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Interview With a Little With A Touch Of Primal

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I love doing these what I call Interviews. It lets us deeper into someones life and maybe we hit on things that is not shared on their blog.

I stopped because one of the last ones basically the whole interview was a lie and I know this because they confessed shortly after , so I felt uncomfortable with sharing information that may or may not be true.

This is a different story I believe you are going to enjoy this interview , she is awesome and very straight forward , with a touch of primal….

I try not to get to personal but some of the questions I ask are to make someone think….

I also want to say I like her enough , my slave and I have invited her to our home in February and we will take her to an amusement park for the day then out to dinner. I also want to say I do not invite just anyone to my home. There are a few I have met on here I would but it is not very often..

So here we go……

Thank you for asking and I agree, if you are going to do it, tell the truth, shame the devil and have a good giggle ;-).  I’m sorry if this is long winded but you know how Self Important us Littles tend to feel about ourselves (giggle).

  1. Tell us a little about yourself . How many children do you have and how do you manage your day working ?My blog has changed names a few times but the last and final is Searching 4 Selina.  I have no problem embracing my Super Villian façade when it comes to dealing with things that scare me but I am learning to stop hiding behind my secret identity and to allow others to see the softer side of myself.

Like Shrek said, I am like an onion.  I may make you cry at times but odds are good you will laugh as well.  It can be painful but you keep coming back because I just add that extra spice you need!  I grew up in a military family raised by my Aunt and Uncle.  I have 3 older brothers who are very protective and old fashioned with one in the life style who is a Master and Sadistic.  I have always been very sheltered by the men in my family and in a way it has always allowed me to take chances and risks as I will always land on my feet thanks to them.  I am affectionately called the “Spoiled Little Princess” and that is a true description at times.  I will take as much as you allow me to.  Why?  Because I am the princess of course (giggle).

I have 3 children whom I love with all my heart.  They are all different and all very creative.  I grew up with “parents” who encouraged me to be myself and I passed this along to mine.  I ended up with a cheerleader, football player and a self celebrated “awkward, Social geek, and friend extraordinaire”.  I am THAT MOM… I drove a decked out mini van (until it went stupid), wear the shirts with my kids names to events and volunteer with the booster clubs, and for the youngest.  Whatever weirdness she is into (anime) I embrace, even to the point of tolerating Harley in DC.  She has a best friend who is gay and open in middle school.  She has adopted him and I call him my son as well.

As for work, I am a office/Program Manager so I have to be ON IT when it comes to most things.  I am highly respected not only for my knowledge but because those who meet me find me personal able and approachable when they need assistance and trust me when I say I will help I will help.  I am the subject matter expert and I speak my mind “respectfully”.  I have a schedule on which I do everything that helps me to remain in control/charge and to get things done.

2. How long have you been in the lifestyle and when did you come to realize you were a little ?  In a way I have always been in the life style.  My Aunt and Uncle were D/s and I got to grown up seeing the peace that it can bring to a relationship.  I think I have always known I was little but before they called it a “sweet spirit”.  I have always collected dolls, always been a hugger, and always LOVED Disney and embraced the innocence of life.  This has made my Aunt and Uncle’s children (my brothers and sisters) more protective of me as well.

3 Can you please explain the term little and what it means to you ..FOR ME:  A Little is someone in the BDSM Life style who has a inner Little person.  Its not a personality disorder but a genuine way of looking at things.  We like sparklies, we tend to giggle a lot, we squeak and squeal when we are happy you can feel that energy.  For me, my little is always a part of me.  At work they call me quirky as I hide in plain sight.  I wear pink bunny slippers when I want to get out of my heels, I have been know to skip down the halls after a long meeting, and once when meeting a new section head who was OVERLY STUFFY I sang the Mr. Rogers theme song under my breath

4. How many D’s little relationships have you been in and what happened ? I have had 5 and they were

1 – MP who was a Master.  I was with him from the time I was 21 to 25.  I didn’t know that we had a D’s relationship but rather viewed it as old fashioned.  After he proposed and we were planning the wedding he presented me with my 1st collar and explained it as well as the direction of our relationship moving forward.  We had already been doing spankings, and light bondage, I called him Daddy and he took care of me.  But naming it like that, I ran afraid at the feelings of invoked.

