12/1/2014 Depression And DSM

I started this post a couple of days ago.

I am going to share some pretty  deep things about  me and my life growing up.

I’m going to share how I lost everything and fought back.

Life is not  easy but  in many ways we create our own path , we control  our own path , we create our own problems but we can eliminate them as well.

We clearly choose our path in life our own destiny.

We have so much control but we as humans are always looking for the easy way out.

Life is not difficult , we make it difficult,  we create  problems and expect  others to clean up our mess.

Those of you who suffer from depression your not broken, your in need of a little  guidance and a lot of love.  There are those who need someone in control and there is nothing wrong with that.

The key is being with someone  who truly cares about you and wants to see you grow.

My life as a kid was not easy. I grew up in a very broken home. I grew up in a very abusive  home.

It is okay if you make mistakes,  mistakes  make you grow. It is up to you not to make the same mistakes over and over.

Man on top of mountain.


24 Responses to “12/1/2014 Depression And DSM”

  1. Good timing for me to read this.

  2. Wise words, Vile. So true…

  3. Vile,

    I think this was very heartfelt and wonderful. Agree with everything you have said here.



  4. It can take a little bit before you realise your not broken, just a little lost

  5. Good reads Vile. Thank you.

  6. Choices! Our journey is all about the choices isn’t it? And how we deal with the effects of others choices in our own lives. There all there -the lessons, the rewards or the failures.

    Great post, Sir.

  7. Vile,

    Interesting comments, a thought concerning childhood, I have observed that almost everyone looks back on their childhood with a sort of a universal disdain. I’m not doubting you had a rough childhood, I’m sure you did. Yet, I know individuals that had a very good life as a child/teen, loving parents who tried their best. Yet these children as adults decry how horrible they had it. I’m sure you will address this in your fine writing. Though I may not agree with everything you pen, what you write contains fundamental truths, there is much life experience behind the mature writing and expressions. I follow few blogs on a regular basis, your writings are worth the time, thank you.

  8. So true Vile…
    We all experience depression, it’s how we cope with it that creates who we are.

    I am sub/slave to one spectacular Dom/Master, for almost two and a half years. He fights with bouts of depression every so often. And as I am a psych major I recognize the signs when depression begins. I help him as he has helped me. I don’t back down, I don’t walk away. I stand right by his side. Too many of his past relationships have left him. Most probable cause, they couldn’t understand his mood swings, or change in personality. I won’t leave him for something he has no control over. That would be wrong.

    When depression begins it helps to talk about it. Believe it or not. Many men have a difficult time expressing their feelings. Most likely due to the stereo type “you must be strong, never show feelings”. Always show feelings, how else will you be able to let others in unless you do. To shut down will only force more depression upon your body and mind. I’m not saying go out and tell the world about what your feeling, but to embrace the ones closest to you, not push away…

    My Master has tried to push me away using sentences like “you should leave me, I’m no good for you or I’m only going to emotionally hurt you”. I smile and ask him “Do you want me to go?” When he replies “no”, I gently kiss him. I reassure him that I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not…

    I ask him “what has triggered your feelings?”. Most of the time his reply is that he doesn’t know. It may subconscious, most likely he knows, but just won’t say. I am patient, I will wait. Just as I am now, consoling him during another bout of depression.

    We have built a relationship that goes beyond our BDSM lifestyle… We are extremely fortunate individuals Vile, You and Ariana, Master and myself.

    Greetings and much love dee….

  9. well said. yes we make life difficult. We are the only species that is so creative in all the ways we do things including making ourselves sick with anxiety and other illnesses because of our own actions and choices. well done and thank you for sharing.

  10. Very good read Vile. Looking forward to your next post 🙂

  11. I wish more people understood that depressives need guidance and love. Not impatience.

    Thank you. Great post.

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