The Worlds Best Penis Pump


There is no better feeling than being able to lay back and relax while getting head.  This is more true when the one giving knows what they are doing , and they are really getting into it.


The best thing is you can train your slave to give head the way you like it..

I was in a vanilla relationship for nine years , I was fucking miserable , my Ex wife could not suck a Dick to save the Titanic nor could she be taught.

I have a cousin who lives in Alabama and we were at a bar one night drinking and out of the blue he says , You know what works ? I looked and said no what works? He said a penis pump!!!!!

I just sat there looking at him with a blank stare, I shook my head and I said you know there are some things you should just keep to yourself.

I do believe the Mouth is the best penis pump thought…..



2 Responses to “The Worlds Best Penis Pump”

  1. And there is no better feeling than being appreciated for not only enjoying giving her Master head but knowing she knows how to give a mean one 🙂

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