2 – CSM I was 35 to 37 and we got together not long after my separation and through my divorce.  He was  a Sadist and loved me very much.  He could cause suck pain but loved me so well.  I use to be afraid to tell people about our play sessions afraid they would think badly of him but having meet others here on WP I can be proud of my time with him.  He got sent to Japan so we had to end as I couldn’t go there or take my kids and he knew it wasn’t right to keep me waiting 3 years.

3 – Younger guy who was poly.  It was a bad experience as he had a slave who HATED ME and for the most part much of our relationship was to make her happy.  He even gave us the same collar because she hated that I didn’t have one while she had to wear one.  Also, he pretty much just piggy backed onto what CSM did and rules set by him.  He also went to Japan

4 – Garrick….Garrick was Primal and online only.  He and I were friends on Fetlife who found we had TONS in common.  We didn’t set out to enter into a DD/bg dynamic but rather…it just happened, two Primal people walk into a bar so to speak.  Even though we were long distance he really understood the needs I had and did his best to provide.  However he was married with a lot going on and became over whelmed and ended up abandoning me.  We have since spoken and gotten closure and it’s nice to have my friend back again.

5 – DK…goodness DK was a SAGA!  DK was Alpha and vanilla who loved me enough to try D’s and to try to be my Daddy.  He was good at the D’s part and found freedom in giving into his darker urges of being dominant and bondage (I once spent a weekend chained to his bed as I kept threatening to leave) and providing that FIRM HAND that I needed.  However he wasn’t a Daddy.  He did not feel those Daddy urges and could not REALLY understand my Little.  In the end, I had to accept that fundamentally we were NOT as good a fit as everyone thought and end the relationship.  I am blessed that we are still good friends which made the break up that much easier.

  1. What are you looking for in a Daddy Dominant? This is a hard question to answer as it is hard to define what I need in a Daddy.

#1 DADDY DOM!  He has to have a back bone, speak up and not get trampled under my feet.  I want him to put that bass in his voice and call me on my actions no matter how little and he needs to be a Daddy.  He must feel those Daddy urges and not just because I am for them.  Need to put me to bed, need to check on me, need to bath me or ensure that I brush my teeth and wash my face before bed.  MUST have that Daddy Dom tone and look DOWN!!!  The kind who will pull you in close, run his hand up the back of your neck then grab a fist full of hair to pull your head back when you get out of line
#2 – Affectionate and caring.  I love to snuggle and cuddle so having a DD that feels the same is important.  He will need to understand that as much as I crave sex there will be times when I need to put my hair in pony tails, crawl into my pj’s and hide away.  I need him to hold me and understand this is a part of me.

#3 – Sense of humor.  I am a Brat after all and I am going to get into mischief.  He will need to laugh it off when he tells me I can’t go somewhere by myself and I roll out with a call full of stuffies…he needs to be able to appreciate my creativeness even if he does have to punish me (not saying that he would HAVE TO punish me of course – giggle-)

#4 – Crave the power exchange.  If he needs to choose my panties every day, remind me to exercise, drink my water, go to bed, stay away from pepsi then he should DO IT, not ask me if he can.

#5 – Sexual…I need to be used sexually and I need to be used hard.  Fucked not only for my pleasure but for his as well.  CSM use to call me into his office when eh was stressed on something.  He would bend me over his desk, whisper in my ear “Not a word Little One” and pound the hell out of his pussy.  He would then fix my clothes, kiss my forehead and send me back to my office.

