my Master, my husband, my owner

I wanted to reblog this. This is from Arianna’s blog.
This is what makes me feel so awesome, I had no idea she was going to write this.

arianna's Blog

Three very different titles.  Three different perspectives. Three different ways of living.

I am not saying that there aren’t more than these but for my life these three are the focus for me.

I guess we can consider that i am several different titles too. At times i am a Slave, property and a wife.

These titles are not seperate from another but mesh together. At no point in time do I ever consider myself equal to my Master,  owner,  husband.

There are times that each of these facets are stronger then another.  Master Vile shows consistency in his care and emphasizes his authority in different ways. The way he nods giving permission to sit. The nod of acknowledgement when asked questions.  There’s the laugh of the husband side.  The sweet gestures of a caring Master and the structure of an owner.

All in all,  this Slave would not want…

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2 Responses to “my Master, my husband, my owner”

  1. You guys are so sweet together. 🙂
    Love this post, thank you both for sharing 🙂

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