My New 55 Gallon Aquarium

So my Birthday was October 15th yea I turned the big 52. I am still trying to figure out if I feel older yet.

Arianna bought me this awesome Aquarium for my Birthday. It did take about a month to set it up , but that was mainly I was thinking about what I wanted to add as far as plants , driftwood and fish.

The plants we cultivated from two other tanks , as well as a few plant cuttings.

The substrate I used is called eco complete it has a lot of the good bacteria in it so you can start your tank , and its also good for the plants. The substrate was bought my Arianna’s mom , imagine that..

We all need a Hobby , we need something to take our minds off of the daily hustle , and it is always good to slow down and breath.

Arianna and I currently have a 20 gallon Aquarium , a 60 gallon and our newest and I swear I am done a 55 Gallon.

All of our tanks are lived planted and Arianna did decorate the new 55.
We were able to cultivate most of the plants we put in the 55 gallon from our 60 gallon….

55 gallon

Two of my favorite fish in my 60 gallon is my Elephant nose and a Baby Whale.

These fish are so docile you really have to be careful what you add to the tank.

Then comes the center piece , this is what sets the tank, this is the first thing your eyes see.


It took me a couple of weeks to find the right piece of driftwood but both Anrianna and I fell in love with this one. To us it was the WOW factor. When she picked it up we were both like yea this is it.
It is mostly hollow on the inside so if any of the fish lay eggs they can hide them.

So While I sit in my office working I have a clear view of this awesome tank.
Arianna set most of it up , she really did a nice job decorating it , that is my girl…

Much Love


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  1. It’s a passion! šŸ™‚

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