#6 – Protective…I have shared a little recently on my blog that I have a bit of social anxiety in some aspects.  I am 5’1 and in large groups of people I have a fear of getting separated from my group or run over by people not watching where they are going.  I don’t need him to make a huge things just pull my arm though his and hold me close.  I hate to order when dining out so I need him to order for me and not make it noticable that the wait staff make my skin crawl.  I am always nervous I am going to piss them off and they will spit in my food or they think I am stupid when I order from the kids menu or just judging me for my food choices period.

#7 – Assertive and firm in his role as my Daddy. If I am wrong then tell me I am wrong.  If I am to be punished don’t ask me if I should be, tell me to assume the position, and if you don’t like something then SPEAK UP because if he doesn’t then I will and its down hill from there.  As the Daddy it is his right to lay down the law and my duty to follow.  If I don’t know the law I can’t follow so there’s the pickle.

#8 Able to communicate his needs and desires to me.  I want to be useful and to serve him.  I can’t if he doesn’t tell me what he needs.  If he doesn’t tell me when I have let him down then I can’t fix it and if he doesn’t tell me that he misses me or appreciates me or even desires me then I am caught up in my own head telling myself god only knows what and that could be a problem.

  1. How are you different from other Little’s? I think what makes me different is that I am not JUST Little.  I have my Little needs, but also, I have the slave needs of desiring TPE and to hand over all control to my Daddy.  I have my primal feline needs and need an orgasm to relax and center myself so I’m a little more slutty than other Littles and I have found that I am a little to straight forward or more so than the others that I have meet.  I get to know a Dom first, without considering him as a “Daddy” possibility.  I don’t judge his kinks or pass but want to know HIM.  When they press me to be “their’s” I have no trouble saying “thank you but no thank you.  In the past I have had Dom’s ask why and I have told them, if he was meant to be my Daddy he would not have to ask for my submission, it would have already been leaking that way and all he need do is pull me in. I have only asked myself twice if I would submit to a Daddy and each of those times I should not have and stuck to my gut feelings.

    7. Knowing what you do now , is your search different when looking for a Dominant than lets say 2 years ago ? Yes it is, before I had a “vision” of what my Daddy was going to be like and over this journey I have meet and talked to to so many different types that I have found that what I WANTED and what I NEED are totally different.  I am more aware of who I am, of how I became this way and more secure in WHAT I am.  I don’t’ let labels define me or others but learned to use them as guiding points on my path.

    8.How important is it to be who you are?  It is VERY important to me!  I have found that when I try to be something that I am not, I am not happy and it causes problems for me.  I NEED to express all sides of my personality.  I NEED to be free to be me or I can’t be happy and I tend to start to resent the situation preventing me from it.  I have to stress I grew up ACCEPTED for me, over protected for it yes but accepted none the less.  My brothers know my short comings and took care of me.  They never made me feel less for it but always made me feel loved that I can balance a $50,000 budget at work but suck at balancing my own check book.  MP never made me feel less of a mother because I use to have Disney movie days with the kids growing up but would rather come over and build the blanket fort for us (I suck at the structure part of it -giggle-).  I am smart, sexy, sassy, snarky, and slutty and I am okay with that  so everyone else should be as well.

    9. Are you looking for a Daddy who is looking for a family , meaning to include your children a father figure ?  My children have 2 wonderful fathers who have worked together to put aside their ego’s and co-parent 3 wonderful children.  I would expect for my Daddy to join that tribal at some point but to also understand they have FATHER’S who provide for them, he will be back up where needed and when they are with us.  Our triad has always include my oldest daughters step mother Tru and I would hope that my Daddy would join us in the same fashion.

