Seven Most Common Types Of Submissive’s. What are you?

I wanted to share this again


I ran across this article on Tumbler , Hmm I forgot I even had an account there. Southernbarbie asked me to post about a Brat, which I think fits her really well.

What this article did not cover in the Brat section was, most brats when around other females are usually pretty rude, they can be somewhat cold, and short to the point. The brat needs to be the center of attention. Most times a brat is hard to control, but can be tamed with the right partner, but at times she can still be somewhat defiant, stubborn, and if she has any rules, she does not think twice about breaking one. The brat worries about the consequences at a later date. Most of the time the brat thinks she can talk her way out of trouble.

With the right partner she can however be controlled, when in the company…

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2 Responses to “Seven Most Common Types Of Submissive’s. What are you?”

  1. I feel like this is a stupid comment, but I’m young and new to this lifestyle. Is it common for a sub to change her personality with each Dom? Because there are moments when I’m flirty and being a darling little girl and there are moments when I back talk. It depends on who I’m with. I’ve only been with two men and one was a sadist and the other was a Daddy Dom. I honestly have so many questions…

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