming Dominant in the lifestyle I believe if roughly 18 to 24 months then poof.
      I am not saying all, but I have noticed a trend within the local community with the younger Dominants who run munchs for 40 and under.
      Thank you for your valued comment.
      Much Respect

  6. Reblogged this on Raunchy Reads and commented:
    Always honest and always appreciated!

  7. Jade Forbidden Says:

    So true, hence why I never get involved with married or attached people. I don’t play second best and am no fucktoy (pardon the French). Wish many more women set the same standards for themselves.

    • Jade, that is an awesome comment, you hit the nail on the head.
      Yes I wish more thought like you, if you are second you will never be number one.
      I try to explain these guys are not going to leave their wives, but very few listen.

      • Jade Forbidden Says:

        Of course they won’t: they don’t have to, being they get ALL they want without having to give a thing.
        The equation is pretty simple and women thinking their love will move those men to do more ARE WRONG. If they were so special to them, those men wouldn’t ever involved them until they were FREE to give them what they deserved.
        Women misjudge what men wants, or even what they must do in order to get all they deserve. Fear of solitude, or feelings get in the way and they don’t understand it: LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH, sometimes.

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