    10.  You had mentioned you are primal when it comes to sex , could you explain what you mean by primal ?  For me, attraction isn’t based on a certain “body type”.  In person, its been the way they smell, their voice tone, or even the way that they carry themselves.  It makes my nipples hard, or my panties wet and I want to know more.  I find myself watching them, learning them and plotting their down fall into my bed.  I have often sat a dinner and just craved to run my tongue up their neck and have even done so a couple of times, the need to taste them that strong.  I am submissive in my relationship needs but when it comes to sex my feline has her own.  She will use whatever is necessary to be feed.  I have used puppy dog faces, sad eyes, tears…to weaken a Dom and get him to let down his guard and pull me close.  Once he does I use what I have learned about him to my advantage to seduce him.  Nibbling his neck and saying the words I know turn him on, running my hands along his chest.  I actually had a guy whose weakness was stocking and heals.  I “twisted” my ankle and when he was rubbing my foot to check for swelling I started rubbing his crotch with it (silly Dom’s – Giggle).  I call it “breaking the Doms” because afterwards they will apologize afterwards for taking advantage of me which always makes me giggle.  They ask why giggle, I admit the truth and they get all “Domly” and “explain” how it will be from that point on.  I always grin and say “OTAY” and it becomes an issue I’m not repenant about my actions.  If you want to make me sorry, punish me, if you don’t then just accept that I enjoyed it and lets move on.  There have been those that I wasn’t able to seduce and found them all the more that repremand and firm putting of me in my place…just YUMMIE!

There have been men who capture my attention with their words, in fact, I never really know what will capture my feline side but once sighted she “hunts” them.  There have even been a few times when she had discontinued the hunt finding someone lacking or not the meal she envisioned them to be.  Funny enough, I have never regretted sex with anyone but I have regretted a few relationships (giggle)

  1. You stated some of your friends do not agree with your primal side , is there anything you would like to say ? I wouldn’t say “AGREE” with my primal side but it was hard for them to understand that I am okay with my slutty needs and side.  I don’t’ view sex the same as them.  I need a connection to have sex so I don’t just fall in bed with ANYONE but when I feel that connection and attraction…I just want to ride him like a pony at a carnival or suck him like a Tootsie Roll and I’m trying to answer the age old question…how many licks does it take to get to the center (giggle).  However I am also a little more vocal about my needs and have no shame on how people take it.  I am not A SLUT, I am HIS SLUT and I’m okay with that.  However I also had to realize that my friends were concerned out of love and now they understand that I am not just slutty but I am safe and slutty.

    12. You are a little but how much control do you want to give up in a relationship ? I NEED to give up total control in my D’s relationship.  I am seeing a TPE (Total Power Exchange) where I know that my Daddy is the boss in all things.  Now this doesn’t mean micromanage as I am a pretty smart girl but I do want to always answer to him.  I want him to take charge of my weight loss, my eating and sleeping habits (they are HORRIBLE) as well as to ensure that I am not blowing my money on ever Dooney/Coach bag that I see (giggle).

I love checking in with my Daddy when I am away from him, having to ask for permission to masturbate (orgasm control) is such a turn on to me, and knowing that he CARES if I do or don’t do these things makes me feel truly loved and secure in my relationship.  I think that many don’t realize that growing up the way I did, my uncle and brothers showed me the benefits of submitting to another’s will so it comes natural to me.  I don’t’ feel the need to buck or fight, once I have that faith and trust in someone I can exhale and let it go.  Maybe that is a down side to the way that I was raised…but it is what it is right.



Master That’s My Ass

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Moving went as planned but the movers were something else, not the actual movers the owners of the company who were the micromanage King and queen , in a dictatorship way. They really treated their employees really bad.

i have found out when I am stressed I break out but I really do not show it otherwise , for the most I am calm cool and collective, I seldom show my emotional side.

However Arianna saw me get angry for the first time yesterday in public, and it really scared her.  Something I had not done in years was updated my drivers license address not because I knew I was suppose to , but because I did not feel like wasting a half a day doing something I felt was not needed, after all it has my picture and all of my information.

So Arianna wanted to go to the DMV and get everything updated so off we go. I walk in and for some reason the receptionist just hit me wrong. I gave her my drivers license , our new lease and other mail and even offered my social security card.

