So The Universe Gave Us A Dominant

So The Universe Gave Us A Dominant.

One Response to “So The Universe Gave Us A Dominant”

  1. Vile, I am touched by your reading. Currently my girlfriend is with another man (literally at this very moment) and she is exploring her interests in DS. She is young and has no experience before other than online literature. After reading very many of your posts, I cannot begin to list how many redflags I am seeing and yet, I can not do anything. It truly saddens me. I am not proficient in the lifestyle but am very curious to learn. However, I am still not enough for her. She says she NEEDS this for herself and I let her go eventually, but I feel this is the wrong way. My sweet girl is so vulnerable and I fear she will be molded the wrong way. The seed that has been planted into her mind was bad from the very start of her so-called submission. I hope she will be able to see that..I know that I have lost her for myself, but at least I can guide her to your and Arianna’s readings so hopefully, she can make a better choice in the future. I enjoyed cross-referencing readings from both points of view. Arianna, I feel she is very relatable to you in the sense that she is willing to do anything to submit because she is a trusting person. But I know this is NOT the way! It requires much more structure than mere intimidation tactics. I’m crushed and broken beyond comprehension and I just needed an outlet to vent. Sorry I feel stupid but thank you for both your writings. It has provided me with a nice distraction. Have a good day!

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