Let The Games Begin , Manipulation

I was thinking about something , the other night Arianna and I were talking and the subject came up about how some people were very manipulative , and how some used manipulation to get ahead, both Doms and Subs as well as slaves are guilty of using that process to try and get ahead.

Arianna asked me if I ever used manipulation to get what I wanted , and my answer was no.

In the past if I wad not looking for a relationship , I made that clear up front.
If I just wanted to hang out and just fuck or maybe session I made that clear, and there were no hopes of a permanent relationship. Although my sessions were far and few , that was mainly because I had to have a connection. If there was not a connection it was not going to happen, and that included sex. I had gotten to the point I actually had to have feelings for someone even when it came to play or else I got nothing out of it..

It has nothing to do with looks , well maybe to a point but it was more about personality, being able to hold a conversation, but the most important was knowing the slave was taking a real interest in what I had to say. Feelings were something I had to build and that comes with time. Although there are those rare instances when I just clicked with someone , Rare but it happened.

Manipulation can work both ways though it is not just with females but males as well.
We manipulate people to get what we want no matter who we have to step on.

That is one reason Arianna has had thoughts about forming a Triad. Bringing someone else in who had an agenda, not wanting to be number two but wanting to be number one.

A couple of months ago a Slave contacted us, and she was interested in joining our home.
She did not tell us she was already living with a Master who was taking care of her kids, that she did not mention.
She had a motorcycle she had to sell , the one he bought her. She did not tell us she had outstanding warrants in another State, or that sheĀ  had just had one of several mental break downs.
She had manipulated him enough to buy her what she wanted and that was not enough.
The out come was she was destroying his home, with the slave he was already married to. She was now causing problems within the home. So she had been caught in her manipulation game and was busted now she wanted to move on.

The game of manipulation is a game where there are no winners , everybody loses, and someone gets hurt.

I know a Master who had a slave and they had been together for a couple of years.
Once he told me who he was seeing, I was like man leave her alone she is poison.
That is a bad way to look at someone but the truth is there are some who are poison, and they kill everything around them.
This is a Master who had to have 6 slaves, I guess because it is an even number.
So a couple of weeks later he calls me and I hear the problems in his voice, and I was like dude I told you, I told you she was poison.
His remark was well I just cant put her out.
Wow you pack her bags and you sit them on the sidewalk , and you say your good byes.
He was lied to, and lied to about many things, including her medical, issues and her temper.
Now I hate to say it but his main slave is now gone, the slave he had been with for a very long time. He allowed this woman to come in and disrupt his home, and in the end he lost.

That is one of the things Arianna was worried about when we were talking about building a Triad. She felt someone or another slave could have an agenda.

I am not that weak, I would not allow someone to come into out home and disrupt what we have.

When he let this slave move in, he just brought her home and told his slave she was moving in.

Everyone loses including the one who is doing the manipulating, then they move on to their next victim. Like a leach they will suck the blood out of you until nothing is left.

The same with meeting a new Dominant who is not true. Chances are the game of manipulation is something and the only thing he has mastered.
He will drag you through the mud until there is nothing left.
To include your self esteem, your pride and anything else he can take that will not weigh him down, and he will toss you to the curb like a bad of trash, and laugh at you as he is leaving.

Many men will jump through hoops, roll over like a dog, and crawl through a mile of broken glass if they think there might be a chance to get their cock sucked.
I find that to not only be sad but pathetic as well. It shows just how weak one is and then he wonders what he did when he is dumped. The bad thing about this practice is he will do it over and over.

So you sit the submissive or slave down. The Dominant will say it is going to be like this, this and this, if you agree fine if you don’t it was nice meeting you

Being a Dominant is not hard , Maintaining a D’s or M’s relationship is hard. Maintaining the structure , the rules , the protocols , the task , everyday life that is hard. Maintaining the communication on a daily basis that is hard.

Once you enter a relationship as long as both are true , everything just falls into place just like dominoes , it is that easy. What makes the relationships so difficult is idiots.

Many times you can see the manipulation but for what ever reason you feel your hooked or there is no one else out there for you. When you do call them out on their game , now the guilt comes into play.

Just look at what Ive done for you. Look at the mess your life was in when we met. You are nothing without me, yea you have heard it before. The Dominant has lost ground and not he is trying to regain control, and by then it is to late…

Male or female never let anyone manipulate you , because it is a game that cannot be won.



3 Responses to “Let The Games Begin , Manipulation”

  1. Wish I had read this 15 years ago before I married my manipulating and controlling exhusband..lol.. oh well. lesson learned and now I know what to look out for. šŸ™‚

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