She just blast out this is not going to work , I need your passport and your birth certificate if you do not have a passport, no explanation nothing and just pushes everything back to me.

Oh well I guess if my name was Mohammed It would be different yes ? I just went on and on because she was treating me like I was garbage. Really I need my passport to update my address on my Driver License ? I am not getting a renewal this is not my first License, the state of Florida issued me this.

Please do not take me wrong Muslims for the most are very peaceful people, but people who come to our country are treated like royalty. Interest free loans , free school , and medical .

While it has never been my life goal to own a Motel or a 7/11 If my Government would give me such a loan I would open a pet store.

I sold a 47.000 dollar Toyota 4 Runner to a gentleman from India the Taxes were going to be about 4500 dollars. He pulls out a paper showing he is exempted from paying taxes on purchases. How do I get this paper ?

Anyway It does bother me Arianna saw me angry for the first time in over two years, and I am sure she did not understand my anger. So in the future I will think more before acting out.

So being stressed equals a huge slow down in fucking, working , planning the move , then the move and then getting everything unpacked.

Arianna has an ass to die for , I hate to see her leave but I love watching her go. I also have a fetish when it comes to hip bones , I am not sure why it turns me on but it does to no end, and when Arianna is laying down I can run my hands over her body and when I reach that area I can see and feel her hip bones wow. Now her ass hmmm .

So Arianna is about to dose off and I start rubbing her ass , then just giving her light taps, and then Bam my buddy wakes up.

So I stand up on the side of the bed I pull my briefs off and I tap Arianna , she see’s me and she knows what to do. She moves to the edge of the bed spreading and she pulls her thighs back. Now the pussy lips, I call them Butterfly lips cause they are huge, and I love watching them spread open as I am running my cock up and down her pussy.

I slowly push in and I move forward until I am all the way in , staying still because I am just loving the feeling. So as I start pumping I look down and I can see the lips folding in and out, fuck I am going nuts , so I start pounding her like I am trying to break her back, Telling her to squeeze my cock, Arianna has muscles that can almost push my cock out of her, I wrap my hand around her throat and I tell her to squeeze harder.

After about ten minutes I stop to catch my second wind and I slowly pull all the way out and I go back in for the kill, and Arianna says Master That is my ass. Hmm Really? So I hold it at the opening for a few seconds and I slowly push the head in until I can feel her ass gripping my cock and I just stand there letting her ass losing up a little.  You guessed it the only lube was from her pussy.

So I slowly push in until my hips are touching her ass and again I just hold it. Fuck what a feeling, it feels like her ass is trying to cut my cock off. I reach up and I grab her collar I pull her head up a little and I tell her, I own you. So I am slowly pumping and I can feel the inside of her ass getting wetter and then wham , Its like it just opens up. This is my Que it is now okay to just pound her ass. After a good while I pull out and I tell Arianna to clean my cock off. She turns to the edge of the bed and in one swallow takes my whole cock in gagging while going down, man I love those noises and you can feel her throat muscles tighten up as well. I pull out and turn around and she knows what to do, she begins to rim me, fuck there is no better feeling , after a couple of minutes I turn around and I point to the center of the bed, and again she knows exactly what to do, she moves and spreads, I crawl on top and I just go to town, I love hearing those wet noises. As I am about to Cum I pull out, why you ask ? When I pull out Arianna automatically moves her hand down and jacks me off.

So where am I going with this story ? Okay Arianna’s mother came over and they both went to the gym in our complex, as Arianna stepped onto the bicycle her felt a huge pain in her stomach like she had been doing set ups. Then she remembered the night before last…..

I do love a Nice Ass



We Have A New Baby Girl Interview With A Side Of Primal

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I love these interviews , they really give us an inside peek at someones life. It is very important to be completely honest though, in the past I found out later someone was not completely honest.

