A Dominant Who Is In Control

Lets us Separate The good and the Bad Dominant, and I hope I paint a very clear picture, on what you should expect.

Learning control was something that took me a very long time.
Control while around My wife and Property.

If I told you Vile never loses his temper I would be lying to you.
I remember while at a Dodge Dealer ship one of the sales supervisor’s pissed me off, and I took my hat off and threw it across the showroom and yelled, you can all go fuck yourself. Yea I did not get fired like I thought I would, they new Vile was just being Vile.

The bottom line is I do get angry, I get very angry. Maybe that is just my vent, or if people didn’t try and fuck with me, it is a possibility I would never lose my temper.
Just like stupid people you can only handle so fucking much, until you blow like a volcano, but my Lava runs for days.

Our partners , our slaves, our submissive’s , we set the example. We are leaders. We lead they follow.

As a Dominant we have to earn respect, we have to earn trust. We are the teacher, we train, we lead, and we give advice.
We attend Doctors appointments ,
We not only want to be part of their everyday life, we need to be part of their everyday life.

You know I look around and I see how many Dominants , and how they just live a life of self inflicted problems and drama

So they fall under three categories. One they are just down right stupid, two they really don’t give a fuck, or three they do not have a clue.
The truth is you can only fake something so long you are exposed.
You have to ask yourself a question ? How far are you willing to go to fuck someone’s life up ?

Many people think I am somewhat unorthodox in my ways, many think I am to strict. Many think I am to extreme in my beliefs.
However I do not have a revolving door of women coming and going.

I think your ways are wrong Vile. Really now, tell me Mr. Dominant who has had 5 subs in less than two years, So who is wrong?

No one is wrong unless you fall under any of the three above, but then again in your mind nothing is wrong. Shrugs it does not effect me in any way.

So you spend much of your time arguing with your sub when your together. So you think this makes you some kind of special in someway.

In reality if you are who you say you are, you act the way your suppose to act, you do what you say your going to do, your truthful, and honest.
You can have anything you want in your relationship, the sky is the limit.
Your submissive will crave to give you what you need, they will want to please you in any way.

Someone made an argument sometime ago when I made the statement. Dominants are a different breed of men, and I stand by that statement.
When I sold cars, I met a lot of Pussy’s who could not make a decision and would not unless their wife approved.
I would get a call, well my wife said I could not get a new truck for work, she is getting her car first. I was like WOW your putting food on the table, and she is sitting home all day watching Jerry Springer.

Love has nothing to do with being a different breed. When run our house, although we listen, we do have the final say.

What you put into your relationship is exactly what your going to get out of it, and many of you never catch on.

What your stuck on is a title and nothing more. If your the CEO of a large company and you go bankrupt what kind of CEO are you. If your a Daddy Dom, a Dominant or a Master and your relationships continue to fail, yea well you can answer that one on your own….

Those of you who are slaves and subs, baby girls. If your in an abusive relationship and you choose to stay and your hoping it will get better. Then you deserve what you get.
The Dom your with is not the only one out there, just like your not the only one out there.

I made the comment sometime ago , that our problems were self inflicting , and I got some negative feed back about that statement, but it is true.
We tend to try and take short cuts instead of following our path, and when we get off the path we are suppose to take, then the problems start caving in..
Then it is no longer our fault, someone else did it, we blame others. It is about accepting the responsibility , and owning up to our wrong.

When I was younger I was one of the ones who used so to speak, but I would make it very clear upfront that I was not interested in anything long term. So I wonder if that was still considered using someone?
I think many will just follow in hopes things may turn around , that a relationship will evolve , but in the back of their mind they really know.

Most real Dominants are true gentlemen, most are somewhat conceded , but still remain gentlemen. Most are very secure, but still are gentlemen , most are cocky but still real gentlemen. Most are very positive as well.
Most who are not just interested in sex but you will show their true colors even before meeting..

Most of us Dominants have a code of ethics we follow. We are very respectful , we are proud , we are honest, and caring. We put our property first before anyone or anything else. We live by the truth and only the truth. We are not married cheating on our spouse, the list goes on and on, but you get the picture….

Much Love



11 Responses to “A Dominant Who Is In Control”

  1. I love that photo, too. XO

  2. littleannab Says:

    Wonderfully written

  3. Well said…

  4. send shivers up my spine, vile…

  5. flufffybunny Says:

    Reblogged this on ohsofluffybunny and commented:
    thank You, Vile

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