Our Trip To The Local Library.

We needed to print a lot of paper work and Arianna wanted to go to the Library.

As we are walking in Arianna says Master remember this is the library please.  I was like um okay and she said well people here are quiet. Ohh okay got ya.

So this morning after feeding the fish we head over and Arianna goes to work.

So im in the history section I love history,  mainly stuff with war and dictators.

Anyway i want to hit my ecig and head down stairs step outside and what a relief.

This couple was walking up and they crushed two beer and throw them down on the ground. Im standing there in disbelief wondering , what the fuck.

I walk in behind them and im like yo dude what the fuck are you thinking?

Now everyone is just staring at me and i continue. Your a fucking moron go outside and pick your beer cans up and put them in the trash.

Here comes the security guard and shes telling me to calm down.

She ask what the problem was and i said this fucking idiot threw beer cans on the ground before they walked in.

He of course said he didn’t,  and i called him a lying bitch.

Everyone is still staring at me, then it hits me.

Library oops my bad.

So they are escorted out they pick up the cans, as they are walking away hes flipping me off.

Maybe next time it will be quiet right?



17 Responses to “Our Trip To The Local Library.”

  1. Beers heading into the Library? Weird.

  2. pageprincess Says:

    Quiet or not, thank you for caring about the local library


  3. Some people’s kids….makes you wonder lol

  4. They were homeless im guessing going into wash up.

  5. flufffybunny Says:

    thank You Vile, Sir…. 🙂

  6. I would not expect any less of you Sir.

  7. I love libraries or any place with lots of books. 😀 sadly I have noticed some bookstores don’t have as big of a history section that they used to have. Some dictators are interesting, talk about a person with a big ego course I guess that is probably more of a requirement in order to rule over people. I never understood though people who think just because a person reads about dictators then that must mean the reader agrees with everything said dictator did and their views. I’ve had this happen a few times but mostly remember an occurance when I was in jr. high 20 or so yrs ago at that moment though I just ignore and continue to read but really just want to take the book (that is several hundreds of pages) and hit them over the head. 😊 course the book I was reading was about Vlad the Impaler and the creation of the czars of Russia, I guess that isn’t normally what a typical person would read then at that age. Really interesting though

    • I agree with you, as far a dictators many are highly intelligent.
      I love reading about Hitler and Joseph Stalin, and many others.
      All of which were Dominants who fell from grace.
      Hitler was brilliant and had some good ideas but something went wrong in his mind. Then the evil came out.

  8. I feel sorry for Arianna, I’d have been so embarrassed if I was in that same position

  9. Always champion to a cause, thank you for caring!!!

  10. mrmodigliani Says:

    Good job!

  11. Poor Arianna, now she’s with “that guy who caused a commotion down at the library”!
    I’m glad you made a stand about the beer cans, though.


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