This is going to be someone a lot of people know so it should be really interesting……dr_evil Let the Interview Begin

The Mind Fuck In A Relationship

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The mind fuck does not only have to happen or do with any type of play , in fact I myself use the mind fuck on a daily basis. Here is why , if your property ever figures you out , then you have lost control, and from my experience once you lose control it is impossible to regain control, your done , your finished you have lost.

We were at Wal Mart not long ago shopping which I hate Wal Mart but Arianna thought I was being short with her , and I asked why do you think I’m being short? Her answer was because I don’t know what your thinking ! Bingo the Mind Fuck just kicked in.

Mind fucking can be good during play as well , being blindfolded is one way , I like to use ear plugs as well. When you start taking senses away the mind cannot comprehend everything that is going on.

Getting into a regular routine can often let your property figure you out , the idea is getting into someones head and being able to stay there. Many times during a conversation we speak the same sentence at the same time

This is why it is so important to get to know someone, You need to know what they are thinking , why they are thinking , and what makes them think the way they do. You spend hours just picking the brain. I know myself I ask Arinanna several times a day what she is thinking or whats on her mind , or is there anything she would like to talk about. This also prevents things or problems from building up… It works….

Being able to mind fuck your property is much different from scaring the shit out of someone although they may seem to be the same but the two are much different when it comes to reaching sub-space. Just like many think the only way to reach sub-space is through pain and that is so far from the truth.

Getting to know your partner , the mind fuck , the releasing of endorphins there is where your sub-space lays it is all in the mind and being able or having the ability to get in.

Many think reaching sub-space requires pain , that is so far from the truth , it is all about getting in the head. It is about knowing your partner. If you have someone who suffers from chronic pain , how is pain going to help them reach sub-space?

If you know the mind you can fuck the mind…..



Get Your Fuck On

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Finding the right partner is very important , in our kinky world of BDSM it is more important because our needs tend to be much different than Ward and June Clever.

Dominants come in so many different flavors , just as Baby Girls , slaves and those who are submissive. What ever your kink or fetish is you are sure to find someone to meet your needs.

Last night while on the evil Facebook I received a message from a little , while I am not going to share any names , she did ask me for a little advice.

She had met someone on Fetlife which is an awesome place to go if you want to make friends and learn , there are groups for every kind of kink you can think of and more you have never even heard of, and it gives you the opportunity to find local people and groups as well.

She feels she has a bond with this Daddy Dom, she feels safe while with him , they get along very well, so you would think all is good on the home front when it comes to building a relationship. Yea I do not think so , and the reason being is when we meet someone we need to know that we have the whole pie and not just half or 3/4’s , you want the whole thing. If you are not getting the whole pie then your needs are not being met.

he went on to explain he is everything I need and want except , He is not as commanding or primal as I need him to be. Bam she just answered her own question. See she would not be getting the whole pie.

She went on to say she did not want to communicate her needs in fear of losing what she has already. That is another bad sign if you do not feel comfortable enough to communicate your needs and feelings.

Ladies communication is they key, communication will open all doors to the success of your relationship , communication will help you grow as well as your relationship. If you cannot fully communicate and be open about your feelings , then you cannot fully submit, again only half of the pie.

I told her to make a list of her needs and stick with it , do not alter or bend , because if you do , again only half of the pie.

I remember sherri my first slave , she was primal but only receiving , I grabbed her hair onetime and slapped her and she said again , so I slapped her face again she said harder , and I continued  until she hit the ground when she hit the floor she squirted all over the place and just laid there shaking.  She was very extreme to extreme for even me.

The first time I fisted her my hand was in her pussy past my wrist and as I started pumping her she started slapping herself and when she came her pussy clamped down on my hand so tight I thought she was going to break it. Primal that was a need for her., and it was a need I could not be there for. Our relationship lasted almost seven years.

Chong , her thing was anal sex , she loved being fucked up the ass , and that was the only way she could cum , that was a new experience to me , but every mans dream.  Anal sex was a need to her and believe it or not there were a lot of men who were not into ass fucking.

