Houston We Have A Problem

Arianna and I have been sick , it was I who first encountered the flu and now as I am recovering , Arianna was hit hard yesterday.

So as normal when a man gets sick it is the end of the world , we are dying and need medical attention. We hurt all over and need to be taking care of , while we wait to pass on to the next life. We head to the Doctor , waiting on the bad news about how much time I have left to live. Getting all my ducks in order before the passing.

As far as where I am going when I pass , eh you know I have a lot of explaining to do but I think I am good.

So I get a script for cough syrup, but nothing else , it was more less just suck it up big boy and move on. So since I have a post nasal drip which explained why I thought I was congested the Doctor suggested I get sudafed , so off to fucking Wally World , mind you I am dying, I have seen the burning bush, and now I see the glow at the end of the tunnel. Mind you I am dying , at the end of the tunnel I see the big bad Grim Reaper on one side and the man on the other. Is this a decision that has to be made right now ?  Now I have seen some of the Victoria Secret Angels , but I have seen nothing down stairs so this is going to be hard.

We get to Wally World and Arianna ask about the sudafed and they need her ID because it is a controlled substance. What Really? So scanning her Id again and again then mine finally they get hers to go through only to be told they were out of stock. I am assuming this was something that could not be shared prior to the Id’s

Okay off to CVS , yup out of stock , okay lets try walgreens , yup out of stock. What the fuck is going on it is an OTC decongestant.

What is stopping me from getting something I need ? Drug Addicts , Drug dealers , weak minded individuals who have no life and get off on ruining their own life.

How in the fuck can a entire town or city be out of a fucking OTC cold medicine ? Are that many people that fucked up? It makes you wonder how we make it in today’s world.

Crystal Methamphetamine Crystal methamphetamine is a manufactured drug that is smoked, snorted, or injected. It is known by many. Okay I suppose people need to get off in one way or another.

Here are some of the ingredients people are digesting.

Common Crystal Meth Ingredients:

meth ingredients chart

  • 2-liter bottle
    • Drain cleaner ingredients
    • Brake fluid is used in the home meth recipe
    • Methamphetamine recipe uses Ingredients from drano
    • Lithium, an ingredient in battery acid
    • Lighter fluid ingredients
    • Sudaphedrine or sudaphed  BAM this is what I needed.
    • Ingredients from gasoline
    • Homemade crystal meth uses hydrochloride
    • The Methamphetamine Recipe Uses odine ephedrine
    • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
    • Ether is used in the crystal meth recipe
    • Freon, an ingredient from camp stove fuel
    • Ingredients from paint thinner
    • White gasoline ammonia
    • Red phosphorus lye

People really do this crap? People lose their family’s , their homes and kids because they are weak?

meth Really are you serious.

I know this is not BDSM related but today I am on a tangent , yea I am bitching…


12 Responses to “Houston We Have A Problem”

  1. Kathy Lewis Says:

    Vile, you had me smiling with this blog. I’m amazed men can function when they are in pain. My hubby is the same way – he is dying and nothing can bring him back.

    Hope you an Arianna feel better soon.


  2. OMG, we are going through similar here, DMW has been sick (and dying…LOL) for weeks and this post made me smile. DMW pefers to be left completely alone in his last moments on earth, which frustrates me to no end, since all I want is to take care of him and make him feel better. I can ship you some pseudophedrine if you like, I have connections 🙂 Feel better!

  3. Hahaha. Glad you escaped the jaws of death. Look up “meth mouth” if you feel so inclined. I kept a pic on my computer wallpaper when I was working with kids who we’re addicted. 😦 And you two feel better soon. 🙂

  4. Glad you have decided that you are no longer dying. Hope Arianna is feeling better, too. XO

  5. Im glad that you beat death back and will stay with us a while longer Mr. Vile ☺️

  6. We went this morning to make the same purchase. Present id, request quantity, ring it up; oh, wait; the computer system that approves the purchase is down. COME BACK LATER. really?

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