If Your Looking For A Mentor

Today entering the lifestyle is not an easy task, and if your new to the lifestyle , you basically have to rely on what someone else tells you.
So if your asking a question your hoping your getting the right answer.

Those who are new , the truth is your going to make mistakes, and your probably going to make several before you catch on.
Making mistakes is not a bad thing as long as you learn from them, you may carry some hurt during your travels but it will pass..

So as I have stated before , I believe everyone including Dominants should have a mentor..

A mentor should never bring sex up, a mentor should never session or play with the sub or slave , by doing so it can raise the emotions of the sub or slave, and feeling begin to get involved , and most of the time the mentor is either in a relationship already, or is not interested in a relationship.

I stand by what I said a female submissive or slave should have a female mentor. The female mentor can relate more on a deeper level.

I can tell you I mentored Lizzy for more than a year and the topic of sex never came up , not one time, nor did I ask for any kind of pictures from her , nude or otherwise.
My intentions were good, I truly wanted to help her, I truly wanted her in a better place. It was my intention to help , and today Lizzy is in a much better place, there is still some work to be done but she is well on the right track.

What we can do as Mentors is provide structure, we can even provide a few rules. We can also provide advice , as well as communication, on a friendship level….
Even if the submissive or slave tries to take the conversation to a different area, we should be able to man up and prevent the conversation from going in that direction.

We are not there to rescue , we are not here to fix everything. We need to offer guidance , and give reassurance we are there for them , on an emotional state, not physical.
A mentor should never get physical with someone they are mentoring, that just fucks up the whole train of thought, and it makes us the Dominant look weak.

A mentor has the ability to manipulate you because you have opened up your heart, the mentor knows you inside and out, and he can use all this information against you, or worse get inside your head.

I have a very dear friend I mentored in person, and she was very ill, and also suffered from depression.
I guided her through the steps of getting help, and medical that was much needed.
The down fall she would not listen and she in turn lost some of her benefits, and I will walk her through the steps again so we can get things fixed.
The bottom line is I never asked her for anything even money she got back from social security, that was hers and hers only.

We should do things because we want to help not because we have an agenda, and not because we want some pussy.

PUSSY is not in shortage , so I cannot understand why there are so many predators.
Just walk outside PUSSY is everywhere its like a weed growing wild, and most of the time if your honest about your intentions she will let you hit it. It’s when you lie and play your little games yea I never figured that out…


To manipulate someone into giving up some ass is no fun, there is no game in it, it is way to easy. It is the thrill of the hunt, and in many cases the female wants to be hunted, but you have to be a man about it…


6 Responses to “If Your Looking For A Mentor”

  1. Spot on, Vile! It’s sooo true! Grrrreat post Sir!

    -Love Passionately-

    -Tom Wolf (Mynx’s Sir)

  2. I normally 100% agree with you that a Dom should never mentor a sub, but strictly other Doms… However, I do know how good you have been for Lizzy and today I saw another example of doing the right thing that just gave me so much joy.

    But it’s rare.

    Great post. xx

  3. new little Says:

    You are a blessing, Vile.

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