You want this , you want that , you want and want and what , but what do you need ? Put all of your wants to the side and think about your needs. Then you will find the one who fits like a glove.

My needs were as follows. I wanted total control , I wanted total control over everything in our life. The other need was someone I could communicate with and someone who could communicate with me. I love to be rimmed so finding someone who liked was very important. I needed someone who loved to suck cock , foot worship . These were ll needs to me and I was not going to bend just so I could get some pussy.  So for almost two years I took care of things with my own two hands.

Being able to get your fuck on is being able to feel not only comfortable , but safe and knowing you can talk about anything , knowing your limits will be respected.

I think one problem is not being able to separate lust from liking or loving someone because both gives you the same feelings, the only problem is lust is short term.

You have to have a plan before entering a relationship if you don’t you will lose every time and you spend more time looking that you do in an actual relationship…

You can tell if the Dominant is playing the Intimidation card when you first meet , if that is the case thank him for his time and get up and leave. You have to become friends first , your first and maybe your second meeting should not have anything to do with BDSM. It would seem you would want the Dominant to get to know you as a person first then you move in to different areas as you grow.

You need to be able to communicate if you cannot you will never be able to open other doors or fully submit.



We Have Moved

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What a cluster fuck moving day was. Our movers well the owners were a real piece of work.  Always make sure you visit the company so you will know if they own their own truck of the picture on the website is photo shopped. The movers were nice although I was really upset when I found out they were only making 8 bucks an hour and they had to ride in the back of the truck.  You would think they would of made more being we were charged 150 dollars for the trip and then 95 dollars an hour on top of the 150.  We did however tip both of the movers 50 dollars each.

The owner of the company was a complete ass sitting in the back of the truck giving packing directions and complained when they asked for water or wanted to use the bathroom .Arianna  and I were up at 6am and by 7am were were taking down the three fish tanks. The 60 gallon tank the 55 gallon tank and the 20 gallon tank. All fish were put into containers as with all the live plants and transported in our jeep.

We moved roughly about an hour and a half from our house to our new apartment. Now Arianna is 23 minutes from work instead of an hour which is really awesome.

That day we had all three tanks to set up , the substrate had shifted in the two large tanks but it did make it look more natural o everything was cool.

We are located at what is called four corners , that means four counties are connecting together.

The apartment is really huge being over 1200 sf of living space with two large walk in closets and two full baths. As you walk in the first thing you notice is the 12 ft ceilings and the large crown molding. and with the solarium it makes the living room look twice as big.

Even being in an apartment which I have not lived in for years , it is very quiet you cannot hear others around you.

So all in all life is good…. We are done I just wish I could of signed a 5 year lease , because I have no plans of moving anytime soon.



Things that Irritate Me

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It has been sometime since I have posted but we have been really really busy. We are moving on the 13th and things will be much better. The most important being Arianna’s commute will only be 23 minutes. The apartment is huge a little over 1200 sf two bedroom with two full baths. It does have an awesome gym which I will be visiting but the nature trails are awesome as well. We will be close to downtown Orlando as well, so there are a lot of benefits.

Things that Irritate Me , this is something I have had on my mind for sometime and it is just not about BDSM but life as well.

When it comes to BDSM what really gets me is when other Dominants tell someone they do not know what they are doing. I find that statement to be meaningless , mainly because every relationship is different , every submissive or slave has different needs , different kinks and different levels of submission.

I am against abuse of any kind and abuse does not have to be physical , it can be verbal and mental as well. I see so many who are willing to take abuse just to be in a relationship. This only happens though when someone has insecurity issues or a low self esteem.  Abuse can come in other ways as well. One being if you do not live together if you are not getting the time or communication you were promised from the start of the relationship. If you are not getting the communication or training your were promised ,I find that to be a form of abuse.

Then the almighty Married Dominant , The almighty married Dominant who has to cheat because he cannot run his own home, the one who does not care about his wife or children.

What you submissive’s or slaves do not understand is you will always be number two. As a matter of fact in most cases you don’t even have a name or a face. What you have is three holes that are used. Your a number just like a number at your local DMV.

What you do get is a full bag of broken promises , and I am sorry , I will make it better , I am going to leave my wife and kids and my home and pay child support. Really you truly believe this ?

When entering any relationship you want to be first , you want to be the one with a name and a face.

People who try and buck the system really irritate me , I knew a family that had 5 kids both parents on disability and received over 1400 a month in food stamps 1400 a month and midway through the month they were completely broke. So you add up all the checks they were getting from the male, the female and the mother , they were making a killing , but drugs were more important. The good news is they lost all of their kids to the state.

Women who use men and use their pussy to get ahead in life or working their legs through manipulation , spreading for favors or just using someone. There are really some weak men out there who would crawl naked through broken glass if they thought they were going to get laid.. I am not sure what goes through a woman’s head when she will just lay and spread take what ever is giving , just to get something. Those types of relationships never work for long but I have seen it drag on for a couple of years.

Trust is a huge issue with me , well when it comes to making friends. My circle of friends is very small and I believe the smaller the circle the better off you are.  The first thing I think of when someone wants to be a friend is they must have an agenda , there is something else they want in order to be a friend. Friends are someone you can trust someone you can confide in , talk to on any level. Yea today that is nearly impossible , if not almost unheard of.

False people irritate me fake people , people who try and play you or think your just stupid.  I am pretty good at reading people so I can tell something about you with the first couple of words out of your mouth.

Arianna and I have talked in the past about finding another submissive or slave to form a closed Triad.  What we found though is others just playing games , head games and I am not sure what someone gets out of fucking with someones emotions.  We have talked about it on and off but we are not longer perusing anything right now well at least until all of the stupid subsides. It really bothered me that some would waste someones times just for a laugh , shrugs Karma.

Racism is something I have never understood , I have never understood why we all cannot get along. When I look or talk to someone I do not see a color , I see a human being. . At the same time though you can feel the tension at times while out. I have never understood why people are so prejudice. The only thing I am prejudice about is stupid , and stupid comes in every color. I am prejudice towards people who work the system thinking they are owed something, and when something turns out fucked up they cry and bitch because they feel they were fucked over by the same people they were trying to fuck.  The way I see it we are stuck here with each other so we should work together and make the best of what we have to work with……

While I am not against religion I do not agree with organized religion , as you know religion was the cause of the slaughter in France this past week.  Religion is the cause of the slaughter in Iraq and Syria , all over the world for thousands of years. Everyone should be allowed to pray to any god they want to without fear.  Today religion is based on two things , fear and money . The poor are targeted promised hope and salvation as long as you give.

I know I have not spoken very much on BDSM but I just wanted to share some of my personal feelings.

In the united States 6 out of 10 children go without food on a daily basis, most who are able to eat are only able to eat at school when they go. Then you have these religious organizations running commercials about feeding kids in other countries. Help us feed the kids sponsor a child for only 19.00 dollars a month. I seriously doubt very much of that money even reaches the children, by the time you pay everyone , the cost of shipping , then transport.

The real reason truth be known we want to convert people , teach the word of god , pass out bibles with promises of hope.

So why not drill wells , show them how to plant , pass out condoms , instead of giving them everything let them work like we do in the USA.

What about the starving children here in the US ? Why do we not care about them ? Why do we not pass food out to the ones who need it , instead of helping someone who has no future here on our home land.

We as people have grown apart, it seems greed has taken over and we have forgotten who and what we are. Even families have grown apart , we are now what can you do for me not what can we do to help each other.

I remember when my grandfather died , he built Grandfather clocks for a living a very talented man. When he passed away he was not even out of the hospital and my family was going through his things , I truly felt bad for my grandmother. It was just greed and nothing more.

Well I have ranted enough This year will be an awesome year , much love to everyone.